Is it for yoga or sex? It’s for both.

At least with these Queer guys.

So yoga is equal to sex? Is this some new phenomenon? Or is this the way it’s always been? There have got to be some yoga studios not based in sex, no?

Well, one yoga studio based in San Francisco’s Haight district, they must have something in the greenery to cause immense horniness among many of the clients, because after class they head over to the instructor’s apartment to hang out, and ultimately later for sex.

Note: It’s not a good idea to have sex with any of your instructors even if the instructor is willing to do so. Instructors have been fired for that and or even for the suspicion of having sex with clients. It’s also not a good idea for any instructor of any credibility to have sex with the client. No credible sex therapist will ever have sex with his or her clients. It’s against the law, particularly in California.

Is sex required for this yoga class? Does this studio know what’s going on when the clientele and instructors who all met here leave their establishment? It’s quite unethical if not against the law. I mean, you can’t control is two people meet and become a couple from a yoga class, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. Here, it seems, that the thinking is yoga = we’ll all have sex hours later.

Nate is the yoga instructor at this studio, but on occasion Damon, his “husband” as he calls himself, assists Nate. Damon also pretends to be a “feminist sex therapist” even though based on online research, he has absolutely no documented training as a therapist of any kind, other than as a “massage therapist.” Does that mean sex? Nate calls himself a psychologist. He’s spent years training in psych, but from my research he doesn’t have a Doctorate as of yet so he really should just say that he’s trained in psychology to be accurate or works in mental health. But accurate is not what these guys are about. They’re about pumping themselves up in the eyes of others. Damon is riding on the coattails of Nate’s experience and training in psych. Damon has experience in one particular area of yoga and as a massage therapist, which is not the area taught at Nate’s class. Is massage therapist = sex?

These guys have been together as a couple for many years despite their often dysfunctional relationship where Damon is the dominant and Nate often is forced to go along with whatever Damon says. Neighbours have heard Damon say some very cruel and hurtful things to Nate, but as neighbours also say: The cruel and hurtful things are said one night, but by the next morning they pretend to be best of friends. Although Nate is forced to change his behaviour out of the argument they had the night before.

They also live in an apartment well beyond their means — since yoga and therapy don’t pay much these days due to the public’s lack of interest in both — so they lease out one of their bedrooms to other people. The landlord is unaware of this, but is beginning to get suspicious of them. The landlord does not like these days. They had words shortly after Damon and Nate moved in. No one ever stays very long in the rented bedroom for some reason. From what some neighbours have said, the latest “revolving door” tenants have ramped up hormones. It’s an apparent heterosexual couple. That’s new for this apartment. Up until now only Queer guys have been staying there. There’s also another new arrival of a 20s female. I’ll call her Sara. That’s new too. No females have stayed there before now. It’s as if Damon and Sara are “taking what they can get” to pay the rent. Sara had only been there 2 nights and had already had some form of sex the first night. She acts as if she knows Damon to some degree. She’s from the yoga class presumably and also seems to try to portray some image of a sexologist-type person herself. I swear, these people and their pretenses! Another fraud like Damon? Where do these people get that they can automatically call themselves a sex therapists?

Sounds of orgy sex were heard the night of Sara’s arrival with “Rub that clit, rub that clit, oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah” heard throughout the apartment building from Sara and the heterosexual couple. Neither Damon or Nate were there that night. Were they ever told about this sex event?

Nate and Damon are not sexual together anymore. Damon has sex with other guys, not something that Nate likes from what neighbours can tell. Damon is a BB bottom on PrEP, uses some popular male-for-male hook-up sites — he charges for sex usually to pay the rent — and at this point probably has every sexually-transmitted disease/infection you can name considering by last count according to one source he’d had approximately 12 guys fuck him BB (which he insists on) during the month of May 2021. If he got 2 loads from each guy which is very likely, he’d taken 24 poz or neg loads. Mr Health indeed. Will he test HIV+ on his next PrEP check-up since he’s seems to be pushing PrEP to its limits? There have been roughly 18 documented cases as of this writing (2 June 2021) of guys getting pozzed while on PrEP. If there were a sex party the other night, hopefully Damon had the sense not to take part in the brothel-like behaviour in his apartment considering at this point whatever sexually-transmitted infections and diseases he’s picked up during his barebacking spree in May 2021 would be spreading to the new tenant arrivals. Or does he even care? People like that often don’t. Clearly he doesn’t care about his own health otherwise he wouldn’t do what he does sexually, but when other people and their health are involved, well. He also has demonstrated that he doesn’t care about Nate’s health either by demanding that he become a rent boy. And if these other people are that stupid as to allow Damon and or anyone else they don’t know well — and their recent sexual history — to have sex with them, well then I guess one deserves what one gets. It’s your own damn fault. Stupid is in.

After one of the most recent yoga classes, Damon, Nate and 2 other guys along with Sara returned to their apartment. Are the 2 other guys from the yoga class or just friends? That’s unclear. After some food and drinks and as it was getting later — time for sex? — one of the guys from the yoga class presumably started coming on to Sara by rubbing her chest and arms through her sweater. She didn’t seem to appreciate that and apparently complained to him about “inappropriate behaviour.” The guy who came on to her then sat next to her at a table, but looked away from her. She got up and must have gone to bed. The guy and another guy there started talking about some female they had seen in the media complaining about men’s “inappropriate behaviour” towards females. They seemed to be comparing the situations and comments about “inappropriate behaviour” towards women. They saw nothing wrong with their behaviour. “Feminist” Damon was right there but was in a bind. Any other time, he would be broadcasting his omnipotent opinions throughout the apartment as an authority on all matters especially sexually, but he was curiously silent on this occasion. As a self-described “feminist sex therapist” was he supposed to defend Sara or his guy friends who saw nothing wrong with their behaviour and feeling up Sara’s chest and arms? What to do? Do his guy friends not remember that Damon bills himself as a “FEMINIST sex therapist?” I guess not. Maybe they take much of what Damon says with the value of a speck of dust. Damon didn’t seem to want to get into it because no matter what he said he would be offending either Sara or his buds. But apparently no sex happened that night. Or at least that’s my guess. If it did, what STIs did Damon spread around to the other two guys and or to Sara? (Even though Damon is Queer and is all about being Queer, and presumably not into females based on some of his online work where he wrote “anything but heterosexual”). Oddly, after the “rub that clit” instance the night before with her and the heterosexual couple, Sara got up and was bragging about an upcoming orgy she plans to go to. Inappropriate behaviour, Sara? At an orgy, one does not necessarily get to pick and choose which person one will be with, at least until one moves away from them.

One neighbour referred to both Damon and Nate as “douches.” The neighbour said, “Oh they’re nice enough when talking in person with shallow conversation, but nothing of substance and they both look like they’re often trying to walk away from you. They’re not big on telling the truth. They say whatever makes them look good and not the sleazy sex addicted basura (Damon especially) they are.” Hiding something?

As for me personally, other than one Queer friend of mine, I never had any friends that I was sexual with or showed my junk to the way these people are. Damon and Nate are both unique in that way. Is this unique to Millenneals?

I think the “I’m a feminist sex therapist” bull shit is intended to give people the licence to make people think their apartment is a “sexually free environment” and to feel free to have sex openly in the apartment, which no credible sex therapist would ever do.

Neighbours think that the landlord is now on to them and suspects something is going on. Well, yes, something is definitely going on. Damon and Nate practically need a front desk clerk at the door to keep track of the number of Milleneals (mostly guys) coming and going from their apartment.

Damon and Nate also make money as rent boys (have sex for money with other guys). Although being a rent boy is new to Nate who only recently started doing that because Damon demanded he do so. Ugh. The two had an ugly verbal argument, well, it was mostly Damon being cruel and angry to Nate who just sat there and accepted the words spoken to him. Maybe Nate has learned to do that knowing that it doesn’t matter what he says, nothing positive will come of it from having lived with Damon so long. They really have a bad relationship, but often pretend otherwise by putting on happy faces. They’re opposites in many ways. With Damon being a bareback bottom on PrEP and taking loads over the weeks from as many guys who will hire him, while he pretends to be a very angelic and “wholesome” butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-his-mouth guy. Nate was recently forced by Damon to start working as a rent boy in order to help pay the rent. Nate resents having to do that but apparently has no choice. One neighbour said that Damon said some very cruel and hurtful things to Nate when he forced him to do start doing sex work for money. Nate doesn’t want to do what Damon’s doing because Nate cares about his body and health. It’s clear Nate is concerned about picking up STIs where Damon couldn’t give a fuck being an invincible Millennial where “taking a pill will cure any STI.” That seems to be Damon’s thinking.

Another neighbour said that when people are over that the evening turns into The Damon and Nate Show where Damon’s voice is the dominant, penetrating voice heard in the apartment as he “entertains” the guests by showing them how much he knows and how he’s a self-appointed expert on all topics, especially when it comes to sex which will nearly end all evenings when people are over, even when it’s 1AM.

With these sex-obsessed and addicted Millenneals and Generation Z people, sex always comes up which is aided by numerous sexual innuendos being made throughout the evening.

To his credit, Nate often goes to bed alone earlier in the evening when the guests are still there. It’s unclear whether Nate and Damon sleep in the same bed or have separate beds. But even being in the same bedroom is a way for Nate to possibly pick up anything that Damon brings home sexually, such as crabs. I hadn’t thought of this until now, but maybe Nate knows that things are likely to turn to sex and he wants no part of it. And he knows that his “douche” partner Damon will do what he wants to do. Neighbours don’t think that Nate is sexually-addicted or is into this thinking that sex should be the ending of any get-togethers. So, Nate deliberately misses a lot of this. It’s not known if anyone ever tells him about what happened the night before. Some suspect that Damon does not tell Nate about his rent boy jobs because he knows that Nate has no interest in hearing about Damon’s sex with other guys and also has a policy of “no (outside) sex in the apartment” which Damon doesn’t strictly hold to. Damon asked Nate about one of his first rent boy jobs and Nate would only say, “Yes it worked out very well.” He wasn’t about to talk about his job anymore than Damon talks about his, where Damon once said when asked by Nate about his last sex date: “It was okay. Nothing worth talking about.” Oh? You mean that poz or neg load or loads you got bareback were nothing worth talking about? Then what was the point in doing it then? For the $$$$$$$? Well, “escorting” or being a rent boy is really a dead-end job. In recent weeks I’ve read articles written by escorts and they really had nothing positive to say about the experience, other than the guys they hooked up with were generally older wealthy guys. The odd thing about that in this case, is that Damon and Nate only hang around guys their age or younger. Other 20s and 30s guys, or chicks from yoga.

With Damon and Nate, when they moved to their new apartment, the first words out of their mouths were lies, which was before the barrage of the words “like” and “actually” when they talk with their other “like, like, like” and “actually like” Millennial friends. Yes, they all take part in that silly and stupid fad of saying the words “like” and “actually” every-other-word. One neighbour heard Damon tell the landlord where he worked connected with the health industry. Neighbours found that Damon doesn’t work there. That was a lie right off the bat. The odd thing is that Damon apparently didn’t think that the landlord would know where he claimed to work was a lie too because the landlord would have seen their application through the property management company in order to approve their application. Then many other lies were told, such as “there’s only two of us up there (in the apartment). A friend is staying with us from Chicago but he’s leaving tomorrow.” Liar. The second bedroom has been a revolving door of people; constantly rented out since they moved in. One tenant who stayed there for about 2 months, he and his boyfriend were over for dinner a few times over the months. Then near the time he was moving out, there was an impromptu sex party with Damon and his sex toy, the tenant and his boyfriend and another guy. Nate was not there and that’s likely why the party took place because Damon knew Nate was gone and was not expected back any time soon.

Another night when Nate was away, Damon had a friend over and they briefly “got Queer” with each other. The sex music started, it got quiet and about 5-10 minutes later they came screaming through the apartment in their falsetto voice as if mocking girls when they have sex. They appeared to have just jacked off together quickly but the visitor needed a towel to “wipe this up.” JO is not the same as “having sex” in Damon’s mind it seems when he knows he’s not supposed to be doing that in the apartment.

Both of these guys are Operators. Douches. While superficially seeming like really nice guys, they are really the scum of the Earth, particularly Damon. Nate is more of a genuinely nice guy, but he’s ruined by his obedience to Damon. And Damon seems to have multiple personalities according to one neighbour.

With another neighbour, Damon told the neighbour how he had just gotten back from this great concert. He named the venue and how there were so many people there singing and swaying to the music. During COVID? I. Don’t. Think. So. He talked about the weather at the time. Research showed that that venue was closed on the day of that nonexistent concert because of COVID. The venue will not open until later this year. So that was yet another lie.

They’re unlike any people — Queer or straight — I’ve ever known, and I hope I don’t meet more like them. They are quite a mind fuck if one gets too involved with their pathological lies and “sexual freedom” way of living.

Are all yoga studios like this or is it this particular one and with this particular instructor and his “husband?” Does yoga mean sex and little to do with yoga? Chau.—el barrio rosa