Lesbians are now into dick?

They are on the live cam shows. So the definition of lesbian has changed? Ah, no, the definition hasn’t change. It’s just being used incorrectly by idiots, sexually-ignorant girls in their teens, 20s and 30s on live cam shows. So far, all the girls I’ve seen who have sex with guys and girls, say they’re “lesbian.” Why? Because “lesbian” is one of the the latest silly fads on the live cam shows, along with “anal” and “oil” so that’s why chicks are lying and calling themselves lesbian instead of what they are: bi. Does anyone tell the truth about themselves these days?

These females are bisexual, not lesbians.

Here in the Century of Insanity and where human sexuality has been turned upside down on its head by the Gay Agenda, girls who are into both guys and girls are now calling themselves lesbians — WTF? –instead of what they are: bisexual. Sigh.

It’s one of the latest silly conformist fads by the absolute conformists on the live cam shows. Whenever there are two girls and a guy on their “set” (meaning their living room or bedroom), the girls make out with the guy, suck his dick, and in some cases he fucks both girls or one of them. Then when the bisexual girls start getting into each other and the guy leaves for awhile, the girls call that “lesbian” in their keywords rather than what it is: bisexual. I guess they don’t know that lesbians are not into guys or dick, that’s what makes them lesbians as opposed to bisexual. Doh.

But I suppose this is no more insane than all the gay guys whose profile say only, “Interested in Women” (liars!), and then they hit on every straight guy they can find on the site and tell him what they would like to do to and with his “big cock” — it’s always a “big cock” even when it’s not — and how they would like to eat his ass and, “I’d love to smell your farts.” (Sorry to gross you out, but that is what I’ve read in the chat). There are some really disgusting people in the chats and on the live cam shows.

So that’s the state of things these days after The Gay Agenda and Gay Incorporated have accomplished their Agenda and turned human sexuality and terminology upside down. (Related: An Open Letter to the Queer Organisations at the Federal and State Levels in the United States of North America).

Per the Gay Agenda, it seems that time-honoured sexuality terms that people have used for decades — and have served us well — no longer apply. They are considered “outdated” by the Generation X and the Millenneals’ conformists. I’ll continue to use them. People make up the ludicrous definitions as they go along these days. Such as “lesbian” for girls who are into both genders. Insanity.