Like many others, my neighbour follows the COVID-19 guidelines, until they get in her way

Hola a todos. When San Francisco began our shelter-in-place order, she became Ms Devout COVID-19. Around the same time and like all the other females in my building, she also had an emotional meltdown and turned to organised religion. Another female tenant bragged about how she is Irish and because of that she loves potatoes. I wasn’t aware that the two had anything to do with each other. One’s ethnicity means they automatically love potatoes? Is it required that all Irish people like potatoes? (roll eyes) Ms Devout COVID-19 (my neighbour) let everyone know — even though they couldn’t care less — that she is Jewish. Yes, she’s plays the Jewish Card when it serves her interests, and she shoves it in everybody’s face.

Is everyone going insane? Seems so. Despite pretending to be a devout Jew, she never goes to temple or synagogue. She also let everyone in our building know that she has Clorox Wipes for wiping down all surfaces as a devout follower of the health guidelines.

Until they get in her way…

Then, a few weeks later, she violated San Francisco’s shelter-in-place order because that got in her way of spending over a week with an old girlfriend in the East Bay. Was the girlfriend COVID-19 positive? Who knows! Apparently Ms Devout nor her girlfriend cared about such things, despite my neighbour pretending to be devout about the health guidelines.

Most recently, she’s been having a young relative visit her from the COVID-19 infected state of Florida staying in her apartment. How did the Florida resident get here? In a COVID-19 infected jet? Were face masks required? If not, did this guest wear one? Everyone sitting right next to each other to get infected? How does she know that her relative from Florida does not have coronavirus? How does my neighbour know that she doesn’t have the virus to pass on to her relative? Well obviously, neither care about that otherwise they wouldn’t engage in such risky behaviour. But like many people, she’s having someone stay with her outside her immediate household. That also violates the COVID-19 health guidelines. Then, last Friday night, another tenant in the building who goes on about “we must social distance horizontally and vertical” had two guys visit her in her apartment to party the night. No masks. No social-distancing. And some people wonder why the COVID-19 infection rate is rising rapidly in San Francisco?

And this and other ways is how this pandemic continues and will continue. Thoughtless, selfish, inconsiderate, “it’s all about me” people. They follow the guidelines only until they get in their way and find them inconvenient, then they do what they want. Then they whinge about “have you seen how the infection rate is rising?” One feels like slapping them upside the head (but I’m a non-violent person) and screaming at them: Yes, because of the risky behaviour that you’ve engaged in yourself you fucking hypocrite — or did you think no one noticed your behaviour? — while you pretend to devoutly follow the guidelines. Hypocrites. Look inward.

Myself and another tenant are the only two tenants in my building that I’m aware of that have strictly followed the health guidelines. All others have done as they want. The same for a conservative relative of mine who has driven all over the place — including long distances — visiting whomever she wants. I think she’s been brainwashed by a conservative close friend that it’s all a hoax. Chau.—el barrio rosa