LED Light Shows

LED Light Show in San Francisco – Los Estados Unidos.
Hola. Here is a beautiful LED light show recently installed on a building in San Francisco. The lighting on this building really improves this street corner. It gives this corner lots of much-needed color.

Architectural LED Lighting in Colombia: Bogotá’s Torre Colpatria (Colpatria Tower).
Torre Colpatria Iluminada
The tallest building in Bogotá. The LED lighting is beautiful. Muchas gracias to JorgeZambranoGaviria for the video:

Gemmy LED Light Show – 2010-2011 Generation
This is a video of a restaurant/bar in San Francisco using the Gemmy LED Light Show (2010-2011 Generation) on their awning as well as the Gemmy LED Light Show (2009 Generation – shown in the first image below on the right) in the trees on the right side of the restaurant. A little history: Back in December of 2009, this restaurant installed the Gemmy LED Light Show (2009 Generation) lights on their awning. They looked good, and the restaurant turned them on todas las noches (nightly) during the year and all 4 sets (4 sets of 24 lights each) worked well for about 1.5 years. Then, unfortunately, the first set (under the trees) had a couple of bulbs that became defective, stopped working as intended and that set of 24 lights stopped working in sync with the other three sets. The defective set was doing it’s own “show” for the most part. The other three sets still worked fine and in sync with each other. A few bulbs in the defective set remained in sync with the other three sets, but most of the defective set was not in sync. Then one day we were walking down la calle (the street) and looked over at the restaurant. They had taken down all of the Gemmy LED Lights from the awning. Not good. We were disappointed. And since this was in the middle of the Summer 2011, we knew that the manager of the restaurant would likely have trouble finding a replacement set for the defective set, or 4 new sets of these 2009 Generation LED lights. And this awning looks pretty drab and dull without the lights on it. But apparently the manager of the restaurant—being a “light’s person”—was on the look out for when these Gemmy LED Light Show lights would become available, because a day or two after Halloween 2011 the manager of the restaurant had installed the Gemmy LED Light Show 2010 Generation on the awning and had them on. We had to check these bulbs out because we had not seen this version before in person (we’d only seen them on the Internet). Also, for those who may be wondering: the 2010-2011 Generation and the 2009 Generation have the same computer programming (unlike the 2008 Generation LED Lights which had a different program and do not work with the 2009 Generation, which some people complained about on message forums). It’s just that the 2010-2011 Generation has smaller bulbs (and more transparent looking than the white diffuser bulbs of the 2008-2009 Generations), and the plastic computer box on the 2010-2011 Generation looks very sealed (no screws used for water to get through into the computer box). We suspect that the manager of this restaurant will leave these lights up and on throughout the year until they stop working. We hope so! (Update: 02.05.12: He is leaving them all up and on, including the lights on the trees.) They certainly do add a lot to the outside appearance of the restaurant. They give it much-needed color. And when the switches for the awning and the trees are turned on simultaneously inside the restaurant, the awning and trees are in exact sync with each other. This restaurant/bar has the best commercial light display in this area of San Francisco. Gracias/Thanks for reading. Fin. Here’s the video showing them:

LED light sets can be used year round for decorative, artwork purposes and various holiday occasions. Here at pink barrio, we use our colored LED light sets year-round and here in the Ciudad (City) we notice more people doing so including people in homes, apartments and businesses. We know of several businesses here in pink barrio that keep their LED colored lights on throughout the year. The lights add a lot to the atmosphere of the barrio.

Greeting Card - LED Coloured Lights

We think the colored lights also help attract business. But the LED lights don’t have to be colored; we also like the LED Cool White light sets which have a bluish hue to them. They are very pretty and add a nice lighting effect to a room. From having extensively researched LED lights, unfortunately they are all made in China (which means they are off-shored, which is a big problem for the 99% here in the Estados Unidos (U.S.). We have not been able to find any LED light sets of any kind made in the Estados Unidos.

We strongly urge people to support small and/or independent businesses—including worker-owned cooperative food stores and farmer’s markets—whenever possible rather than corporations, corporate box/chain stores (including grocery stores). This is the focus of pink barrio and to urge people to buy “green” and environmentally-sustainable products whenever possible. So in our stores, we have links to non-corporate retailers that are “earth-friendly,” some are Fair Trade and most products are made in the States. (Thank you in advance for your purchase)

Here’s an interesting LED Gradient Wall (LED Light Show) you might like:

This is a video of a LED light show in a restaurant in San Francisco. The light show is behind a rice paper “wall” in the back of the restaurant seating area. I like the rainbow colors and that it flows/sweeps very evenly. The colors represent the GLBTQ rainbow flag. There are synchronized light strips at the top (ceiling) and the bottom (floor) of this wall which creates a very nice slow sweep.of rainbow colors, in the order of the rainbow flag colors. The speed of the sweep doesn’t changes.