La VI Cumbre de las Américas

The Sixth Summit of the Américas in Cartagena-Colombia

04.16.12 Hola. I read a blog from Colombia regularly. The blog writer is very informative, his interests are similar to mine and I enjoy his blog. I did not know; however, until La VI Cumbre de las Américas (The Sixth Summit of the Américas) how the blog writer feels about Mr Hopey Changey. I know the blog writer is originally from the Estados Unidos/U.S. but he’s not lived in the U.S. for about six years. He was writing about La VI Cumbre de las Américas en Cartegena-Colombia which was attended by Mr Hopey Changey. The blog writer from Colombia wrote:

“Obama’s comments supporting excluding Cuba from the summit make more sense. Cuba is a dictatorship which tramples basic human rights such as free speech, and the freedoms to travel and elect one’s leaders. Giving it a seat at the table with democratically elected leaders would legitimize dictatorship and repression.”

As for his comment that, “Obama’s comments supporting excluding Cuba from the summit make more sense.” Really? Yes, that’s more of that “change we can believe in,” isn’t it? Cuba should not have been excluded from La VI Cumbre de las Américas anymore than anyone else. I’m pleased to see that Latin America rebels against Obama over Cuba. Muy bien/Very good.
This flower is from the pink barrio, not Cartagena
The Estados Unidos/U.S. also tramples basis human rights and freedom of speech. Repression is increasing in the Estados Unidos and U.S.ers do not have freedom to travel wherever they way, but the U.S. was allowed at La Cumbre de las Américas. The U.S. has propped up and befriended many dictators around the world when it’s in the interest of the U.S. The U.S. doesn’t always elect their “leaders” either. Has the world forgotten that George W. Bush was selected by Bush Family “friends” on the U.S. Supreme Court for his first term? What about Bush’s second term? I’m not done yet. Then there’s the corrupt electronic voting machines: Electronic Voting: The Stolen Election of 2004. (It should be pointed out that these electronic voting machines are now all over the nation, despite the many documented problems with them). So no, one cannot accurately say that the U.S. always elects its “leaders.” One thing the Estados Unidos/U.S. is really good at is hypocrisy. The U.S. has no problem going around the world lecturing other nations on what they can’t do, while the U.S. is doing the same thing in many cases (but it’s all right when the U.S. does it). But apparently the blogger from Colombia is unaware of these things. He went on to say:

“‘Obama is talking not only as U.S. president, but as a presidential candidate who knows he’d get slammed by Republicans if he dared to suggest a retreat in the War on Drugs. But, hopefully Obama will win a second term in November, and then be able to try more flexibility on failed drug policies. That’s because, as cautious as Obama has been in this and other areas, Republican Mitt Romney would be far more closed to change.”

Well to begin with, Obama is a neocon Republican (even though he’s still officially registered with the misnamed “Democratic” Party.) Most of his policies are to the right of Republican George W. Bush’s policies and anyone who has been paying close attention to what Obama has done since he took office knows this. (One example: Obama started droning Pakistan during his first week in office and he’s increased drone attacks by 600 percent from George W. Bush’s pace – more of that “change we can believe in”). The blogger from Colombia sounds like a classic Obamabot from the U.S. He (like the typical Democrat in the Estados Unidos) is so afraid of those nasty Republicans and afraid of being “slammed by Republicans” (whom the Democrats work for, by the way). Why are Democrats supposedly so afraid of Republicans when Republicans aren’t afraid of the Democrats? The “Democratic” politicians are not afraid of Republicans (they are buddies); but their devout believers are because they fall for the theatre and the shows that these two corporatist/pro-war “teams” put on before television cameras for their followers/sheeple and for the Ministry of Propaganda (the corporate media). Obama has no interest in retreating in the useless “War on Drugs,” even if he were the only Republican on the planet. Obama is not “cautious.” Tell the countries he has droned—and killed and injured their people—that he is “cautious.” I suspect they will be outraged to hear such a thing. Obama is a corporatist opportunist of and for the 1% and he does as his corporate owners tell him to do. This blogger in Colombia is a bit naive in this regard.

Then the blogger did the usual ending: he used the “lesser of two evils” card as well as the habitual fear card saying that Obama will supposedly be less evil than Romney.

Evil is still evil. Every general election cycle in the Estados Unidos, the fear card is used without fail. It’s guaranteed.

In my opinion, the mess/disaster in the Estados Unidos is not going to be remedied or improved by the status quo election process in the U.S. All that does it to install corporatist candidates of and for the 1% that massive amounts of dinero/money have bought. The candidate has already been chosen by the corporate media and then the sheeple/herd dutifully vote for them per party-line devotion. “Go, team, go” is the mentality. It’s really no different than a sports game to most.

Vote with Your Dinero/Money

The best way to vote is with your dinero/money. Whenever possible, stop supporting corporations (who run el país/the country) with your dinero. That’s how I feel about it.

The pink barrio’s “what is is” has a video/article series that’s very well worth watching titled Living in These Times, essentially about voting with your dinero/money, and that’s how I suggest people vote. Other ways of voting merely continue the status quo of the downward spiral of the Estados Unidos/U.S. Ciao.—rosa barrio

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