Live Sex Camming and the Female Anal Fad

I do not understand this conformist obsession fad. Her pussy is right there for the guy to fuck, but yet the trash — and that’s mostly what’s there — in the chat want him to fuck her ass. Why? Why fuck her ass when he can fuck her pussy? I don’t get it, other than I think it’s just another silly fad and the 20s and 30s age group are absolute conformists, with few exceptions.

The straight couple is asked: “Do you do anal? Anal, anal, anal! Can you do anal? I love seeing a girl who’s into her ass” wrote one ass-obsessed guy. Oh jesus fucking christ. Sometimes it’s a gay guy that is desperate to see a girl get fucked in the ass. WTF is that about? Has the world gone completely insane?

By the way, what is a gay guy doing over in the straight section to begin with? His profile says, “A man interested in men.” Unless he wants to see a straight guy fuck ass.


Of course there are the countless gay guys who hang out in the straight section. They’re oogling over the straight guys, hitting on straight guys and telling straight guys what they would like to do with the straight guy’s “big cock” and what they would like him to do to them. Often that “big cock” is really pretty average, but every guy on the site has the proverbial “big cock” whether he does or not according to the trash in the chat. Note to gay guys: Straight guys are NOT into gay guys. Get it? Why are you hanging out in the straight section? I’ve never understood the obsession that many gay guys have over “straight dick.” How is a straight dude’s dick different than a gay guy’s dick, other than the straight dude fucks pussy when available, but gay guys are not into pussy. They call pussy “yuck” and “ick” so why are you after straight dick? And I’ve yet to see any genuine straight guy respond to any gay guy’s flirting with him in the chat. The straight guys just ignore the gay guys.

One person does anal and then it seems that everybody else on the site has to advertise that they do anal too in order to conform. Originality is hard to find on there. Just like the oil fad: Oil on tits and oil on ass conformist fad. Then after the guy oils the girl’s tits or her ass, then she wipes the oil off. What was the point of oiling her then? The point was that they conformed to the latest silly fad. What’s next? The fad of watching couples watch each other poop? Wouldn’t surprise me; it would only disgust me.

With a girl, her pussy is there waiting to get fucked or eaten out or finger fucked, and then some trash in the chat who is into stink hole/shit hole starts going on about “anal, anal, anal, can you do anal? Go in all the way. Open her hole up wide with a close-up of the camera. What is the appeal of fucking shit hole/stink hole or seeing the hole opened up wide? I guess it’s the same trashy crowd who writes stuff like what I read the other night. One guy wrote, “I’d love to watch her poop.” jesus fucking christ. Again, I do not understand the turn-on or appeal of anal, no matter who does it. And no matter how clean the person tries to get around their ass/anus, there is always some rank smell there from my past experience. Then there was this guy who said, “I’m not into women — then what are you doing on the straight section? — but you should fuck her in the fart box.” More anal, anal, anal. This was the same guy out of over 2,000 viewers who turned this couple’s chat section into his own personal blog. That happens often too. It will be just 2-3 assholes who take over the chat and write all the trash they want.

For years, the complaint that some had about gay guys is that those who were into anal sex had to “prepare” or clean their ass (douche) before getting fucked. Whereas with girls and with pussy, no “prep” was/is necessary. Just stick your dick in her and fuck her because “pussy lubes itself.”

But now, with the new sheeple female anal fad, girls have to start douching their ass just like the gay guys who like to get fucked. So now girls are just like many gay guys when it comes to having to “prepare” their ass for fucking, unless the guy doesn’t mind shit on his dick with either gender.

By the way, douching is not healthy no matter who does it. Twice a week is pretty much the limit on douching one’s ass. I’ve seen some guys fuck a girl’s pussy, then fuck her ass, then back to fucking her pussy. You’re not supposed to do that because it runs the risk of her getting a vaginal bacterial infection due to the bacteria in her ass.

But I guess until this silly anal fad runs its course, I’ll continue to read all the talk about “anal, anal, anal, can you do anal? Can you do double-penetration?” Sigh. That fucking chat section is the most annoying and worse thing about the live cam site. Someone might say, “Well don’t read it.” I don’t read it except on the odd occasion — and even that’s too much — when I want to see if anyone is talking about what happened on camera. I have the chat thing out of sight most of the time. Only camera view in sight. But when I do maximise the screen and the chat appears, there it is: Anal, anal, anal. Can you do anal?

Again, with her pussy right there and dick being meant for pussy especially biologically, why fuck a girl’s ass? I’ve yet to see one girl who seems to like getting her ass fucked. They all look like they’re in pain or discomfort, or can’t wait for it to be over and are only doing anal because “everybody else is doing it.” It’s the latest stupid fad and they want to “fit in” and be like everybody else, rather than being original.

I did see a couple last night. They never do anal, fortunately. Maybe that’s because they’re not into it. Anal is listed at the bottom of their menu. They will do anal for 10,000 tokens! Good for them. They say, “Trying first time anal = 10,000 tokens.” Obviously they’re not into it and want to be well paid when they do this silly fad of the 20s and 30s age group. And that’s mostly the age group I see lowering themselves to conform to doing the anal craze.

Now, if only gay guys would stay in the gay section and not hit on every straight guy they see, because that’s fucking annoying, and genuine straight guys are not interested in gay guys. I’ve yet to see one straight guy who showed any interest in the gay guy hitting on him. The straight guy always ignores the gesture.