Lies, fake liberals, and the “freedom” to infect others

Call a lie a lie: The Washington Post refuses to call lies lies. When the Village Idiot lies — he’s a chronic liar — TWP chooses to sanitise his lies by using the mealy-mouthed word “falsehoods.” (roll eyes) Who are they afraid of offending with the word “lies.” Afraid of the Village Idiot, are we? Why does the world seem terrified of this piece of bullying, white supremacist trash to the point that they refuse to call his lies what they are: Lies. Related: Why does the world act afraid of the Village Idiot? He also refuses to say whether he will accept the results of the November 2020 so-called “election,” and vacate the white house, should Biden win. Where are the Democrats? Silent, as usual and probably because as I have said before, I think most of them are quite comfortable with him as white house occupant despite any words or theatrics to the contrary they spew to dupe their gullible and deliberately-ignorant base. Both the “left” and the “right” use the term “fake news” if the news does not favour their team. It’s one reason I can’t stand partisans, in part, because it involves brainwashing.

People should have the “freedom” to infect others? In an interview with Chris Wallace, the bloviating, constantly-angry looking Village Idiot — who always sits like he’s sitting on a toilet — said that people should have the “freedom” to wear a mask or not. Why didn’t Wallace and others like him ask this moron: So people should have the freedom to infect others? That’s what you’re saying. Nobody ever asks this ignoramus that question that I’m aware of.

Recall Newsom? Oh por favor/oh please, people. Personally, I thought that Newsom began opening up California too soon and caved to pressure from the people who only care about money. I don’t think that his friend Elon Musk suffered any consequences when he opened up his company violating county and state guidelines. And rather than taking ownership and responsibility for their own selfishness and self-entitled behaviour by not following the health guidelines, the insane have taken to Tw*tter to attack the messenger: California Governor Gavin Newsom for the second shutdown. Insanity. It’s not Newsom who is the problem. (And I have to say that Gavin sounds very intelligent when he speaks unlike the current white house occupant.) It is the stupid, immature, self-entitled and self-absorbed inconsiderate (usually Millennial) trash — and that’s exactly how I see them — in our society who have been gathering for 4th of July shit such as at Lake Tahoe, and getting together with people outside their household, some idiots having COVID-19 parties — inviting infected people — to see how many people can get infected and who gets infected first (more insanity; do they give some prize for that?), and those refusing to wear a mask. The guidelines are pretty basic stuff, but as I often say: You can’t fix stupid. About half of the people who walk past my apartment do not wear masks. The guys remember their baseball cap though but can’t remember — or don’t believe in wearing — a face covering. The phone zombies remember their phones — or are they now permanently embedded in their hands — but can’t remember their face covering. Clearly their priorities are in order; their health and the health of others not being one of them. And the stupid trash in the white house is directly responsible for this because he and the other septics have refused to follow the guidelines as well. They have shown no leadership what-so-ever. They won’t let science get in the way of their rabid, draconian fascist agenda. And where is the so-called “opposition party?” Silent, dead and useless as usual. And to think that the non-United States and the world likely have many more years of this piece of willfully-ignorant trash despite what polls say to the contrary. Thorough corruption doesn’t care about polls or fair elections. I don’t see him going anywhere and he thinks he deserves more than 2 terms. And if/when he refuses to leave office because he thinks he’s above the law, who’s to stop him from that? (Complicit Silence). So, you deserve what you get ya morons. A script writer could make this stuff up. I have no patience for stupid-assed people. Or more specifically: Trash. I won’t have it! Now, after reading this you might want to watch that outstanding performance of Brahms’s Ein Deutsches Requiem from Frankfurt. To me, it feels very appropriate for these times. Chau.

No Mask, but they never forget that phone. As San Francisco’s COVID-19 infection rate continues to climb because of the behaviour of irresponsible people — such as the many Millennial San Francisco residents who violated California’s shelter-in-place orders and went to Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July “Infection Party” up there, there are still idiots walking around clueless. The virus is now infecting more young people yet these Millennial phone zombies — in their all-black attire; going to a funeral? — walk by my apartment very slowly zoned in to that phone in their hand and oblivious to anything else. It’s interesting they forget their mask, but never forget that phone. It’s good that they have their priorities in order because I’m sure that that phone will protect them from being infected with COVID-19. Again, you can’t fix stupid.

The Fake-Progressives and Fake-Liberals: Things have certainly changed (in the wrong direction) over the years. I remember after illegitimate war criminal George W Bush began residing en la casa blanca/in the white house that those people pretending to be “progressive” or “liberal” refused to refer to Bush as “president” or “President.” (The capital P denoting even more respect). Some people referred to Bush as “resident Bush.” But these days? As most “progressives” or “liberals” become more pro-Establishment — at “election” time they vote for whatever piece of corporate, right-wing candidate is nominated by the corrupt and imperialistic “Democratic” Party — they now refer to Bush as “president” or “President.” (I’ve noticed that Bush is now undergoing sort of a revisionist history makeover into Sainthood status). These fake-progressives and fake-liberals also refer to the current white house occupant as “president” or “President.” Why give him that respect? Or the hick version often used by the illiterate-sounding rednecks in the US Congress, “Prayssssssden.” I refuse to give the orange thug/Mob Boss/international bully such respect or any respect since he has done nothing what-so-ever to earn anyone’s respect. I don’t respect bullies, narcissists, fake Christians, chronic liars, bigots, racists, white supremacists, self-absorbed and self-entitled people, people who don’t believe in facts, people who dismiss science — and I could go on — when it doesn’t serve their septic and white supremacist political agenda. Such people are septic trash, not deserving of any respect regardless of what title or position they hold. Bottom line: The fake-progressives and fake-liberals are really just establishment Democrats at “election” time, despite what they call themselves and despite their complaining about their corporate, right-wing and imperialistic party 364 days a year which often serves as the enabling party of the other corporate, right-wing and imperialistic party. The fake-progressives and fake-liberals keep doing the same thing every “election” cycle and expect different results. That’s the definition of insanity. And don’t most of the fake-progressives and fake-liberals eat meat/dead animals while pretending to care about climate change and our environment? Are they not aware of the environmental destruction caused by the Meat Industrial Complex and its environmental destruction and cruelty to animals? [Disclaimer: I’m an independent/non-partisan progressive. My views don’t change because of which politician is in office, and there are no “messiah” politicians.]