Kamala Harris: The new messiah

The politics of ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.

People seem to forget that Ms Harris dropped out of the race because of a lack of support. Literally overnight, she’s become a celebrity super-star, the new messiah figure on the “Democratic” Party Cult’s ticket. Ugh. What shallow people we have here in the non-United States of North America: I’m referring to the country in North America that’s below the ten provinces/states of Canada. It certainly would help matters if this country had a real name like other countries do. Related: The US is not “America”.

When I was younger, I naïvely thought that just because someone was of a non-white skin pigmentation, or was a woman or was Queer, that colour, gender or sexual orientation would automatically make the person to be on “the Left” and genuinely progressive. That’s not the case at all. In reality, over time I learned that none of that makes any difference what-so-ever to one’s politics based on observing politicians who were “the first” to come along. We’ve seen “the first gay” politician (and subsequent Queer politicians). One — Scott Penis — helped to ruin San Francisco’s Castro. We’ve seen “The first woman” politician (and subsequent women politicians). We’ve seen “The first Black woman” politician. “The first Asian politician.” “The first Black president in the non-United States.” We’ve seen “The first Asian woman” politician, on and on. From what I’ve observed, “the first” — no matter what it is — is just as bad as if not worse than the conservative white guys who came before them. Period. I learned that one’s ethnicity, gender and or sexual orientation made little to no difference in one’s politics. And it’s a myth that it does. I observed that “the first” of whatever it was was no “saviour” or “messiah” figure to their politics.

So when I saw The Washington Post scream about Kamala Harris being the VP for conservative Milquetoast Biden and their large font “first Black woman on a major party ticket,” I said to myself: Oh please! Por favor. I felt like writing: What gullible people you are. Ms Harris is nothing to get all excited about. Just because she has a darker skin-pigmentation and a vagina. What does her skin colour and her sexual plumbing have to do with anything? Nothing. Her politics are overall conservative from what I know about her. I mean, that’s why she was chosen. You certainly don’t expect the right-wing, imperialistic, corporate and corrupt “Democratic” Party Cult — which much of the time serves as enablers and accomplices with the Republican Party Cult — to put up anybody that is genuinely progressive or on “the Left” as their nominees do you? If you do, you’re fucking delusional.

Most people — the partisan brainwashed sheeple — now seem to be falling all over themselves in adoration, praise and worship of the Biden/Harris ticket, just because messiah Harris on the ticket. They didn’t have much interest in Biden before. They didn’t have much interest in Harris before. That’s why she dropped out of the race. Duh. But now, “She’s the feather in the cap…she grew up in the Bay Area” I heard one “Democratic” Party Cultist say. (roll eyes) I know him to be an Obamabot so this is expected. The cultists don’t seem to pay much attention to what their cult does as far as their policies. They rush to defend their cult no matter what they do. And that’s what cults and their cultists do. Does it matter where Harris grew up? Her politics are conservative. Again, that’s why she was chosen, along with her having female plumbing and a darker skin-pigmentation. She is an attorney which can’t be said about conservatives Feinstein or Pelosi. Neither of them have any legal training what-so-ever, so what are they doing making laws for millions of people? And despite the District of Columbia having at least two fine law schools (Georgetown University and George Washington University), neither Feinstein or Pelosi have bothered to improve themselves by studying at either University to become an attorney. Related: Making laws with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Also related: Representatives and Senators in the US Congress should have law degrees.

I like seeing people of all ethnic groups and both genders holding office when they share my politics, but usually “the first [fill in the blank]” people don’t share my politics what-so-ever. They may appear to do so initially to some extent. But after they get in office, their performance in office shows otherwise. Often they are basura and a major disappointment. Nothing to get excited over.

One example that comes to mind: We had messiah Obama who was marketed to the public as “the first Black president” with additional marketing language: “Hope and Change We Can Believe In.” Remember that rubbish that most suckers fell for? Yeah well. Most of his policies turned out to be to the right of the white guy before him, illegitimate George W Bush. Those who paid close attention to Obama during the 8 long years of the Obama regime know that he greatly expanded the neocon agenda of the Bush-Cheney regime, bombing Pakistan during his first week in office, as one example. In fact today, the Obama and Bush families are close friends with Michelle and George sharing candies at state funerals and other events. Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama left office with — what was it? I lost track — eleven to thirteen wars in progress. And several of them he started. “Hope and Change We Can Believe In.” Yeah right. Instead he was the Establishment Status Quo and expanded upon what the Bush regime had put in place.

So don’t come at me with this “first” bull shit, because I no longer fall for it having seen that “the first” whatever it is is not any better — and is often worse — than what we had before. Being some other ethnicity than white, or being Queer or being a woman does not at all mean anything positive about one’s politics. One would hope it would on the surface, but I’ve since learned that that’s very gullible thinking. In fact, it often means they are very conservative or will be to “prove” themselves as being “no different than conservative white guys” — or they try to act just like conservative white guys — who have run the show up until now.

The Perfect Card. The Fear Card.

Every “election” cycle these two cards (among others) are played/worked by the “Democratic” Party Cultists. Both cards are now being played as per usual — again, every “election” cycle — by cultists of the “Democratic” Party. It was pointed out that fake-progressive Representative Ocasio-Cortez voted to give the current white house occupant his gigantic military budget — larger than he requested — and the “Democrats” voted in the majority to approve that. Then Ocasio-Cortez went from endorsing Sanders to right-wing Biden. Insanity. As expected and as their way of excusing and rushing to defend the “Democrats” voting with the Republicans for their right-wing agenda, some “Democratic” Party Cultists are stooping to the level of the gutter as usual and dragging out The Perfect Card on cue to say that “one is expecting perfect in an imperfect system.” Oh take your clichés and shove them up your ass. Do we understand each other? These useless “Democratic” Party Cultists/Operatives will do anything — they have no standards — to defend the indefensible Republican-enabling votes of their “Democrats.” But that is what cultists do. They will defend anything that their cult or team does, even when it is despicable behaviour.

In the case of Representative Ocasio-Cortez, what one is expecting is for a “progressive” to vote progressively. Duh. How difficult is that? And a genuine progressive would not vote for the war budget for the current white house occupant. That’s the behaviour of a fake-progressive. Nor would a genuine progressive go from endorsing Sanders to right-wing Biden. That, too, is the behaviour of a fake-progressive. One expects for genuine progressives to vote their principles and convictions, and not go along with the Republican-enabling herd. The D cultists are also dragging out the Fear Card as per usual by saying that it is “suicidal” for one to expect perfection (that’s the Perfect Card again) and it’s “suicidal” for one to not vote for Biden/Harris. That’s the Fear Card. It, too, is dragged out every “election” cycle.

I said so at the time (which most people didn’t want to hear), but it was all over for this country back in 2000 — following the Judicial Coup which selected George W Bush to reside in the white house — but most people continue to live in denial of that as well. The non-United States is a country in massive denial. (Most recent example: the nation’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic: Denial). In the “mind” of the “Democratic” Party Cultists, one is supposed to vote for/support anyone they put up as their nominee. It doesn’t matter who it is. It’s called blind faith. Yet the Ds vote for the military budget was “suicidal” as far as I’m concerned.

But after the “election” — should there be one — we won’t be hearing much about Biden or Harris after that. I’ll believe it when I see it that they are declared the winners of the “election.” Then, I’ll believe it when I see it that the Mob Boss-International Bully leaves the white house. Is Harris still receiving a senator’s salary while running for VP? If so, why? How can she possibly be doing her job effectively as a senator when she’s running for another job? That doesn’t seem right. It wouldn’t be right in any other job that the rest of us hold. But of course the “Democratic” Party Cultists will rush to defend this as well and tell me that I don’t understand how the system works. I do understand how it works. It’s called corruption. The bougi elite (senators and representatives) are set to a different standard than the rest of us.

What I’m about to say is not at all popular. Most fake-liberals and fake-progressives who support the right-wing “Democratic” party cringe at this because they prefer to live in their perpetual wishful-thinking and denial. They like to think that our corrupt system and its “election” system is still legitimate, fair and honest and the current white house occupant will leave voluntarily or be removed from office. As I see it, the current white house occupant ain’t going anywhere — unless he dies in office — and he’s spoken repeatedly about wanting multiple terms, and he wasn’t joking. He think his big ass deserves multiple terms. Face facts. And there’s no one to make him leave. The System is rigged, and now he’s rigging the USPS. He does nothing legally and with few, if any, consequences. And he has the US Supreme Court on his side should the charade called the “election” end up in the Court. They’ll select him. They’ll likely be afraid not to since most people seem absolutely terrified of him for some reason. Fin. The End. Chau.—el barrio rosa