Lobotomised San Francisco

San Francisco is quickly losing its culture—if it hasn’t already lost it—and ethnic diversity due to rampant gentrification promoted by The Establishment. A city which loses its rich culture, its ethnic diversity, its anti-war/pro-peace movement, its musicians from various musical genres and many other artists is a sterile city. It’s undergone a lobotomy.

El 9 de mayo de 2014. Hola. Here’s an e-mail I received the other day:
“I want to run this by you since you live in San Francisco. Do you give any credibility to the use of the term “lobotomized” when referring to San Francisco? I’ve seen that word used to describe SF a few times on SF message forums. Didn’t know whether the people who wrote the comment were being serious or joking. Your thoughts?”

My response: Hola y gracias. I’ve seen people using that term on one local message forum and they’re absolutely serious. One of the posts I read from someone who used it wrote that this city doesn’t seem to care about anything anymore except for being mainstream and corporate. I agree with that. They left out: Techie Greed along with Developer and Real Estate Industrial Complex Greed. They care about making as much dinero for the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex and those other industries as possible. What the city used to care about (being progressive in the original context that that word was used for decades), it no longer does. That’s how I and others see it. I’ve said this many times: People in San Francisco have been lobotomised by alcohol and other drugs (i.e. “parTy” as seen in sex ads), by smartphones/gadgets and other addiction fads as well as the jock fad or the corporate sports team fad that many of the GLBTQ populace are now obsessed with in order to fit in. Their idea of “culture” is watching “The Game” and wearing baseball caps with the teams logo on it in a sports bar where they grunt and scream at walls of televisions while trying to act like “jocks.” There are a lot of superficial and shallow people here now. I remember when San Franciscans used to complain about Los Ángeles (especially West Hollywood) being shallow, superficial and a car culture. San Francisco has become all of that and proud of it.

On the rare occasion anyone talks around here using their mouth (most are silent smartphone addicts, it’s rare for me (and people I know say the same) to hear an intelligent conversation about anything that matters in most people’s lives. Most of what I hear is talk about parTying and getting drunk and it’s very immature talk with the word “like” every other word or so (it really sounds illiterate and speech-stunted or something). That’s one of the “I need to fit in so I’ll change my speech and speech patterns” fads. The other night I overheard some guy telling his friend that a friend got intoxicated. His friend burst out laughing as if that was the funniest thing he had heard in years and how cool it was to hear that someone had gotten intoxicated/drunk. Bragging about being drunk is an example of immaturity and shallowness. But that’s the type of conversation one often hears around here now. I would imagine there are a lot of alcoholics in this lobotomised city of San Francisco who don’t know they are alcoholics or even care, or they choose to live in Denial about it. On someone’s local blog awhile back who was checking public records of what goes on in city hall, I saw an alcohol expense (paid for by the city) for the alcalde/mayor which was outrageously high for booze. Mi amiga saw the same thing and asked: Is he an alcoholic too? Too much drinking with his billionaire venture capitalist owner? I also suspect that anyone who comes here (or to any city in the US/los Estados Unidos for that matter) from another country to visit, after they hear the average person talk I suspect they are eager to return to where they came from because of the juvenile, stupid, and dumbed-down-sounding people, as well as all the drunks especially on weekends in the Castro. And by the way, another bar has been approved for the barrio. One can’t have too many places for drunks to go! It’s being promoted as a gay bar in the Castro but it’s not in the Castro specifically. It’s closer to Church/Market. And I don’t believe it will be gay. I think it will end up being mixed or “straight.”

In the Castro about two weeks ago, this muchacho walked over to someone near me that he knew at the Muni bus stop and said he was on his way home to have Chardonnay for dinner on an empty stomach. He hadn’t eaten anything all day deliberately so he would be sure to feel the Chardonnay. (See what I mean? Stupid!).

Today, San Francisco is increasingly a city for the snooty wealthy, the pretentious (many of whom drive big black SUVs that look more like a hearse than anything else in their attempt to “Keep Up With the Joneses”). Shallow and superficial.

The class-ist neocon conservatives love San Francisco now. They used to despise the city. There’s not a Luxury Designer Condo (Dahling) that they don’t like or want built when they write their comments cheering for more and more luxury condo buildings to be built, and some of the neocon commenters go out of their way to make sure they somehow work in their hatred for the homeless somewhere in their comment. That says more about them as a person (scum-of-the-Earth) than anything else! Currently in San Francisco, we have an affordable housing crisis. I’ll repeat that: An affordable housing crisis. Keep that in mind, por favor. We do not have a housing crisis, but rather an affordable housing crisis. That’s a very important distinction There’s no shortage of wealthy homes or Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) for the wealthy. In fact, one condo building near me for the wealthy has been trying to sell their condos for months now and they still haven’t sold them all and it’s not a big building (it’s a 5-story building with 22 one-and two-bedroom condos). So they can’t even immediately sell 22 condos yet the corporate media, The Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars and The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex want the public to believe that people are so absolutely desperate to live/move here? If that were the case, that building would have been sold-out either before it was built (as some supposedly are) or immediately after completion. But as I said, it’s been months now that their “NOW SELLING” signs have been up and I was by there yesterday and the “NOW SELLING” signs are still up. There’s another Luxury Designer Condo (Dahling) building a few blocks away and that’s not sold out either (that thing looks like an office building) and that opened before the 22-condos mentioned. Then down the street at another Luxury Designer Condo (Dahling) building, one or two (I can tell which) of those condos are being re-sold already. No one ever moved in there and they’re trying to sell it. We were told that building was sold out immediately (but it’s usually dark at night). The corporate media often say how some new Luxury Designer Condo (Dahling) building is completely sold out, sometimes before it’s built. What they fail to say is that the buyer(s) are investors (Chinese, Russian, etc) with no intention of living in the condos they bought. And that’s why some of these new buildings which are supposedly all sold-out remain dark at night where no one is ever home. That new building near me with the re-sale condo is in that category. I think it was mainly bought by investors. There seems to be only 2 or 3 permanent/regularly home residents in that building. In their comments, the neocon conservatives consistently omit the word “affordable.”

I and others have noticed that some developers are now calling their “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) “apartments.” That implies they are something they are not. That’s intended to deceive the sheeple. They’re not apartments. They’re all extremely expensive condos for the super-wealthy which does absolutely nothing to address the city’s affordable housing crisis, but the conservatives scream: “Oh yes, build, build, build those apartments (newspeak) and that will help solve the housing crisis.” Nonsense. In reality it will do nothing for the affordable housing crisis because those “apartments” are Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) that only the super-wealthy can afford. But the neocon conservatives don’t say that because they like to lie about things and deceive people whenever possible. Another person commenting was all for building these wealthy condos near the Castro barrio and the person wrote: “This is wonderful news and will bring families to the Castro.” As if there are no families in the Castro. Families have lived in the Castro for decades. They are Queer families and not necessarily “traditional” families, but there’s been no shortage of families in the Castro. Of course that person was speaking “in code” and the translation of what they wrote was: This will be good for the Castro because it will bring more “straight” white families with children to the Castro to live and help make the Castro less gay. That was the covert, bottom line of that neocon conservative’s comment.
Someone e-mailed me with this question while I was writing this: “What’s sense of the residents of the Castro…do they support the tech shuttles?”
My response: ¡Sí, claro!/Yes. Considering what the Castro has become (conservative) I would expect that the Castro fully supports the Gentrification and Eviction shuttles even as residents of the Castro are being evicted because of rampant gentrification. I say that based on my observation of the sheeple in the Castro and their being fully addicted to their smartphones/apps day and night, even standing around in dark places and crossing streets without looking any direction obsessed with “social media networks” and sex apps. Therefore, I think the thinking would be: Techie shuttles = smartphones/gadgets, and that would be considered a very good thing in the mind of the corporatised smartphone-addicted sheeple. And from what I’ve read about rabid conservative Politician Cocks (who some people see as The Second Coming), I would expect to see him genuflect to any Gentrification and Eviction Shuttle shuttle that passes. That hombre is thoroughly and completely corporate and pro-techie. Every time I have the misfortune of seeing his face, he’s staring at his hand (at his smartphone).

The local conservative government of San Francisco is allowing businesses to pretty much do whatever they want to do now. Rules, laws and regulations are being changed to benefit certain businesses. Recently, an appeal of the techie shuttle pilot program’s exemption from environmental review was denied and Politician Cocks voted against the environmental review. Of the 11 supervisors, only 2 voted for the environmental review. That’s what this city has become. Conservative and fuck the environment if techie corporations are involved. Genuflect to tech. They are above reproach. Techie corporations are above the law and above regulations in the minds of these corrupt, conservative parasites/basura who work for their corporate owners.

I have a relative in the Bay Area. For the first time the other day she mentioned the smartphone addiction. I wouldn’t have thought that she even noticed it. She mentioned it because she said: Well I don’t usually talk about my age (she’s eighty-something) but I’m mentioning it because all of my friends have died and I have no one to talk with now. My granddaughter is the only person I could talk with BUT I can’t talk with her because she’s addicted to her smartphone. She said, “These things have taken over people’s lives. No one talks anymore.” She ended our conversation with: I fear for the future.

Someone else wrote about lobotomised cities and specifically about San Francisco at the link below. Chau.—rosa barrio


Lobotomized Cities: Rebecca Solnit in Conversation with Nato Thompson
[Ed. In this article Rebecca says, “In San Francisco, this shouldn’t be true because we’re doing great. Although the financial crisis has affected us, there’s plenty of revenue.” Well, the wealthy are doing great. Many others are not. And there’s not plenty of revenue from what I’ve read because of the city losing millions from the corporate welfare the city is giving to techie companies based in San Francisco.]

They have built, built, built in China and this is the result there: