Gay Marriage becomes legal in Taiwan

I’m surprised they didn’t say: LGBTQRSTUVWSXYZ#@#$+++++ Marriage becomes legal in Taiwan

The headline I read said “Gay Marriage becomes legal in Taiwan; first Asian country to legalise same sex unions.” I would have said “same-gender unions.” I’m surprised it didn’t say “LGBTQQICAPF2K+” or the even more ridiculous LGBTQRSTUVWSXYZ#@#$+++++ marriage becomes legal in Taiwan.” So if they can say “gay marriage,” why can’t they say “gay” everything else and stop using that silly revisionist history “LGBT(Q)” shit? I’ve never been able to find out what organisations and the idiots who work there got the entire world to start using this “LGBT” nonsense en masse. “LGBT” does not represent me. Whoever it was, did a thorough job. Because everywhere I look I see absolute conformist behaviour to that. It’s as if people copy and paste it. The thing is: I thought queers desperately wanted to be identical to the breeders with marriage and children and the “Amurkan Dream” house and 2 car garage, picket fence and swimming pool and room for a pony, no? Breeders don’t have any silly acronyms/letters. So why do queers? I guess that’s something that those “LGBT” conformist assholes didn’t think of. This is one of my pet peeves obviously, and I suspect it will be “LGBT” for the rest of our lifetime because this amount of intense conformist brainwashing of the entire world is not easy to change back to using the words queer or gay. But everywhere I look no matter where it is around the world, there it is: “LGBT.” But good for them in Taiwan, although I’m not hot on marriage of any kind. That’s because marriage is a traditional conservative institution. Why would queers want anything to do with that when during our Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement we fought against traditional conservative institutions. We were the opposite. We were proudly radical. Yeah, that was then and that’s all gone today. Nothing radical about these conformist days. CONFORM, OBEY! Then queers wanted to be part of the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine and to go kill other queers, although they probably never thought that one out before they joined since the people they would be shooting dead will not necessarily be breeders since there are queers all over the world in areas where the US Empire wants to steal their natural resources for Empire building and world domination. The Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement was pro-peace and anti-military, anti-war. So queers have done a complete reversal of who and what they were. Ultimate Conformity with the conservative breeders is what it’s all about now. But queers should have the same rights as the breeders. Now, I hope they’ve not ordered queers in Taiwan to “assimilate with the breeders” because we’ve seen what that has done in the US. It has completely backfired everywhere I look. Queers have gone back in the closet to “blend in” with the straights, queer boys are making out with females regularly now (I just saw an instance of that in the store I just shopped in) to “assimilate” as they call it with the straights by constantly using language such as “discreet” and “down low” and “straight-acting” and “straight-looking.” Heteronormative bull shit. Gay guys have married females in droves from what I’ve read. Mass insanity. If they were going to marry females in the end, why did they work decades for the Movement? Duh. Don’t try to figure that out. Loco./Crazy. Mi amigo/My friend and I just got back from shopping and in the store we were in there were two queer couples, which is unusual to see these days in San Francisco. Neither of them would give us the time a day. Neither of them would even look at us when we walked by them. They were snots. It’s one of the many reasons why I say the so-called “gay community” is dead because there is absolutely no feel or sense of community at all today. You can’t even get other queer boys to glance at you. Mi amigo mentioned them to me and I said, “Oh those snots.” He said, “Oh they were snotty to you too?” On another topic, in France, in 2018, a record number of physical attacks against queers were reported. 231 reported attacks occurred throughout France. There was an International Anti-Homophobia Day on 17 May 2019. It said that “LGBTQ Communities under threat worldwide.” There we go again. Why didn’t it say, “(Dead) Gay Community under threat worldwide.” If they can say “gay marriage” why can’t they say “gay community” instead of “LGBTQRSTUVWSXYZ#@#$+++++ community.” Although as I have pointed out, what used to be the the so-called “gay community” is completely dead. Or at least it is from all I see, especially here in San Francisco, the new Breeder Mecca. Related: Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive). That’s the name of the game today: Divide, divide, divide to get us all to hate each other. Chau.


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