Champion Juicer – Commercial Model (US Model)

Here in the pink barrio, we have been using the commercial/heavy-duty Champion juicers for years. We’ve been juicing for over 20 years and we juice every day (using organically grown carrots, red cabbage and apples).

We’ve had several juicers over the many years. When we started juicing, we used cheaper juicers and their lower quality reflected the lower price we paid. The Champion Commercial Juicer we’re using now we’ve probably been using for 8-10 years (if not longer), nearly every day.

We consider eating high-quality, environmentally-sustainably-grown vegetarian food and juicing a major part of our “health insurance.”

Commercial Champion Juicer:
The Champion Juicer – Commercial Model (US Model) is the juicer we recommend. If you’ve thought about “juicing,” but have never gotten any farther with it than thinking about it, you might want to actually do it. (That’s just a gentle nudge). We know from experience the benefits of juicing. For example, we know someone here in the pink barrio who has rather bad vision (he’s very nearsighted/shortsighted). Well, about 2 years ago he went to an ophthalmologist. This was the first check-up he had had in many years due to a lack of health insurance, and this was his first visit to this ophthalmologist. He told us the appointment began with la Doctora asking him about what he does for health and fitness and any medications he’s allergic to and that sort of thing. After the examination (which he said was very, very thorough), la Doctora told him that his vision had improved. Imagine someone’s vision improving! He was surprised, although he told her that his current glasses seemed to not be in need of a change of prescription since he could see pretty well with them. She said probably because of the juicing that you do. So, his prescription was a little bit too strong for him he learned. He said that he felt that the effort he put into juicing for many years had been well worth it. And in his case, improved vision was only one of the positive outcomes of juicing for him. As we’ve said before, we at pink barrio juice every day (have juiced for over 20 years). And, if we run out of juice ingredients and end up missing a day or two, we feel it. We have less energy. We get more hungry. If the supplier to the worker-owned co-op where we shop happens to slip in a non-organic carrot or two, we can taste the difference. We recommend the Commercial Champion Juicer.

01.16.12 Hola. In this video, “what is is” talks about making carrot-apple and ginger juice and shows you how to do so using all organically-grown produce using the Champion Juicer – Commercial Model (US Model).

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