The Lockstep Has Begun

03.25.12 Hola. Yes, the lockstep has begun and it’s only March. For those who don’t know how things work in the Estados Unidos (U.S.): When it comes to the septic topic of politics (ugh) and the propaganda ritual called the presidential election (which is in Noviembre/November 2012), the devout disciples, believers, followers, worshipers, acolytes and gullible supporters of the two major corporatist parties (both representing the 1%) get in lockstep position to support and elect their corporatist candidate of the 1%. In reality, they are both Republican, but one of them is officially registered with the misnamed “Democratic” Party. This lockstep with elections is not new of course, but it’s only March 2012 and I’ve noticed that the lockstep has already begun and some of it is extremely militant/rabid and even cult-like see here (The Obama Craze) and see here (Is Barack Obama The Messiah?) from the fervently devout Obama Believers. I suspect some of these people are party operatives paid to do what they do by the “Democratic” Party. We haven’t even had those waste-of-time coronations/pageants (called political conventions which are later in the year) where any protesters are kept blocks away from the convention site in protest pens in this so-called democracy. You might be interested to know that China also uses protest pens for dissenters. Yes, they do.

I’ve looked around on different self-described “progressive” and “liberal” message forums lately (forums I’ve read for years), and I’m already seeing the devout partisan lockstep firmly in place. Some of it is too much for me, I can tell you that, especially the militant/rabid types who posts. Whew! They are something else! Then there are others. I read one thread the other night on a site (which describes itself as “progressive,”) and every comment I read was in support of the “Democratic” Party and their corporatist, pro-war candidate of the 1% who is currently in La Casa Blanca (The White House). Does it matter at all what he has done to continue what the Bush regime put in place? No. Nada. His record does not matter in the least to the “Democratic” Faithful. Parts of his record are acknowledged by some people, but then excused. When one politely brings up Obama’s record and what he has done (factually and with credible article links), one is called “angry,” “willfully-ignorant” and one is told to “get therapy,” by the militant “Democratic” Faithful. Well, they are the same tactics that were used during the Bush years by the Bush supporters on his critics (Democrats and others). These same tactics were criticized by Democrats at that time. But now I guess those tactics are perfectly acceptable to use because it’s interesting to see the Obama supporters using the same tactics they once criticized the Bush supporters for using. Hypocrisy knows no bounds with partisan politics.

What’s predictable is the Pavlovian response one sees during the general election campaign cycle from the D and R disciples for their favoured “team.” Of the comments I read that I referred to earlier, most were silly, childish in nature, trying to make funny one-liners, making fun of the Republicans (both “teams” enjoy making fun of the other and they make a “sport” out of it), and really the comments were just a waste of one’s time to read. There was nothing adult there in the comments and no objectivity to be found. Not unexpected. I asked myself: Where did the small group of people go who were on this forum in the past who challenged these blinders-on Dembots/Obamabots with Obama’s record and with actual progressive thoughts and ideas? I didn’t see anything from them. Perhaps they feel as I do and have left the site: I can certainly understand why. Why bother responding to any of these militant, lockstep, partisan Dembot comments? All one is doing is wasting one’s time by responding. No minds will be changed regardless of what one writes and regardless of what credible articles one provides. This partisan stuff is as predictable as the Earth spinning on its axis and it seems to be as deeply programmed into (most?) people as their religious beliefs.

I noticed on another forum, that someone was playing a game with him/herself. S/he claimed s/he had not decided whether s/he would be voting for Obama again or not. I thought: Right. Sure you haven’t. (That post was on an article about Obama having approved the Keystone XL pipeline). One would like to ask that person: Perdón (Excuse me), but exactly how much more do you need to see from Obama (including Obama’s Bush-clone record as presidente) to determine whether you will be voting for him again? (Rhetorical question). Of course that person will be voting for Obama again. One could have responded to that person by writing: “Let me give you a translation of what you wrote: I’m voting for Obama again no matter what he does, but I’m just playing this little game with myself and with others.” In another comment, a lockstep Democrat laid all responsibility for the dismal state of the Estados Unidos (U.S.) since 2000 on the Republicans. This person refused to take any ownership or responsibility for the many times that the Democrats in congress voted with the Republicans during the Bush/Cheney years, and there was no mention of impeachment of Bush/Cheney having been taken “off the table” by Democrat Nancy Pelosi (speaker of the House at the time). Nor was there any mention of the Democrats in congress who voted for Bush’s Supreme Court nominees. In reality, the Democrats in congress were some of the biggest supporters/allies of George W Bush—with their “yay” votes, their silence and by taking impeachment “off the table”— during his eight years, but the lockstep Democrats refuse to say this. (I don’t think they like to talk about any of that). On another forum, someone who clearly has not been paying any attention since 2008 wrote: Obama could win if he reinstated the Bush policies. (O mi dios, I need a cup of tea about now. Some people are that out-of-it or is it a case of Denial?) Apparently that partisan-D person is completely unaware that Obama has continued and expanded the Bush policies. (Sigh. Some people enjoy and take pride in being willfully-uninformed, especially in the Estados Unidos [U.S.]). Regarding Obama expanding on Bush policies: Some of the expansion has been the drone programme and the ongoing wars/droning around the planet, among many other things. Here’s a link to a site: Obama The Conservative with good information. (I think I may have named the site, “Obama The Neocon Republican,” since that’s what he really is.) Some say Obama is Bush 3. I agree. The extreme partisan Democrats can’t stand to hear that. Some of them like to sanitize Obama by calling him a “moderate,” yet they didn’t call Bush a “moderate” when Bush was doing the same things Obama has done. Many people like to minimize Obama’s policies and I think it’s the “D” next to his name that causes their Denial.

From here until the election, I’ve concluded that it’s probably best to not read comments on most political message forums, unless you like feeling angry, disgusted and tense and like reading lies and disinformation. It will be a frustrating experience—for those who are nonpartisan and prefer to be objective—because I can predict what the comments will be from now until Noviembre: The usual partisan D or partisan R basura (garbage). The “my team right or wrong and my team is best” mode. So instead of wasting time reading frustrating partisan drivel, I have an idea: go ride your bike and get some good exercise to take a break from all of this septic mess to clear your mind. You can also help yourself feel better from this basura by making your own vegetable/fruit juice. You’ll enjoy that; I enjoy mine (and it’s very good for you too).

From past experience, I’m wondering when some of these political sites will begin banning anyone who does show up to dissent as was the case before the 2008 election. One site I’ll call “CD” banned an entire group of people about 2 days before the 2008 election. CD wanted lockstep with their Obama while they describe their site as “independent and progressive.” Do those words mean anything any longer? And in my opinion, many (if not most) political sites are nothing but fronts for one of the two major corporatist, pro-war parties both representing the 1%.

Many people still hold to the outdated, simplistic thinking that Democrat = liberal. That’s no longer the case but I think most people in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) still think that, in part, because they don’t pay attention to candidate’s (voting) records. Many (most?) self-described “progressives” and “liberals” are neither. They are merely disciples/shills of and for the “Democratic” Party, which is neither liberal or progressive. I would guess that the number of real, true progressives on the planet is probably less than 1% of the planet’s entire population. Obama is not a liberal by any definition of the word (for example, see here (he signed H.R. 347) and here, so his strong militant supporters are not liberals either. I suspect they are Republicans or “conservative” Democrats, because if the Republicans could get past that meaningless “D” next to Obama’s name, overall the Republicans should see Obama as their ideal presidente based on his record thus far. And I expect Obama to continue the same corporatist 1% record into a second term.

Both of the two major corporatist for-the-1% parties are taking the pais (country) down the same destructive path.

I found this article from Ted Rall very interesting. He wrote it last year but it’s still very applicable. The Rise of the Obamabots: Stifling Liberal Dissent Under Obama. He writes, “…As long as Democrats win elections, they are happy. Nevermind that their policies are the same as, or to the right of, the Republicans…Hey, Obamabots: when the man you support betrays your principles, he has to go—not your principles.” Exactly, but unfortunately the Obamabots will never understand that because principles mean nothing to them. They have demonstrated that to be the case repeatedly, along with their blatant hypocrisies. Being a shill for the “Democratic” Party (“go, team, go” is the mentality) and winning is all that’s important to them, no matter what the party does or their politicians.—Ciao. rosa barrio