LGBT = liberty, guns, bible, tr*mp

Can’t people just say the word Gay or Queer? Is that so fucking difficult? What is wrong with people? The breeders don’t have this long string of letters for themselves. Why do Queers need them? And I thought that most (corporatist) Queers want to be exact replicas of the fucking breeder as if they have been erected to some pedestal to be modeled after (despite their over 50% dysfunctional divorce rate in the non-United States).

Is it so difficult for people to use the word Queer or Gay rather than that “LGBT” or “LGBTQ” RSTUVWXYZ++$8709+ rubbish? People have really been brainwashed by the conformist corporatists to use that “LGBT” shit. Even the breeders use that caca because they think they’re supposed to in order to be “politically correct.” I see that alphabet soup mess pretty much everywhere I go worldwide. I know that “LGBT” rubbish was created by some corporate trash but no one takes credit for it that I’ve found, and I have looked extensively. I think it was dreamed up by those self-appointed know-it-alls at those elitist national Queer organisations who live under the illusion that they know what’s best for all Queers. Translation: Queers of their same income bracket of course. They don’t give a fuck about homeless Queers or poor Queers. No, they only care about Queers just like themselves who can afford a $500.00+ a plate dinner at such elitist gala dinner honouring a tech billionaire or some other wealthy celebrity who did or said something that appeared to be pro-Queer.

“LGBT(Q)” looks like some fucking corporate brand name for a product. All it does is divide us Queers into little groups rather than unite us as Queers. It’s also sexist and chauvinistic because it puts lesbians first (even though lesbians did not lead our Movement as first place implies). The “l'” first implies “ladies go first.” The 1950s mentality. Some conformist corporatist idiots will say, “the ‘l’ first is to show that we support women’s rights.” Well doh, isn’t that a fucking given, moron? Are there no critical thinking skills in that head of yours what-so-ever? I have no patience for this rubbish. We also support everybody else’s rights but I don’t see you putting their fucking letters first in that ludicrous alphabet soup mess. The conformist, brainwashed conservative corporatists automatically write “lgbt” (why is the Q omitted?; what’s their problem with the Q?) which is four letters. The word Gay is only three letters. The corporatists enjoy typing an extra letter, do they?

Bottom line: The corporatist conservative heteronormative trash have ruined most Queers and the corporatist trash caused the death of our Movement because of their shortsightedness. Who knew that gay marriage was the ultimate goal of our Movement? I never heard or knew that that was the top goal. Related: San Francisco: The Closet Case Mecca and The Closet Case Pandemic.

I was scanning the comments under a gay male porn actor’s video. He has nothing to do with lesbians, women, trans or bisexuals, but the sheeple referred to him as “lgbt.” Well no, he’s not lgbt. Well, he’s the “g” but that’s it. He’s queer or gay. And again, how many more fucking letters are the corporatist trash going to add to that long string of letters that already exists? The official acronym is now this mess: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. If someone gets off on jacking off on sidewalks will they be referred to as “C” for cement sexers? So add a fucking “C” to the end. Geezus fucking christ!

And after careful consideration, I question why trans are part of the Queer so-called “community” to begin with since some (many?) trans have never been Queer. They were born heterosexual and later felt they were the wrong gender. After changing their gender some (many?) trans end up in heterosexual relationships. What does that have to do with Queer or Gay? Nothing. There’s already a category for trans. It’s called straight.

One would think that Queers might stop the LGBT rubbish considering that the far-fascist right has hijacked it. See image below:

Chau.—el barrio rosa