Is he married to a man or a woman? Can’t tell by the ring.

And therein lies the problem. Whoever thought that this would have become a problem? Mi amigo/My friend and I watched a pianist last night. When the video started, mi amigo asked: “Who is that Queer boy?” Then he saw the guy’s left hand wedding ring. I said: I read him as Queer too. I don’t see many straight guys with his subtle Queer mannerisms even at the piano. Mi amigo then said: “Well there’s the wedding ring. So is he married to a guy or a girl?” That question again. Who the fuck knows what gender he’s married to. Is that the intent? To confuse? This has come up countless times since gay marriage became legal in the non-United States and most Queers decided to wear their wedding rings on the left hand fourth finger so they could be confused or mistaken for straight. (roll eyes) Sigh. Queers can’t even get the wedding ring thing right. Geezus fucking christ.

Like millions of other guys who have fallen for the conservative Institution of Marriage brainwashing, this pianist is wearing a wedding ring. Is he married to a man or a woman? Who knows! You can’t tell by the ring.

I think most people in our society forget that Queers can get married — most people think of marriage as exclusively between “a man and a woman” — so when gay guys wear their wedding rings exactly like the straights, you can’t tell what gender they’re married to. Is that their intent? Do they intend to deceive? Are they still partially still in the closet? And that’s the problem with Queers wearing their wedding rings on the left hand fourth finger — the same finger the breeders wear their wedding rings on — because you can’t tell if he’s married to another guy or to a woman. If he’s married to a woman, is he another closet case with a female or is he genuinely straight? Well, how many kids do they have? That can be an indicator. If they have an entire bus load of kids it can mean he’s a closet case, because some of us Queers have noticed that closet cases go overboard on breeding. They try to pump out a busload of kids. By over-breeding, it’s intended to prove to others how supposedly “straight” he is, while he remains in that unhealthy moldy closet and constantly internally fighting his true (gay) sexual orientation. He has sex with her while fantasising about that hot guy he saw earlier in the day at the gym or elsewhere. And these days from all we’ve seen, the number of closet cases with females is at an all-time high. Higher than before the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement began. No matter where we look — especially on television — all we see 24/7, 365 days a year are images of “him and her” (usually him-tall-dominant/her-short-submissive confirming that feminism is dead just like the so-called “gay community” is dead.) So with the guys who are married to other guys and wearing their wedding ring on their left hand fourth finger, dudes: Are you trying to hide your marriage and make people think you’re straight? Since most people still think of marriage as only between “a man and a woman.” Or do you think of your marriage the same as a heterosexual marriage? If so, why would you want to think that with all the problems and dysfunctions that heterosexuals have and their over 50% divorce rate. That’s one reason why I can’t understand why some Queers try to be exact replicas of the fucked-up breeders and their marriage.

But if you like keeping people confused about whether you’re married to a guy or a girl, then keep that wedding ring on the left hand. Those who don’t want to leave people guessing will move that wedding ring to the right hand fourth finger. Or take that ring off altogether. It’s nothing but a form of conformity to a fucked-up tradition called: wedLOCK, with emphasis on the lock because one becomes legally bound.

Genuine love between two people doesn’t require a fucking ring. It’s so heteronormative. And how many people slip that ring off their finger and into their pocket when they’re cheating on their partner so the person they’re cheating with won’t see the ring?

And to this day, I read and hear, “I’m married.” Only once have I heard a guy say, “I’m married [pause] to a guy.” It’s always implied that the guy is married to a female, and again, that’s because most people think of marriage as only between “a man and a woman.” In our opinion, gay marriage has completely backfired and was the death of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. In part, because too many Queers want to be exact replicas of the straights in every way, the opposite of the way it was during our Movement where we didn’t put the breeders up on any fucking pedestal to be modeled after as if they’re superior to us. Lily Tomlin said she had hoped that Queers could have come up with something better than the heteronormative Institution of Marriage (“wedLOCK”). Yeah but many Queers said, “My relationship is no different than that of the straights.” Well, most of the breeders would not agree with you on that, and I would hope that your relationship would be far better than the often-dysfunctional relationships that the breeders have, and where the female is in constant need of attention and is often and emotional wreck. “Honey, I’m going to be late again at the office tonight” to avoid having to go home to Ms Bitch and listen to her whinging. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The image above is that of a married gay male couple wearing their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger, which removes any doubt or confusion over their sexual orientation. They’re not trying to deceive others into thinking they’re straight by wearing their wedding ring on their left hand — as straight couples do — which is what most people would likely think when the two are not together as a couple. Or even if they were together as a couple, someone could ask: “Where are your wives? I see you’re both wearing wedding rings (on your left hand).” Because traditionally, breeders wear their wedding rings on their left hand fourth finger. And even though queers see their relationships no differently than that of the breeders — and it should be seen as no differently except it’s probably far less dysfunctional than that of a breeder relationship with their high divorce rate (1 in 4 breeder couples get divorced as of 2017) — the fact is many in our bigoted, prejudiced and homophobic society do see queer relationships/marriages differently. Again (for the thick people), gay marriage is too new historically speaking for most people to even remember that it exists, that it’s now legal in the US, especially when the person opposes gay marriage.