Liszt – Piano Concerto No. 2 in A Major, S.125

Hola a todos. Below is a performance of the Liszt Second performed by my favourite hr-Sinfonieorchester (Frankfurt Radio Symphony, Deutschland) with pianist Francesco Piemontesi and conducted by Marek Janowski. Francesco gave a stellar performance — very clean playing; light use of pedal throughout — as did the hr-Sinfonieorchester. (Don’t they always?) Being Liszt, the piece is technically very demanding for the pianist, but Francesco has no trouble with it. Also, don’t miss the double glissandi up and down the keyboard near the end of the concerto. Francesco acts so humble and modest when he takes his bows, one indicator of a true artist. Francesco’s likely playing a Hamburg Steinway & Sons’s Model D piano, used throughout the EU. And notice that the piano is right beside the conductor as it should be for a piano concerto, so that the conductor and pianist have close communication and that the pianist can easily hear the Orchestra and vice versa. Frankfurt always does it correctly (although the piano and podium could be “in” towards the Orchestra about 60 centimeters more/23-24 inches more so that the First and Second Concertmasters are directly behind the pianist). Oh, and the principal cellist has several solos throughout the concerto, which he plays beautifully. I see Sebastian W. is principal flautist. Usually someone in the comments under their video asks, “Where’s Clara Andrada de la Calle?” (the other principal flautist). Well she didn’t play this concert, just as Sebastian doesn’t play others when Clara is there. Principals alternate, and Clara is also a flautist with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe. And Maximilian Junghanns is Second Concertmaster in this performance. The performance is superbly produced and recorded. Danke to hr-Sinfonieorchester. Chau.—el barrio rosa