London’s revisionist history “Pride” 2022

London’s “Pride” for 2022 was an exercise in revisionist queer history brainwashing that one sees worldwide thanks to Gay Incorporated. Their theme in London was “50 years of Pride.”

Fact: “Pride” did NOT exist 50 years ago people! This ridiculous corporate idea of “Pride” is a relatively new creation — when the movement was corporate hijacked and the parade became a slick mobile corporate ad for corporations and the like with rainbow-coloured corporate logos — and as I’ve written before, the concept of “Pride” makes no sense. Why would one have “pride” or be proud of one’s sexuality or the gender of the person one has sex with? “Pride” is the wrong word. That’s like having “pride” in one’s skin pigmentation or eye colour and there’s no entire month or weekend for those “prides.”

I asked around, and the people I know looked at me as if they thought I were crazy when I asked: Are you proud of your sexuality or the person(s) you have sex with? Most said some version of this: “It is what it is, not something I’ve ever thought of as being proud of or having “pride” in.” Exactly. And that’s my point: “Pride” makes absolutely no sense to thinking people. Then there are the morons at Gay Incorporated and their cultists who have mindlessly gone along with this “Pride” nonsense in lockstep without question or without critical thinking skills. Also, the insane alphabet soup mess — all those fucking letters which is getting increasingly long — were used in London with the revisionist history version. When acronyms started it was GLB. Gay, lesbian and bisexual. They were the three and only-needed categories. They are the only categories needed today when it comes to same-gender attraction. I had a trans person tell me, “I’m not attracted to either gender.” Then what is trans doing as part of the same-gender attraction queer so-called “community?” That makes no sense either.

The G was first because gay guys by the thousands led the movement and did most of the work. The L for lesbo was not first. It was after thousands of gay men died of HIV/AIDS that self-absorbed and self-entitled lesbos decided to hijack the movement and move their fat asses to first place and call it “LGBT” which the entire world has been brainwashed by Gay Inc. to use. That’s a great way of honouring the legacy of the gay guys who led the movement by shoving them to second place in that asinine “LGBT” rubbish. Can’t anyone say the words gay or queer anymore? Some people were interviewed in London who said they were there 50 years ago and they too were regurgitating the revisionist history as well. I would like to have informed them: This thing was not called “Pride” 50 years ago, you conformist idiot, and you know that if you have any memory at all. And it wasn’t called “LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ++++++” either. How many plus signs do they have now? Insanity.

The original event was called Gay Freedom Day and Festival. Why couldn’t they leave it as that? Or did that not sound corporate enough for them? And it was just GLB. Why couldn’t they leave it at that? Trans was not part of it because gay or queer is about same-gender attraction. Gay or queer is not about feeling you’re the wrong gender in the body you were born with. I’ve not known any queer guys who wanted to change their gender. And these days, many trans end up living hetero lives with kids, so they already had a category. It’s called straight. As I keep saying, I’ve talked with some trans people who told me they were not sexually attracted to either gender, so why is trans part of the Queer so-called “community?”

I was sorry to see London engage in the absolute conformist, cookie-cutter, world-brainwashed “LGBT” and “Pride” rubbish that the rest of the world has been subjected to by the corporate trash who run Gay Incorporated and who have killed their own movement.

London “Pride” was also another COVID super-spreader event — thousands of people packed together in the street with no one wearing face masks regardless of whether they’re vaccinated/boostered or not (I thought queers were a bit smarter than that, no?) — similar to the Queen’s Jubilee celebration, another super-spreader event. After the Jubilee (I saw no one wearing face masks for that), “A total of 1,739,700 people tested positive for the virus in the week to June 18, estimates from the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed Friday.”

So when did this “Pride” nonsense begin? There’s no way of knowing that or finding that out because Gay Inc. and or their cultists have somehow gone back into archival material online dating back to the 1960s and have changed everything they could find to reflect what things are called today. I have no idea how they were able to do this. They must really have a lot of time on their corporate hands to take on such an endeavor. So for example they are saying that the first “Pride” took place in 1970 or after Stonewall. That’s a lie. No, it was not called “Pride” back then. I know that this event called “Pride” came much later. Years ago, I went to a couple of gay “marches” and they were called the Gay and Lesbian March. That’s what their banner said at the beginning of the “march.” It didn’t say “Pride.” It didn’t say “Lesbian and Gay March” either. Then there was the National Gay and Lesbian March on Washington (that’s what it was called; it was not called “Pride” either. So they’re lying. Typical. These people are dishonest corporate trash. They can’t even tell the truth about their own history. I had looked queer history up some years ago and found the same revisionist history then, so that’s why I rarely bother to look anything up these days on the queer topic because I know what to expect: Revisionist history. These corporate trash of Gay Inc. even changed the alphabet soup mess in archival material from GLBT (which was the original, ultimately) to LGBT. So to hear them tell it, it’s always been “LGBT.” Liars. The content on Wikipedia is revisionist queer history as well. That’s not reliable either. Why would Wikipedia allow these scum to revise queer history to present their current agenda/narrative? These revisionist history trash of Gay Inc. are relentless. The fact is: they want only their “script” and narrative out there and presented online these days. Fuck them! The Queer museum in San Francisco has occasionally gotten some flack for using GLBT (the original) with the word QUEER in all caps below the GLBT. They’ve been hassled on occasion by the Gay Inc. cultists because the cultists scream: It’s supposed to be “LGBT+” as good conformist and “ladies go first with the L first.” Well “ladies go first” is sexist thinking. I thought you corporate trash of Gay Inc. opposed sexist thinking and sexism, no? Not when it serves your interests, eh? So again, I’ve learned that unfortunately online archival material is no longer accurate or reliable on the queer topic as a historical source because it’s been changed or “updated,” rather than leaving it alone to reflect the history of the day.

Who is Gay Inc you might be wondering? They are those (corporate) queer organisations who have sold out to corporations at the federal and state levels, particularly in the US. Since gay marriage became legal, they have mostly become irrelevant because their movement is dead. They killed their own movement by making gay marriage the ultimate goal and they’re only interested in queers of their same income bracket or higher. They hold lavish USD $500.00 a plate dinners honouring celebrities or tech billionaires who have spoken a few words positive about queers on the odd occasion. I never knew that the goal of the movement was for queers to be exact replicas of the straights. But of course this shit is not limited to the US. It’s worldwide. Go on some of the Gay Inc. websites and you’ll see multiple rows down the page of corporate logos. Gay Inc. has really done a disservice to (online) history by rewriting their own history as if they are ashamed of their past.

With the London “Pride” I saw placards reading “Trans rights now.” Again, what do trans have to do with the Queer so-called “community” and with same-gender attraction?

London’s version looked pretty mixed, but with other cities I’ve seen a sea of females and trans in the streets as if every female now is a lesbian. The latest cool and hip fad for the 20s and 30s age group? Lesbians and trans are the new poster girls for Gay Inc. and gay guys have been thrown under the bus. Whenever the corporate media interview anyone related to “Pride” it’s nearly always lesbians or trans, as if gay guys no longer exist. That’s the thanks gay guys get for doing most of the work of the (now-dead) movement. Remember when a well-known corporate coffee company had the image of two females holding hands on their holiday cups? That’s because lesbians are considered “safer” and “more acceptable” to bigots and others because “that’s what girls do…hold hands and kiss.” It’s always good to cater to bigotry isn’t it? [sarcasm intended]. They refused to ever put the image of two (gay) guys holding hands on any cups.