It used to be that people were proud of their education. Today they’re proud of their ignorance.

Hola a todos. Talking with some of the Conservatory students by email, this topic — the title of this article — came up. Being well-trained and hlghly-talented musicians, they value their musical education and don’t value ignorance what-so-ever. In fact, if they don’t know something, they’re quick to correct that so they can be among the best and most informed musicians in the world.

Nearly all of my life, I remember people being proud of their education. It was a positive thing to be educated. The most humble and modest people never shoved their education in people’s faces but their education shined through automatically.

These days, it’s the opposite. People laugh at and are proud of their ignorance. I’m not sure when this new “I’m proud of my ignorance” and “Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know” started. Sometime after the 1980s is my guess.

People also don’t like being called on their ignorance or their sloppy language which is a form of justifying ignorance. I’m aware that some people are not “language” people, but the people I’m thinking of are producers of their own programmes — they ARE or should be language people, or they’re in the wrong job — where one expects excellence (rather than ignorance, sloppiness) and using correct language and words. Hyped Amy Goodman comes to mind of Democracy Now! She doesn’t often use official language such as referring to the politicians in the US House of Representatives as “Representatives.” That’s their official title, as in Representative Raskin or Representative Pelosi. Amy uses the sloppy language “Congress(wo)man” instead. Ugh. This “Congress(wo)man” language implies to the proudly-ignorant that the Senate is not part of the US Congress but rather a separate body similar to the US Supreme Court or something because Senators are never referred to as “Congress(wo)man.” Even though they are since all Senators are in the US Congress. The Senate is the upper body. So why are House members only referred sloppily as “Congress(wo)man?” Amy also does not refer to the nation’s capital by its official name which is the District of Columbia. Instead, she uses the sheeple, tourist, /corporate media language “Washington DC.” As I’ve pointed out many times from being a former District resident, there is no “Washington” in DC. They mean the same thing; they are synonymous. Then Amy has to add the word “state” to the word Washington when referring to the 42nd state. If she said “The State of Washington” and District of Columbia for the Federal District, the US nation’s capital, that should be self-explanatory to even the most ignorant people: As in Washington and District of Columbia. It would be implied to intelligent people. But I know that’s not being realistic because people have not been taught properly. Some people have no idea what District of Columbia or DC means. And you can’t fix stupid. So Amy is catering to ignorance on her programme. But unfortunately, the disciples of these people parked at microphones rush to defend anything they do and their ignorance. One would think they would rush to defend excellence, not ignorance and sloppy language, but that’s the state of things today. Mi amigo/My friend just jokingly said, “Oh that’s so last year!” Then there’s Juan González on DN! who uses the outdated and pejorative term, “third world country.” I suppose the proudly ignorant and or prejudiced among us would ask: “What’s wrong with the term ‘third world country?'” Read this to find out. Imagine a Latino using that language! (roll eyes) It’s called a crumbling society in plain language where most people are proud to be dumbed-down. I remember seeing Whoopi Goldberg who found it funny when she couldn’t pronounce the español language network Univisión correctly. She mangled it because she hadn’t prepared properly before hand and chucked at her ignorance when she introduced her guest from Univisión. I didn’t find it funny, in part, because the corporate media and their talking heads are notorious for disrespecting international languages — especially español — so I found Whoopi to be part of the problem and disrespectful and I said to my television: Whoopi, if only you had prepared properly. Then there are the many redneck hicks in the US Congress — both Representatives and Senators — who can’t pronounce the word president correctly.

I have a relative who holds strongly to the “Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know” thinking because she doesn’t want anything to “spoil my fun” as she calls it. She’s proudly ignorant about COVID as one example. She couldn’t tell you anything about it. She recently asked in her ignorance, “What’s wrong with family and friends getting together?” She’s in California and one of the counties in the most restrictive purple category where shelter-in-place has been in place for some time. She knows nothing about shelter-in-place which is why she asked, “What’s wrong with family and friends getting together?” It does not dawn on Ms Proudly-Ignorant that family and friends can be infected with COVID and infect others at gatherings particularly since they won’t be distanced or wear face masks. But Ms Proudly-Ignorant said she doesn’t care if she gets COVID. That’s spoken out of ignorance, because if she knew the consequences she likely wouldn’t have said that.

My neighbour has had a wake-up call. Up until now she’s been similar to Ms Proudly-Ignorant. Today my neighbour was very distraught because her best friend’s father just died of COVID. Everyone in my apartment building has violated and continues to violate the health guidelines. In some cases, these people are not ignorant of the guidelines, they just won’t allow them to get in their way of “having fun.” Extremely immature and irresponsible.

There are countless other examples I could give, but hopefully you have the idea, if you’re part of the proudly-educated crowd. For the proudly ignorant crowd that might show up here, you’re already clueless so I don’t care about you, other than I find you damn annoying. You’re part of the problem. Chau.—el barrio rosa