It was about Proud Gay Boys, not about alphabet soup.

Hola a todos. Over the weekend of 5 October 2020, gay guys went on Tw*tter to saturate the site — oh excuse me, it’s now called a “platform,” even though a platform in tech language is really the operating system and not the site sitting on the operating system — and gay guys saturated the site (Tw*tter) with images of proud gay boy couples. This was done to bury the images of hate of the far-right Proud Boys’s cult on the site.

Well, the original Proud Boys’s content got buried, but this was billed by the corporate media as “LGBT.” The corporate media and the conformists really seem to hate the word “Gay” or Queer,” which is what this was about: Proud Gay Boys. It had nothing to do with lesbians (“L”) or trans (“T”) or bi guys (“B”). So why did they use that “LGBT” alphabet soup branding? Because that’s what the corporate conformists do and have been ordered and or brainwashed to use by someone. If one did not know what “LGBT” means (which looks like some corporate branding), one would not know without reading any article about this that it had anything to do with Gay or Queer boys/guys. Perhaps that’s the intent. Nowhere did I read where this was referred to as Proud Gay Boys, which is what it was really all about. It was about Proud Gay Boys, not proud lesbians or proud trans. There may have been a few proud bi (B) guys among them, but it was about Proud Gay Boys. But nobody could bring themselves to say that as a headline. Like brainwashed corporate zombies, everyone had to use that LGBT shit that some lunatics dreamed up years ago, which had nothing to do with this. Related: Brand LGBT.

Quote: …former Star Trek actor and LGBT rights activist George Takei suggested on Twitter that “gay guys” should use the hashtag to share pictures of themselves “making out with each other or doing very gay things.” End Quote. [Source].

See, it was about gay guys. Can’t they say that? Apparently not as a headline. Again — for the thick people (no shortage of them) — three of those letters have nothing to do with gay guys. But they couldn’t bring themselves to headline it as Gay Proud Boys or Queer Proud Boys. And why was the Q for Queer missing on that “LGBT” shit? Are the conservatives afraid of Queers? Do Queers make the conservatives uncomfortable? If so, good! Or are the breeders intimidated by Queers so leave that off to cater to their prejudices and bigotry. It’s always good to cater to people’s prejudices and bigotry, don’t you think? [sarcasm intended].

Maybe someone needs to educate George Takei about this revisionist history (“LGBT”) of the original acronym, GLBTQ. I would do it, but I don’t have the time or patience, so why bother? I’d likely get no where anyway, because once someone has been brainwashed with that corporate and conformist “LGBT” rubbish, it’s hard to penetrate that wall. Related: Does Lea Delaria hit the wall too? I and a few others seem to be the only ones who care about this nonsense. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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