Like thousands of others, he’s succumbed to society’s straight brainwashing

There they were. Millennial “Him and Her” in the grocery store at 9.00AM on a Sunday morning. WTF? They looked like they had just met by their behaviour. Why weren’t they in bed fucking at this early hour on a weekend morning? Surely he had gotten that far with her. As soon as I saw him, my reliable gaydar told me: A closet case with a female. Yet another one. There he was with her. He was wearing Rainbow Flag colours on his jacket. She was wearing Rainbow Flag colours too. It reminded me of what I’ve written before: The straights have hijacked the Rainbow Flag as well. Before COVID-19, mi amigo/my friend and I would often see breeder/straight couples making out under the giant Rainbow Flag in Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco. It seemed to be their way of saying, “Fuck you, faggots. We own this neighbourhood (The Castro) now and your fucking Rainbow Flag as well. So get your ass out of the neighbourhood.” Then I saw a guy wearing “Fuck You, Homo” on his shirt as “him and her” walked through the Harvey Milk Plaza as well.

Since Mr Closet Case and his chick in the grocery store had just met — based on their behaviour — they had violated San Francisco’s COVID-19 health guidelines, because they were grocery shopping to go back to either his place or her place. You’re not supposed to be getting together when anyone outside your immediate household and Mr Closet Case and Ms Millennial were not a household yet based on their behaviour. I guess they think they’re above it all like so many others do. I stopped looking at them and only did so briefly because I’m so fucking turned off and tired of seeing closet cases in a City that used to be an openly Gay Mecca where guys were not in the closet and were “out and proud.” Yeah, well those days are in the past. I ran into mi amigo/my friend shopping elsewhere in the store and I started to tell him about what I had just seen but — feeling disgusted and depressed about it — I didn’t feel like it. Then he said to me: Did you see that closet case with the female both wearing Rainbow Flag colours? I said: Oh yes, you saw them too? So it wasn’t just me. His gaydar went off for Mr Closet Case too. Then when we left the store mi amigo asked me if I had seen this couple in line? I said no. He said they had to pull their face masks down and start kissing (in a grocery store at 9AM?….WTF?) and rubbing each other’s face. In other words, making out in a grocery store. Everyone goes to a grocery store to make out, don’t they? Well, the breeders do, and the closet cases do. And this couple went through quite a bit of effort to do this because they had to pull their face masks down and then put it all back before they’re allowed to go to the cashier. I’ve noticed that closet cases are quite the exhibitionists because they really like to make out in front of others. I think it’s his way of trying to convince anyone looking at them that he is straight just because he’s making out with some chick and Mr Closet Case gets off on that attention. So did they share COVID-19 infection in line, since again, it looked like they had just met, although not in the store. How did they meet? Online? I guess they said to each other, “I feel fine” and that was sufficient for these two assholes who feel their asses are special and that they don’t need to follow the COVID-19 health guidelines that the rest of us are required to follow. Assuming he’s already gotten smelly pussy, I hope he has the intelligence to not cum in her or maybe he wants a kid in his early 20s in order to make mommy and daddy pleased with him, since these closeted guys often seem to think that their parent’s life and wishes are more important than their own. So they succumb to the pressure of “when are you going to find a nice girl, get married and start a family?” All that bull shit. Rather than being true to his genuine gay sexual orientation — will this dude ever come out of the closet or will that come after he’s pumped out a few kids and has child support payments? — and rather than telling his parents to fuck off and mind their own business. And don’t worry about what your friends will think. They will think what they want. He should tell his parents: “I don’t care to live a lie, be dishonest to myself and others and follow your heteronormative script for my life.” And then find out later that that script doesn’t work for him after he’s been through the third or fourth divorce with a female and has how many kids? The sad thing: There are thousands more closet cases out there just like him living a lie and not being honest with themselves and others. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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