Love Always Wins? Love is Forever? “Made with Love”

I think “love” must be the first word that females learn. They so overuse it to the point of abusing it. Females use the word “love” to the extreme when they say such ludicrous things such as “Love always wins” and “Love is forever.” The images shown for these two clichés is always the same: heteronormative and heterosexual “him and her” as if they are the only couples that can have love for each other en el mundo/in the world. In images show, “Him” is often shown tossing “Her” up into the air or throwing “Her” up into the air. Like little children, adult females insist on being thrown into the air, do they? That’s what I see in corporate commercials. Or she insists on sitting up on the guy’s shoulders like a toddler. If love were forever, no one would ever get a divorce? Ever thought of that? People wouldn’t split up if love were forever. I can hear someone say, “Well yeah, that’s true. I’d never thought of that.” “Love is forever” is the same feel-good pabulum as “love always wins” that some idiots like to say. That too is rubbish. Everywhere I look these days hate is on the rise and thriving or “winning.” Face facts, Sapphire: Only a wishful-thinking, delusional syrupy sally talks about “love always wins.” Both mindless clichés — neither of which are based in reality — sound nice, but they’re not for intelligent people but rather left for some unthinking female and greeting cards given to someone who doesn’t possess any critical thinking skills what-so-ever. In the non-United States, hate won in 2016 with the presidential “election” and hate will likely “win” again in 2020. Hate will remain in office, somehow, one way or another. I don’t expect him to go anywhere unless he dies in office. There are countless other examples of that. As for the many businesses that market things with “made with love,” that too is rubbish and capitalism run amok playing on people’s emotions. And unfortunately, many people fall for it. In a production kitchen, there ain’t any “love” going into the making of pizzas, cakes or whatever the food is. Instead it’s: Get those pizzas out, NOW!. Get those cakes finished, NOW. Production is production and hard work regardless of what it is they’re producing, and there’s no time for “love.” If anything, many or most of the employees are saying, “I hate this job.” Chau.—el barrio rosa