Is Rachel Maddow homeless?

Just thought I’d enquire. Hola a todos. In San Francisco’s Castro district there is this homeless guy — the poor guy — who is always wearing the same green sweater-shirt. It gets quite dingy over time, but then it looks like someone must wash it for him and he shows up the next day wearing a clean looking shirt. Nevertheless, it’s the same green shirt.

Which got me wondering about Rachel Maddow. Is she homeless too? I don’t watch her, but I have a friend who does, and he was telling me that Rachel wears the same black V-neck shroud looking jacket-shirt on every show. Maybe she has multiple copies of the same thing, but nevertheless she’s always in the same, exact black shroud. As much money as corporate talking heads make, I suspect Rachel is not homeless, but she might as well be considering she doesn’t change her wardrobe at all — at least in on-camera appearance — any more often than the homeless guy with the green sweater/shirt. With her salary, I suspect she could afford to buy something else to wear, at least on occasion. But obviously, she likes to be in conservative black.

Of course Rachel’s disciples will run to me and say, “I think she looks good on her show in all black.” You do, do you? You like seeing her wearing the same thing on every show? Do you wear the same get-up every day? I’ve had Rachel’s disciples tell me, “I think she looks good on her show” when I wrote a comment on a forum about it. Her disciples couldn’t stand reading my comment. They wouldn’t be rushing to her defence if she were a cheerleader for the Republicans, would they? Of course not. If she were a Republican or one of their supporters, they’d be saying the same thing I’m saying. Hypocrites. The difference between them and me is that I’m non-partisan, and they’re blinded by their D-partisan/cult brainwashing.

They also told me — using the two wrongs make a right way of thinking which is so highly intelligent, isn’t it? [sarcasm intended] — that “Guys wear the same thing all the time,” which is a lie. Most guys change their shirt colour, their ties and their suits or jackets. They’re not in the same exact thing on each show like Rachel. On the network I watch from France, all of the guys change what they wear for each show. I do see a repeat of ties, but I have no problem with that. They are colourful ties, and not Maddow-black.

It used to be the case that women did not want to be caught dead wearing the same thing more than once. I take it that moda/fashion concept has died.

Then there’s Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow! who on most days looks like she too has a funeral/memorial to go to or has returned from one. She can be seen in morbid dark, conservative colours: Black, black-grey, dark purple. She blends beautifully into the background of the set which is also black, black-blue. With Amy, as mi amigo says: it’s hard to tell where the set is and where Amy begins until the camera is directly on her and then you think: Oh there she is in her conservative colours. It seems that when all of her black, black-grey and dark purple clothes get dirty, then she shows up in an red-orange jacket type thing which must utterly shock her system, since the woman otherwise seems terrified of colour, just like all-black Rachel. As mi amigo was saying: I also wish that Amy would learn the word “Representative” when referring to members of the House of Representatives, as in Representative Pelosi, for example. She calls anyone in the House a “Congress member.” “Congress member” is not their official title and frankly everyone in the US Congress is a “Congress member” both House and Senate. Psssst: The Senate is part of Congress, dear. Surely you know that. It’s the upper body but it’s still part of Congress. So senators are “Congress members” too whether they are called that or not. There’s no wonder that some people find the US system of governance at the federal level so confusing to understand when the language referring to these politicians and other things is not consistent. Most people absolutely refuse to use the official language. Two examples: Representatives for the House of Representatives and District of Columbia for the US nation’s capital. “Washington DC” is not the official name of the nation’s capital, so again, Amy uses the unofficial name for the nation’s capital as well. You would think that on a programme that is meant to inform and educate, that official language would be the standard, would be the norm.

The thing is: These people pretend to be “progressives” but they look extremely conservative, and that’s part of the point I’m making. There’s nothing progressive-looking about them. There was a time when progressives were progressives and were rather “rad” — rather than the empty shell of a progressive that most have become — and genuine progressives wore beautiful colours. Not these days. Instead, they’re the absolute conservative conformist in what they wear, which again, is not progressive at all. Many people prefer to be “progressive” in name only.

Mi amigo/My friend tells me that from the programmes he watches online, most people are wearing The Uniform: all-black or black-grey clothing from head to toe, just like the seemingly lobotomised Millenneals. They too are always in black or black and grey. Absolutely terrified of colour. It’s odd really, considering black is such a bold and depressing colour. I guess Millenneals think they look good in all black or black and grey, but it shows no originality or independent thinking at all. Instead it shows absolute conformity. They look like cult or gang members. So we have funeral black and mortuary grey. That’s The Uniform. But conformity is in and sheeple — even when they call themselves a “progressive” — feel the need to conform. Chau.—el barrio rosa