¡La Casa de los Famosos de Telemundo!

La Casa de los Femosos 2012 is the latest installment from Telemundo/EndermolShine.  I’ll be glad when this show is over. I much preferred Gran Hermano.

This has been my least favorite of all the “reality shows” I’ve seen. The show was mostly about oversized tits and ass, and showing them as often as possible. And there was one person in the house that I came to detest very early on because of her lack of maturity, and that’s the house slut as I refer to her, Mane. Basura. I won’t go through all the childish, excessively needy, self-entitled, needy, self-absorbed, needy, juvenile and needy antics this little girl (she’s 32) engaged in to work on one guy, Kelvin, who is far more mature than this child. And he’s 30, as of this writing.

Sexual Harassment (female to male) can get you in second place with the trashy voting public:

Just curious: Why has no one filed a sexual harassment claim against Mane or production for allowing sexual harassment to take place? This went way beyond “flirting.” It’s time to be truthful, honest and blunt: The behaviour Mane engaged in in this house anywhere else would be called sexual harassment because Kelvin made it clear to this child that he was not interested in anything romantically with her. He kept saying he has a “novia.” The house slut refused to accept that and continued her sexual harassment tactics of touching him, rubbing him, rubbing his arms and back (why did you often not wear a shirt, Kelvin?) touching his face repeatedly, running her hands through his hair, kissing him (he wiped her kisses off with a napkin or his hand), she threw both of her legs over him several times. Her hands were all over him. He didn’t welcome any of this. He tried to ignore all of it. He did not respond to any of it. Therefore, it’s sexual harassment. She has no standards and will resort to anything to try to get her way. To her “no” means “yes.” She made endless sexual harassment advances toward Kelvin. She refused to accept no. Again, he never responded to her, he never touched her other than with his finger tips to show “not interested.” Again, anywhere else on this planet what she did is called sexual harassment. Period. So why hasn’t anyone filed a claim against her or the producers for allowing this to take place on this show and for it to continue? Or does sexual harassment only work one way: from males to females? I. Don’t. Think. So. It works both ways, regardless of gender. Whereas, in the world of music, well-known conductor James Levin at the Metropolitan Opera had his career ruined/ended by sexual harassment claims that many women filed against Levine. The Met fired him. He died in the early part of 2021. Yet this little girl in this house has no charges filed her against her for unwanted sexual advances toward Kelvin. Again, he did not respond to any of her advances other than on a couple occasions he looked like he snapped mentally — and was fed up with her — and he slapped her hand at the bathroom sink as if to say “STOP IT, I’m tired of this caca.” That didn’t stop her. After he slapped her hand, she immediately started feeling up and rubbing on his arms and back. She was relentless. Just like an out-of-control little toddler. She’s basura. Most recently, she threw herself at Kelvin in the back yard and was all over him before the live show. Then she went in the house and was all over Pablo with feeling him up and hugging and kissing his face. He had this look on his face of “get off me bitch; I have no interest in you.” She’s desperate for a guy and what sane guy would want anything to do with a slut like her and her personality?

She also bullied Kelvin because she wasn’t getting her way: She punched him in the stomach in the house gym, threw food at him (threw grapes in his left eye), stabbed his hand at least twice with her fork and other childish antics. By her behaviour, it’s as if no one reared this little girl (her chronological age: 32. The 15-year old boy across the street from me is much more mature than this girl.) She ate with her fingers most of the time and ate with her fingers-to-mouth (rather than pouring herself a serving) out of the house containers that the others would get food out of. She’s extremely unsanitary. I didn’t see her wash her hands ever when entering the kitchen area. Multiple times, she put her big enhanced butt up on the table/island wearing sweat pants where people ate food off of and rolled out cookie dough. Who raised this child? She’s the picture girl of shallow and superficial. Yet according to her YT channel, she has quite a cult following of people just like her presumably. Like attracts like.

The people I liked the most on this show were Giselle, Christian (to a degree), Pablo and sometimes Cristina. And sometimes Kelvin. His nervousness (jittery and shaking and slapping things…his legs or the counter) when around the house slut was pretty obvious. He was often much calmer around Pablo and Giselle. The child always made him nervous and jittery to be around. I also tired of his sports act, his jumping up and pretending to shoot basketballs into an imaginary hoop. Or his pretending to hit a ball with an imaginary baseball bat.

Kelvin’s attempts to “try to be friends” with the child annoyed me. You cannot easily be friends with someone who wants more than that. It doesn’t work. I kept asking: Why are you standing right next to her and especially with your shirt off? Are you trying to bait her to come on to you and touch you, when you don’t want her to? What is wrong with you, chico?

I came to detest motor-mouth elitist Alicia. Does la perra ever shut up about anything? Is there anything this know-it-all doesn’t know and is not an expert on? She was also an accomplice with Mane in working on Kelvin.

I question how much of this show was really real and how much was scripted to some degree or the houseguests were told to create drama and create their own script. The Kelvin & Mane Show got quite old and I sense that was being played up because production wanted it to keep going. But that show needed to be cancelled because it was boring and Mane’s constant pouting and whinging was extremely tiresome. The thing is she would spend 2-3 hours putting on make-up before every live show and then essentially erase all that by showing an angry, pouting face to the audience. So when you look pouting and whinging and angry on national television because Kelvin is not giving you what you want, it doesn’t matter how much make-up you have on. It cancels itself out by your facial expressions of anger and pouting. Then she was constantly checking to see if her tits were out enough and whether her nipples were covered up, adjusting the tit area of her dress. If she could have her way, she would have shown vulva, tits and ass on all live shows. She wants to be seen as a sex object. No feminist her.

I’ve seen Kelvin as queer from day 1. The same for Roberto. Read that article from Mundo Hispánico, por favor. I observed their behaviour in the kitchen one day early-on and I said to myself, “Those two guys are queer boys.” Both are in the closet of course. Then production brought in those 3 guys during the last week for Kelvin. They were also all queer according to my reliable gaydar. They were all over each other. I’ve never seen genuine straight guys behave like that with each other. Kelvin and Frederik were all over each other. Hugging and kissing. Before they left the house, they were asked to give their thoughts on las chicas in the house? Why would they ask three queer boys for their opinions on las chicas in the house? Does Telemundo have no gaydar either? Shouldn’t you ask straight guys for their opinion instead, and not closet cases? None of the three guys were wearing wedding rings, by the way. As one commenter online said, “Kelvin was much more into those guys than he’s ever been into Mane.” Yes, Exactly. Muchas gracias for that. Is Kelvin’s “novia” really Frederik(a) based on their touching and feeling each other? And didn’t all four guys sleep together in the same HoH bed? That was the impression given. That would have been a bit cramped even for that large bed. Did we ever see a picture of Kelvin’s supposed “novia?” It was odd that Kelvin’s mother was brought into the house but never his alleged “novia.” Maybe his “novia” will show up at the last show, if she exists. Or again, is his “novia” really Frederik(a)? But from all the hands all over the place with Kelvin and those 3 guys, there is no “novia.” And what girlfriend would allow their boyfriend to be gone for months away from her, unless they can’t stand each other? And before this he was on another show. I read that he’s divorced his wife because she didn’t want him to be on one of these shows.

I’m not sure who will win this show as of this writing. I suspect it will be motor-mouth elitist Alicia and probably the child, Mane. And one can expect motor-mouth to give a long homily to the cameras as she always did of “gracias, gracias, gracias, el publico” every time she was sent back in the house. So tiring.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the child try to stalk Kelvin after the show is over considering how desperate she has acted towards him in the house.

The house was nice and quite pretty inside with all the colours and furnishings, but in the end that rather large house was too small for Kelvin to avoid Mane. The guy often resorted to reading the bible to avoid having any contact with the house gnat, who was like a gnat on a banana (Kelvin being the banana). She pretended to have an interest in the bible — that lasted briefly one night — in order to get attention from Kelvin, but that quickly died. I never saw her with the bible again, and I think he saw it for what it was: Just another one of her desperate attempts to be with him in the name of her non-existent interest in the bible. Similar to her needing gym training to be with him. He always looked disinterested or annoyed in giving her gym training. As if he knew exactly what she was doing.

I very much liked the speaking voice of the woman from production (“the boss”) who talked to and with the house guest. She had a superb speaking voice. She was one of the best parts of this show.

I don’t think I’ll ever watch another one of these shows because they are becoming less and less “reality” and more and more fake, scripted, situations set-up for drama, drama, drama at the expense of some of the contestants wishes and mental state. Chau.—el barrio rosa


I read a very lope-sided article critical of Kelvin. He and the house slut had made an agreement to never nominate each other. But being a game show, should one put any weight into such an agreement to begin with? My question about that is the following? Was Mane’s sexual harassment of Kelvin part of that agreement? Some people are calling him a “Judas” for violating their agreement and ultimately nominating her (2points). He wanted her out of the house so he didn’t have to put up with her for another two weeks, assuming he made it to the finals. Again, was her continued sexual harassment included in and part of the agreement and for him to expect her continued sexual harassment? If not, he had every reason to violate their agreement/pact for any rationale, sane and thinking person for wanting her out of the house. The article I read did not mention the sexual harassment; it did not tell the complete story, as is so typical. So sexual harassment of a guy and acting like a little pouty child and other obnoxious immature behaviour can put you in the final two at the end. Astounding! That does not speak well of the voting public who watched this show. They must be as low-grade, gutter-based as she is. In the end, the elitist and arrogant motor-mouth — she’s a piece of fucking work! — won and the sexual harasser came in second. Quite a degenerate pair. I see closet-case Roberto is still working Alicia, as he’s done according to that article (link above) with many other women. Is he after some of her winnings? Maybe she should read that article before doing any more with him.

On the live show finale, when Telemundo brought Mane out and showed segments of her time on the show, they showed none of her sexual harassment antics toward Kelvin. None. Why would they leave all that out? Could it be that they saw them as sexual harassment as well, but chose to remain silent about them in order to stir up the drama of the show? But they showed none of what I’ve written about — because I was waiting to see all those scenes — where she was all over him — it was all missing. Nada. Interesting.

Also, not all of the houseguests were there for the finale. I thought they were required to be. I guess not. Giselle is one who was not there. I think the rules were changed some for this version. In the “Big Brothers” that I’ve seen, there were only 2 house guests remaining at the end, not 5 as in this show. That seemed like to many people remaining to me.

Mane acted a bit more mature on the Finale than she did in the house. I’m not sure why. Was some of what she did in the house “playing to the cameras?” I won’t go so far as to say that she acted like a different person on the Finale, but there was a difference between her on stage behaviour and her in house behaviour. Then they brought out her parents. I thought: YOU two raised her? So she did have parents although one might have gotten the impression she didn’t. Her parents must be embarrassed by how she acted in the house, no?

Also, I didn’t start watching this show until a little before Kelvin became HoH and invited Mane up there with him. Even at that time from what little I knew about the show, it seemed like a bad move. And it was. He had no interest in her and the camera showed that he had put all the pillows down the center of the bed to create this border between them so that she would not try to get to him and come over on his side of the bed. It worked, but near the end of their time up there she started violating the border and his head jumped up out of being asleep to see what she was trying to do. I think he slept very lightly up there when she was in bed with him because he didn’t trust her. They got up at different times and there was no physical contact between them. In the bed, he was as far over on his side (at the edge) of the bed as possible. His feet were on the bed frame whilst she hogged most of the bed. And it was from then on that their “relationship” fizzled. I’m not sure what turned him off about her. Maybe it was her immaturity. In seeing clips of the show from before I was watching, he did appear to be trying to come on to her to some degree early-on. I saw him hugging and kissing her on the cheek. Production showed no making out between them, just hugging. So he did send her mixed messages. But the sexual harassment charge remains. Because even if he did appear to be coming on to her at one time, he later made it clear he wasn’t interested in her when he said “nothing romantic” to the cameras. No “novia” showed up at the finale, so I suspect there is no “novia.” And even if he sent mixed messages to her, you don’t continue to pursue someone after they’ve made it clear they don’t want to be pursued romantically. That’s where sexual harassment charges come into play. It doesn’t matter what mixed messages were sent previously or what the previous behaviour was. The current behaviour is “I’m not interested, so leave me alone and keep your hands off me,” so she should have behaved accordingly and kept her hands off of him instead of doing the opposite, which is what she did.