Jenni Rivera’s son missed Premio Lo Nuestro 2013

Jenni Rivera, La Diva de la Banda

El 27 de abril de 2013. Hola. Mi amiga asked me today, “what do you think about all the attention and coverage that the Rivera Family is getting on Univisión and Telemundo? For those who don’t know, La Diva de la Banda, Jenni Rivera, died en diciembre 2012 en México in a terrible plane crash. I was very saddened that she died as I enjoyed her and her music. As much as she had accomplished, she wasn’t the least bit arrogant about it. She was very down-to-Earth. Both networks did tributes to her during their recent awards programs (Univisión’s Premio Lo Nuestro 2013 and Telemundo’s Los Premios Billboard de la Música Latina). Ever since Jenni’s death, one member of her family or another has been the center of attention on Univisión and Telemundo and from my point of view it’s a bit much now. I can’t recall anyone who has died where major networks were still doing regular program stories on the person 4-5 months later. In the past weeks, Jenni Rivera and/or members of her family have been a topic on Sábado Gigante, El Gordo y La Flaca, Sal y Pimienta and I’m probably leaving out one or more other programs. The same for Telemundo and some of their programs. As I see it, the Rivera Family is going through the grieving process which they should be and each person grieves differently. Family dysfunctions arise—nothing unusual about that—and rather than going on a major network to broadcast/air your dysfunction with Don Francisco or someone else, what the Rivera Family should do is to all go see a credible psychologist/therapist and work through their problems as best they can. You don’t do that on a television network. To me, the networks are also exploiting Jenni’s death to a degree and the Rivera Family is doing that as well. They bring on CDs of their music to promote during their appearances on the network they’re appearing on. I think that’s tacky. I know it is a very bad time for the Rivera Family in dealing with Jenni’s death. But the Rivera Family should deal with their problems privately as anyone else would do. There is no need to go on a network either live en studio or via satélite and hash-out and rehash your many problems on Univisión and Telemundo for purposes of network ratings (and for CD sales?). That’s also the exploitation part and that’s why the networks are doing it, in my opinion. I haven’t paid much serious attention to any of this because I saw it for what it is, and I’ve not written about it until now. I was just wondering how much longer is this going to go on and I’ve decided to write about it now because one of Jenni’s brothers was on Sábado Gigante again tonight talking with Don Francisco about Don Francisco’s interview last week with one of the other brothers of Jenni (since her death the two brothers have had a major dysfunction), and they showed clips of Jenni. Don Francisco or producción could have invited on psicóloga la Dra Vivian González-Díaz of Telemundo’s Caso Cerrado to “counsel” one or more of the Rivera Family members before they begin therapy (with her, perhaps?). That would have been interesting. Sábado Gigante also had a competition featuring muchachas impersonating Jenni. One wonders: Will one member of the Rivera Family or another become a regular feature on some of these programs? I wonder what next week will bring? Jenni’s favourite recipes maybe? La Diva de la Banda will live on in her beautiful music and I think that’s where the focus should be and not on all this other dysfunctional stuff of who did what to whom, and who said what to whom, and who hung up on whom and so forth. ¡Basta Ya!/Enough already! Chau.—rosa barrio

El 24 de febrero de 2013. Hola. Univisión’s Premio Lo Nuestro 2013 was this past jueves/Thursday and as usual it would be difficult for any network to top that producción, except for maybe Televisa de México. La música was very enjoyable and Univisión’s bailarines were well-rehearsed. Univisión’s multiple LED lighting sets/stages used for the performances are art in action. As usual, the stage was a beautiful sight with bright colors and a different scheme for each performer. Excelente.

Following the ceremony, Noticiero Univisión reported that Jenni Rivera’s hijo/son had been arrested in Miami on charges of vandalism. Hmmmmmmm.

I saw her son interviewed along with the rest of the Rivera family on Univisión by Don Francisco (of Sábado Gigante). Her son’s name is Trinidad Angelo Marín and he goes by the name Michael. In the interview with Don Francisco, Michael had trouble holding it together due to his grieving over his mother’s recent death en diciembre 2012. (Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash in México along with three members of her staff.) In the interview with Don Francisco, Michael was in tears a lot. He’s clearly heavily grieving his mother’s death and people grieve in different ways.

I’ve read some rather flippant and insensitive comments about Michael being arrested and those comments came from people who are obviously oblivious to the grieving process:

1. Denial and Isolation
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

Why did Michael allegedly paint over some signs in Miami and post his Jenni’s picture on them? That’s what he was arrested for doing from what I read. He had to have planned what he allegedly did by getting paint and making the flyers/pictures of his mother to put up. One thought I had was that he thought that since Univisión was honouring his mother that evening with a tribute during Premio Lo Nuestro that he felt it appropriate that her pictures should also be seen in public in Miami. In other words, he put the pictures of her up possibly as his own public memorial to her to coincide with the tribute that Univisión was going to give her at the ceremony that evening. By the way, Jenni Rivera won five awards that night.

In addition, the Univisión ceremony has a fiesta feel to it. It’s essentially a 3-hour televised fiesta with the 1-hour pink carpet, “Noche de las Estrellas” event before the awards ceremony. How many people can get into a serious fiesta after a close death in the family? Has it not occurred to these insensitive people hating on Michael that perhaps he had no interest in going to the Univisión awards ceremony but was being forced to by his family? (because he was expected to be there as they had been invited by the network). I wouldn’t have gone to the ceremony because I would be too depressed and particularly would not want to hear my música madre played at this time. I don’t know what was going on in Michael’s head but I suspect he is a bit loco at the moment with grief, as to be expected.

And any la policia (not on a fucking power trip) should have released Michael immediately after learning who he was and learning about Jenni Rivera’s death—if they didn’t already know about it—rather than having him sit in jail for 24 hours for “vandalism,” because his family refused to pay his $1,000 bail. I read they were pissed off with him and wouldn’t bail him out. His family seem to not understand also that not everyone grieves the same way they do necessarily and I sense they were not respecting Michael’s way of grieving. They shouldn’t be pissed with regardless of this “vandalism” charge.

I read multiple articles about this and some writers were more concerned with honouring Jenni’s memory “in lockstep with the family” than anything else and one writer told Michael to “get your act together.” Ugh. How insensitive and flippant! Such writers are clueless about the grieving process and act as if there is no grieving process, or try to minimize it.

The tribute for Jenni Rivera near the end of Premio Lo Nuestro was very moving and many in the hall were in tears.

Homenaje a JENNY RIVERA en Premio lo nuestro 2013:

I wish in the future—although I know this is not about to happen—that some writers would consult with a credible psicólogo/a (such as la Dra Vivian González of Telemundo’s Caso Cerrado, for example)— before some writers go out-gassing about something they know nothing about. Sheeple!

It was no big deal that Michael missed the ceremony and perhaps he didn’t want to go anyway, which could have been why he did what he did….I don’t know. I wish him well. Chau.—rosa barrio


Jorge Ramos y María Elena Salinas (Noticiero Univisión)

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