Is our society at risk of becoming gay?

Clearly feminism is dead. The Straight Agenda which consists of him-tall-dominant/her-short-submissive is at an epidemic level in the new conformist San Francisco. The Tech Capital. Tall-short, tall-short, tall-short is all you see here with breeder couples. It’s like some new silly fad. Some of these Millennial dudes look like they’re making out with a child. It’s really his girlfriend. She is about 3 feet tall and he has to look way down to see her or to get to her to kiss her. Some of these chicks look like they need a step ladder in order to kiss the guy. Insane. With most of these breeder couples, he’s a least a head taller than she. That seems to be a minimum requirement per the Straight Agenda. Whereas, queer couples are generally the same height. We don’t have these fucked up head trips that the breeders have been brainwashed with.

Hola a todos. There appears to be some deep insecurities with our society’s Straight Agenda.

One wonders: Will society’s seemingly-fragile Straight Agenda collapse? Oh say it isn’t so, por favor. Is there fear that the Breeder Agenda that is brainwashed into humans worldwide 24/7 will collapse? Who knew that the Breeder Agenda/Straight Agenda was so terribly fragile that those in positions of power and those who are in control feel that the public must have constant bombardment of images of “him and her” in “loving poses” in nearly everything the public sees otherwise the Straight Agenda will collapse? That’s the impression one gets everywhere I look whether it be with television programming, ads or anything else. And one sees this worldwide: Images of him and her shoved in our faces 24/7, 365 days a year. Why?

Would the masses “turn queer” if they do not see constant images of “him-tall and her-short” together in various poses and scenarios throughout the day, such as “him and her” holding hands or sitting on the couch side-by-side or holding hands as they walk at ever opportunity? It’s as if “they” think the public need constant and repetitive reminders throughout the day and every day that “you must be straight to be normal.”

I remember — after gay marriage became legal in The Cesspool/the US — when queers were told by other delusional and wishful-thinking queers that “gay is now mainstream.” Remember that rubbish? Some of us dismissed it. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it “mainstream.” Just because a topic is occasionally on the corporate news does not make it “mainstream.” I monitor a lot of things on television from shopping networks to news networks in the EU, and other programming. On the channels I land on, no where do I see queer couples or queer programming except on token days such as corporate “pride,” and that’s not an example of what I’m talking about here. All other times (24/7), I see “him-tall and her-short” shoved in our faces constantly which leads one to think there are no queer people in the world. This gives the impression that society is very afraid that if the “him and her” bombardment — the constant promotion of The Straight Agenda — were to cease, that the masses might “turn queer.” Oh no!

While writing this, mi amigo/my friend told me he was going on a morning walk — it was a Saturday morning — and I was thinking to myself: Hmmmmm. It’s a weekend which is when “him-tall and her-short” Millennial couples with their permanent frowns are out in droves with their baby strollers and babies. I thought: Won’t it be super crowded with droves of “him-tall and her-short.” So in the afternoon, he told me how his walk was. He said, “This City is too crowded. Everywhere you look there are people. I saw no queers on my walk. All I saw was droves of “him-tall and her-short” straight couples everywhere I looked with their baby strollers. A few guys were wearing “the baby” on their chest but, as usual, they were wearing the baby the wrong way. Backwards.

Note to stupid Milleneals: The baby is supposed to face the parent to help bond the child with the parent. Duh. You idiots have the baby facing outward hanging off of you — trying to get attention, are you? — which does not support the child’s legs or arms so the child bounces every time the parent takes a step. I would think the child’s legs and or arms would be chaffed because of this. Why are these Milleneals wearing the child backwards (facing the public)? For attention, so that people will say, “Ah, what a cute baby.” Even with that response, don’t expect any polite response or a smile in return from the frowny-faced Millennial. From my experience, these people have no social skills whatsoever. They don’t appear to have been born with vocal chords either. You can try to be nice to a Millennial — but if your experience is anything like mine — you’ll get a cold silent glaring stare (nobody home?) and a look as if to say “It will break my face if I smiled at you.” I suggest you not bother trying to be nice or polite to these Millennial assholes, at least the Millennial snots who have taken over San Francisco and ruined this City. But presumably that’s why “baby people” wear the baby facing the public. It’s for attention, especially attention-seeking needy females.

There’s never a shortage of examples of the Breeder Agenda. We’re bombarded with them constantly. Here’s one I saw while writing this article: One shopping network I had on showed a hat they were selling. They had produced a video scenario of the item they were selling: Their camera showed a female in the entrance way to her home with her hat on. She was waiting for “him” with his hat on who joined her. They were going for a night walk. Rather than focusing the camera on the item being sold, the camera focused on them grabbing for each other’s hands so they could hold hands — that seemed to be more important than the item they were selling — as they walked to the door. The message being sent: We are a straight/breeder white couple. One could also come away with the impression that the hat was only for breeders to wear. This breeder couple stopped holding hands as they walked through the door. Why? Can’t you leave a house and still hold hands somehow, someway? You would think so since it’s critically important to show breeder sexuality at all times. Then as they walked down the sidewalk, once again, instead of focusing on their hats (which was the item being sold), the camera focused on them reaching for each other’s hands which they clutched. The message being sent again: We are a “straight and normal” white couple like everyone in this audience should be. The camera continued to show this breeder couple walking down the pathway. To tell you the truth: By the end of the promo, I didn’t know whether they were selling the straight couple holding hands or the hat item that they were both wearing since little attention was given to the hat at that point because their breeder sexuality and hand-holding was so “in our faces.” The cameras went out of their way to show this. And consequently, apparently the network didn’t want any queers buying this product. Whenever I see this type of ad, I make a mental note to boycott such a company whose intent is Breeder Brainwashing/The Straight Agenda.

Later, I saw the same shopping network selling a stereo sound system. What did the camera show sitting on the couch? It was young “him and her” (but of course) sitting together as a “normal, straight” white couple (with her hair in a pony tail). No queer people in their world, so fuck off! Do we understand each other? Yet this network does have queer people working for it.

With one of these shopping networks, one of their former closeted queer hosts — where there were pictures of him and his male partner together online — pretended to be straight by referring to “my wife” in one broadcast. And homophobic production made sure he was only seen with women around him. Even though many viewers “read” him as queer. It wasn’t until his final day with the network that he came out of the closet and had his male partner on the set with him. At that point, network sales had no chance of being harmed by having an out-queer host, since he was leaving the network that day. But I see this type of TV Straight Agenda Brainwashing daily. Even when I’m watching something such as the Classic Arts Showcase, that too is heteronormative promoting the Straight Agenda of “him and her.”

Which makes me ask the question: Are advertisers, programmers and television networks and some of their closet case employees really that afraid that if they don’t keep a constant bombardment of breeder brainwashing in the public’s mind that the public might “turn queer?” Because, why else would they keep doing this? Who needs to see a constant flow of him-tall/her-short straight couples if one is secure with one’s sexuality?

Of course they would never show two guys holding hands in that scenario I wrote about above leaving the house with that hat. The 24/7, 365 days a year breeder brainwashing makes one wonder: What are those people who are promoting this shit afraid of? Everyone “turning queer” if that were even possible! Or, maybe they are afraid of the millions of closet cases worldwide finally coming out of the closet and abandoning “the wife” and kids. There’s little chance of that. If anything — from what I’m seeing — queers are going back in the closet, not coming out. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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