Live Cam Shows: The Anal Fad – Part 2

The anal craze is something I do not understand. There’s this worldwide obsession with ass and anal on the live cam shows. Not all the couples are sucking into this fortunately, but many are. And I’ve started to unfollow some couples who have lowered themselves to this latest fad in order to fit in because “Everybody’s doing it now. We must too.” Sheeple.

What’s the point of fucking a girl in the ass when her pussy is there waiting for dick? It really is a conformist fad by a bunch of sheeple who feel the need to “fit in with the anal craze herd.”

There are many problems with fucking ass, that these anal craze trash in the chat and the “performers” on screen don’t seem to understand. The tissue of the ass/rectum is really very delicate. It tears easily which can lead to bleeding fistulas up in there, and unless the guy wants to deal with shit on his dick and the smell of shit filling the room, then the girl has to douche her ass every time they’re on camera. Who wants to do that? Douching the ass is not healthy. Although I suspect none of these anal fad people care about what’s healthy. Twice a week is the maximum for douching before one risks getting into health problems with douching. It’s especially a problem when anal is part of their sex menu rather than a more spontaneous thing. Such as “Fuck her ass” is in their sex menu for 222 tokens for the couple in Russia I saw last night. This girl had douched her ass two nights in a row in order to get tokens from the anal freaks who want to see a girl fucked in the ass. Her BF had just fucked her pussy — where his dick was meant to go, especially biologically speaking — but the anal craze trash in the chat demanded “anal, anal, anal. Do you do anal?” The girl looked like she didn’t enjoy it and was just doing it for money and for silly, banal compliments. I fail to understand the appeal of anal.

And none of the girls I’ve seen get fucked in the ass look like they enjoy it. They all look like they’re in pain or discomfort. Why are they doing it? Because it’s the latest silly fad on the live cam show site for a lot of stupid trash in the chat. And that is mostly what is in the chat: Trash. They all say the same predictable thing in all the chats. I avoid the chat whenever possible. It’s the worst part about the live cam site because of the predictable and repetitive banal drivel that guys (and some girls) type in the chat. I have the chat out of sight most of the time, so I don’t see it and won’t be annoyed by it. The same trash who write the same thing in every chat section. Some of these guys turn the chat thing into their own personal blog. Lonely people have a one-way conversation with themselves all the way down the page of the chat.

Oil is also another silly fad where the guy rubs oil all over the girls tits or ass or pussy, only to have her wipe the oil off with a paper towel after he’s done. So what was the point of that? The point was tokens (money) for the oil fad/craze. Another silly “sex act” done on cue for money.

And that’s the problem with the live cam site. Much of it is really not about sex but about doing things per one’s “sex” menu on cue for tokens just because someone has paid the required tokens. It’s not necessarily about doing what the couple is in the mood to do, but about timed “sex” so to speak. Okay, that’s enough for 8 minutes of oil on tits and ass. Times up.

I’m not into anal whether it’s a girl’s ass or a guy’s ass. There are a few other guys like me. They ask: Why fuck shit hole or stink hole when her pussy is right there waiting for your dick? Yes, exactly.

On occasion, I’ve tried to ask in the chat what’s the appeal of seeing a girl fucked in the ass? But my comment was not allowed because I didn’t have any tokens. They only allowed people with tokens to comment in their room. No, I don’t have tokens and will never have tokens because I can watch porn for free elsewhere where it’s not timed or with people staring at a screen nonsense and waiting for the latest stupid comment or compliment, or about “doing anal.”

So why would anyone pay to watch any of these people who think just because they set up a camera in their place and occasionally have sex on cam — or going through the motions of sex — that that makes them (a wannabe) “porn stars?”

“What do you do for a living?” Response: Oh, I’m a porn star. “Oh yeah?” Person walks away as the room clears out.

What will be the next silly craze fad on there? Watching each other poop? I won’t be surprised since the sheeple seem obsessed with ass, butt, anal, shit hole, looking in hole with the camera up close, and poop. Yes, some guy wrote in the chat the other night, “I’d like to watch her poop.” jesus fucking christ. Yuck.