It’s Queer. Not “LGBT” What nuts dreamed that up?

Yes, what nuts dreamed up that “LGBT” shit that one sees everywhere you look? I can’t stand it. Nobody thus far has had the courage or maturity to take responsibility for it yet. It didn’t just happen on its own. Anybody else sick of being referred to by some letter? Well, I know that Lea Delaria is. She can’t stand it either. She says it’s very divisive, which it is. Having been brainwashed to do so, most Queers seem to use “LGBT” as fluently and as mindlessly as they do their own name. Why? Because one has to conform and obey to “fit in” with the masses seems to be the (corporatist) thinking. And it’s the masses who are usually the problem.

What are the straight letters? What letters to breeders have? They don’t have any fucking letters, and their sexual interests can be as varied as that of Queers. For example, many breeders worldwide are gay or bi and in the closet and married to or with the opposite gender. So why do Queers need letters? Why can’t we just be the people we are? Related: Lea Delaria.

But the official acronym is this nonsense: LGBTQQICAPF2K+

We Queers have been reduced to silly letters by the corporatists. “Hi, I’m G. And you’re L? He’s T, I think. The guy over there is a + sign or is he K or P.” Insanity.

“LGBT” looks like a corporate brand name or another type of barcode. And I’m still not sure what idiots sent out a mass email to everyone in the world that they must use “LGBT” or else! I suspect it was those elitist Queers at the national level organisations in the non-United States. Those busy-bodies. Those self-appointed authorities who live under some illusion that they know what’s best for Queers. Well, that is Queers of their same income bracket of course. Because they don’t give a fuck about homeless Queers or the more radical Queers, the few there are left. No, they’re only concerned about corporate Queers, corporate dollars and conformity and being US-flag-waving, pro-Establishment. And these days, one either sees the more conservative “LGBT” or occasionally “LGBTQ.” Why is the “Q” omitted in “LGBT?” Are the “LGBT” conformists so conservative that they are offended by the more radical Queers? Both “LGBT” and “LGBTQ” are revisionist history because — thousands and thousands of gay guys (not lesbians) who led our Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement — needy lesbians as a whole didn’t lead our Movement as the “L” in first place implies. Those not possessing any critical thinking skills say that the “L” is first to show that Queers believe in women’s rights. We believe in other people’s rights too but those letters are never first. Has no one thought of that? So that’s not a justifiable reason to write “LGBT.” By sticking lesbians first, it implies a sexist “ladies go first” outdated mentality as if one must cater to the “dainty females.” Think: 1940-50s mentality. Has no one thought of that? So lesbians don’t deserve some token first place when their fat asses didn’t do most of the work in our Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement.

Straights don’t have any silly letters. Therefore one might hope that Queers would abandon their letters, because I thought that the corporate and conformist Queers wanted to be exact replicas of the breeders with marriage and kids and the whole heteronormative dysfunctional mess, including divorce (breeders have over a 50% divorce rate in the non-United States).

This “LGBT” shit is spammed all over the world. It’s like a virus with a high-infection rate. The corporatists who started this shit have spammed it all over the world, making us Queers look like a fucking brand name, or a scattered and divided non-unified group. I can’t stand them really. Lea Delaria can’t stand it either. She calls it downright comical. She asks: How many more fucking letters? Yes, exactly.

But the official acronym is this nonsense: LGBTQQICAPF2K+

And as I wrote most recently, I’ve changed my view/thinking on the trans group. And that’s because some (many?) trans people didn’t/don’t start out as Queer to begin with, nor do they end up as Queer — they end up in heterosexual (“him and her”) relationships which has absolutely nothing to do with Queers — so trans should be their own separate thing or part of the straight so-called “community.” They can now have two letters: ST. ST = straights, trans.

I do see some people on the odd occasion using only Queer these days, or they use gay, rather than this long train of ridiculous letters like you see up above. And again, it’s still unclear what morons dreamed up this revisionist history “LGBT(Q)” rubbish. And how often does a person walk up to another person and say, “Hi, I’m G.” The other person responds with, “Glad to meet you G, I’m B but only in fantasy, any other time I’m exclusively G.” Nice to meet you B or G.” Don’t most Queers speak of themselves as gay or Queer when in conversation, rather than with fucking letters? I’ve not heard anyone say, “Hi, I’m LGBT…QRSTUVWXYZ.” If some guy said to me in conversation, “I’m LGBT” I’d say: Well that’s odd. You don’t look like a lesbian to me or even trans.

An apologist for the revisionist history “LGBT,” said that it was changed to that because “it rolls off the tongue easier than GLBT(Q).” Just when you thought you’d heard it all! If that’s the case, we change our history to cater to what “rolls of the tongue easier?” My tongue never had any trouble with “GLBTQ.” And my tongue finds the words Queer and Gay the easiest of all. Perhaps he should give them a go. Idiot.

I can take a guess who came up with this “LGBT” rubbish. It was the busy-body lesbians who hijacked our Movement. And consequently, these days — among the prejudiced and bigoted — and corporate media, lesbians are considered more “acceptable” to the masses than gay guys are. (Is that why the G got moved to second place after the L to hide them?) Even some straight guys who say they hate “faggots” say they like watching lesbian porn. They fail to see their own contradiction. They like watching two females eat pussy. Yet when two guys are having sex together, these same people fail to see their hypocrisy regarding same-gender sex, so they call the gay guys “faggots.” They don’t call the lesbians any pejorative names. Instead, they justify “lesbian sex” by saying, “That’s what girls do. They hold hands and kiss and make out…(and rub pussies?).” Gay boys: Why the fuck did you allow lesbians to hijack our Movement? Or was it because of that chauvinistic and sexist, “ladies go first” rubbish?

I’m not the first person to say that gay marriage was the death of our Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. It was after that that many gay guys tried to become Mr Straight Heteronormative Sports Jock Bros and lesbians turned into Ms Dainty Lingerie Lipstick Lesbians trying to act and look like straight women. Both groups abandoning our radical past and both essentially going back in the closet in the name of “assimilation.” (roll eyes) In these corporatist “LGBT” days, it can be difficult to tell who is Queer and who is not. We didn’t have this problem when we were known as the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement — it was not called the Lesbian and Gay Rights Movement because, again, gay guys led the Movement — and we lived our lives as our genuine and honest selves. (Related: In many ways, it feels as though we are right back where we started).

By the way, the original letters used then were: GLBTQ. The Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement was led by gay guys and some drag queens. Were the drag queens trans? Or were they just gay guys dressed up like women? I’m not saying they don’t exist, but I’ve not known of any trans drag queens. If so, then it should have been GTQBL originallyi. Since the needy and self-absorbed lesbians hijacked our Movement, they deserve to be kicked to the curb and moved to last place. So there! Park your ass in last place.

And considering this is the far-rights’ version of “LGBT,” one would think that Queers would abandon it:

Or upon reflection is “LGBT” considered code language? Is “LGBT” considered less offensive to the straights/breeders? Think of it as more closeted language — or speaking in code language — intended not to offend the homophobes and other bigots. So “LGBT” is used so that the straights don’t have to hear that “offensive” (to them) word Gay or Queer? Because notice that the words Queer or Gay are not in “LGBT.” They are just letters, not words. “LGBT” seems like a corporate way of trying to “soften the blow” and the “offensiveness” to the breeders of one being Queer. Code letters are far less offensive than the actual words. Similar to when prudish conservative parents — or even fake liberals or fake progressives — feel the need to spell sex words to each other in front of their children, naively thinking that their children haven’t already learned those sex words long ago. “LGBT” is very corporate and is used in corporate articles and by the corporate media worldwide. Is “LGBT” considered “breeder-friendly?” I think that the word Queer makes the breeders and conservative Queers uncomfortable, because they hear it as being “radical” and that’s one reason I use the word Queer! It’s time that Queers stop catering to the fucking breeders and easily-offended, and the fucked-up conservatives and their prejudices. I couldn’t care less what they think. They don’t deserve to be put on any fucking pedestal to be modeled after. Breeders — including closet cases (with their self-hate) living heterosexual lives of “him and her” — are still the people hating on Queers, causing violence against and killing Queers. And making anti-Queer laws.

It’s long past due: Use the word Queer and forget all of these ridiculous fucking letters. Because all that these letters do is to divide everybody rather than unite us into one united group. Chau.—el barrio rosa