It’s president, not praysden

UPDATE: Mi amigo/My friend is now hearing these Representatives and Senators say, “Mr Present.” Translation: Mr President.

(Venting Article) Hola a todos. I’ll make this brief. Well, brief for me. I wish that the illiterate-sounding redneck hicks in political office in the federal government in the District of Columbia — the official name for the capital of the US and my former home City — would learn to say the word president correctly. It’s a 3 syllable word, not a 2 syllable word the way they mumble it. It’s not pronounced pray-s-den(t). Where the fuck did these people come from? Well, usually from the south.

When I lived in the District, I didn’t know anyone that talked like these corporate parasitic hicks in congress. Many of them sound like a bunch of uneducated redneck hicks (think: that show called The Beverly Hillbillies and their “cement pond,” although I think The Beverly Hillbillies are far more sophisticated than these basura in congress). And in this case, these uneducated hicks are making laws for an entire nation. That’s insane.

Mi amigo/My friend brought this to my attention since he says he’s hears this speech every day and he mocks their southern-draw redneck hick mispronunciation of the word president. I don’t know why they use the word president to begin with. Just refer to the piece of basura as the orange loser. That’s what he is. He’s done nothing to deserve or earn anyone’s respect. And one does not respect “the office” (some room) but rather the office holder, if he or she has earned said respect.

These trash in congress are heard all over the world in newscasts and they sound like they’re uneducated, illiterate, slurring, barely able to string two words together articulately. Again, they’re usually from the southern states. They can’t even say the word president correctly. Again, it’s pres-i-dent. These scum in congress — have I told you how much I can’t stand these people, both corporate parties — are a national embarrassment, yet they keep getting elected (supposedly) by somebody. Who are the ignorant basura who keep voting for these trash in congress? It’s a case of trash voting for trash.

If I were in the US Congress, I suspect I wouldn’t last a day before being hauled out of there because I would stand to correct them. I’d tell them: If you can’t speak clearly, intelligently and articulately, WTF are you doing in congress, aside from eating the orange loser’s upper colon on a daily basis and the upper colon of corporations? We all know you’re doing that. The word is president. It has 3 syllables. Not praysden, the way you illiterate redneck hick fucks say it. You’re an embarrassment. Where the fuck did you go to school, or did you? Whose ass did you have to eat to get your seat in the House or Senate, ya illiterate trash? And I wouldn’t refer to these scum as “my distinguished colleague from the great state of you-name-it” the way these other ass-eating, status-quo establishment trash in congress do. When did corporate, lying, corrupt trash become “distinguished?” I’d call them what they are: basura. Because that’s what they are.

Part of the reason this is infuriating is because these useless politicians are well paid and with generous health benefits. And they can’t talk any better than that?

I suspect people in other countries look at this country and its corrupt government and think to themselves: There’s no wonder that things are such as disaster over there in the non-United States, considering the career corrupt trash politicians they put in office consistently over there who can’t even say the word president correctly. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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