Juicing for your health

Do you juice?
We have been juicing for over 20 years and we juice every day (using organically grown carrots, apples with grated ginger or blueberries/raspberries). We use the Champion Juicer (Commercial Model, US Model).

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Some flowers in the pink barrio

Some flowers in the pink barrio

01.16.12 Juicing
Hola. In this video, “what is is” talks about making carrot-apple and ginger juice and shows you how to do so using all organically-grown produce using the Commercial Champion Juicer. Many people who are vegetarians view what they eat as part of their health insurance especially if one does not have health “insurance” through one of the corporate mangled health “care” providers. The old saying, “you are what you eat” is still very true today. Others will say it doesn’t matter what you eat. Well let them think that. Medical research shows otherwise.

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