Latinos perform at the Kennedy Center

El 21 de enero de 2013. Hola. I received the following comment posted on our article, “Bush’s Fourth Term” but I decided to give the comment special attention because I very much related to it. Here’s the comment:

“Rosa Barrio, Did you see the headlines about Latinos celebrating Obama at the Kennedy Center? I felt infuriated. Do Latinos not know what he’s done? I’ve read your articles about what he’s done. Don’t Latinos care about that, or do Latinos take any bread crumb he throws us? Would like your response. Bárbara C.”

Hola, Bárbara. I wasn’t going to talk about that because it infuriated (that’s a good word to use) me as well. For those who don’t know, there was a coronation concert, un concierto de inauguración for The Chairman of Change (Hope and Change We Can Believe In BO) at the Kennedy Center. I clicked on one article about that concert and scanned to see the list of Latino/Hispano artists who had been invited and I quickly clicked off. I saw that Marc Anthony was there (I like his música alot) and I take it that he’s an Obama-bot. Marc Anthony said something at this event that made me cringe. He said something about we (meaning Latinos) worked hard and “we got the best man for the job in the White House.” How Ignorant! That’s not true, Marc. The best person for the job of those who ran for the job was either la Dra. Jill Stein or Durham/López, with Dra Stein being the lead candidate.

Anyone who has read my articles about Mr Change We Can Believe In knows of Mr Change’s reprehensible record (his record overall is to the right of that of Bush/Cheney). Mr Change has expanded the policies of Bush/Cheney. That fact matters to a few of us, including Bárbara C., but from my experience it doesn’t matter to most people at all. Most people couldn’t care less what he’s done. The “Dem team” disciples support him and make excuses for him no matter what he does. To them, it’s all about “the team,” not his record. Since this muchacho was elected for his first term, one thing I’ve learned about most so-called “Democrats” (voters…also known as Dem-bots/Obama-bots) is that they stand for nothing but “the team” (“the team” mentality) and party allegiance. Unconditional and even blind loyalty.

The event at the Kennedy Center and the fawning over Mr Drone (BO) was all about “the team” (meaning the misnamed “Democratic” Party). For some time I’ve realized that the overwhelming majority of people—regardless of ethnicity—don’t care about Mr Drone’s policies/record and what he’s done. So I suspect that few (if any) people who attended this event in the Kennedy Center even know what he’s done to expand on the policies of Bush/Cheney. And if one told them, they would start to glaze over, they couldn’t care less and/or would say en español, ‘Me da lo mismo’ (“I do not care,” or the overused valley girl line, “I’m whatever” en Inglés).

Also, the anti-war movement is dead in the Estados Unidos/U.S. because the muchacho en la Casa Blanca has a faux-D (for “Democrat”) next to his name. “We can’t protest our guy even when he does the exact same things that Bush/Cheney did (for which we did protest),” is the mentality of the Obama-bots/Dem-bots. They are such pathetic, hypocritical people and I have as much contempt for them as I did the blinders-on Bush supporters. The Obama-bots/Dem-bots have raised hypocrisy to a new level since their “savior” BO has been en la Casa Blanca.

I do agree that all Mr Drone (BO) was doing was tossing Latinos/Hispanos “breads crumb.” Like other people (GLBTQueer people come to mind), Latinos/Hispanos seem to fall for this muchacho and his empty words and his political stunts (such as allowing Latinos/Hispanos to perform for him at the Kennedy Center. How very kind of him!). Fortunately, this coronation theatre show will be over shortly and most people will forget all about it. Gracias for your comment.

I read that Mr Change We Can Believe In said this during his coronation, uh I mean inauguración address:
He urged USans to uphold The “Precious Light Of Freedom.” (If only he would do the same thing rather than extinguishing it! This muchacho is big on hypocrisy!) He also said, “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law.”

My response: Milk it, work it, milk it, work it. And I guess the gullible GLBTQueer people are orgasmic over this newspeak from their “savior” BO. And how hypocritical that this muchacho en la Casa Blanca talks about the “precious light of freedom,” while he’s continuing to erode freedom by shredding the U.S. Constitution with such policies as indefinite detention without trial for U.S. citizens, a “to kill” list, Obama regime asserts right to assassinate USans, torture, rendition, illegal spying (and the long list continues). Chau.—rosa barrio


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