A Proposal to replace San Francisco City Hall with Luxury Condos

It’s Pure Luxury, Dahling
(and only for the pretentious, snooty and snotty bourgeois elite who arrogantly and mistakenly think they are better than anybody else. You know, the 1%.)

El 22 de mayo de 2014. Hola. As is the case in the District of Corruption (officially known as the District of Columbia) where the Corporatocracy/Oligarchy called the US federal government is located, we also have a Corporatocracy/Oligarchy government in San Francisco. By all indications, this corporatist government is intent on making San Francisco “The Luxury Designer Condo Mecca” (since we’re no longer the Gay Mecca) at the rate things are going around here. They seem to want glass-box style Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) on every inch of space within the 49-square miles of the City and County of San Francisco. Greedy and corrupt developers whine that there is a lack of housing in San Francisco. That is a blatant lie and they know that’s a lie, unless they’re really that stupid. The reality: there is a lack of AFFORDABLE housing in San Francisco, yet these same corrupt developers have paid a fee to the city to avoid building affordable housing. They and the corporate political parasites who work for them want the New San Francisco to be a sterile city of and for the bourgeois elite only. That’s the type of scum that we’re dealing with in the politically-corrupt San Francisco of 2014.

There’s another wave of Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) about to be built in San Francisco and using newspeak these condos are being described as “apartments” to deceive the sheeple, and the corporate media dutifully repeat that word “apartments.” These Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) all look like sterile stacked glass boxes (they’re rather ugly; they look more like cold corporate offices inside than a warm home one would live in) and they should do absolutely splendidly in a major earthquake, which doesn’t seem to be the least bit of a concern to anyone here. (Idiots!) Except for a couple of politicians in San Francisco’s City Hall today, the Oligarchy of San Francisco work for the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt and Greedy Liars and the Tech-Surveillance State Industrial Complex, et al.

It has been pointed out many times that because of this Oligarchy/Corporatocracy, that our City Hall in San Francisco is no longer needed and has become irrelevant. Our City Hall is no longer “The People’s House.” Therefore, there really is no credible need for City Hall in San Francisco any longer. The corporate parasites called corporatist politicians who work in City Hall should be working directly inside the corporate offices of their corporate owners who own and control these politicians and for whom these politicians work (i.e. billionaire venture capitalists, The Techie Trash, etc). These career politicians don’t need a separate office in City Hall when their work is not for “we the people,” but rather for special corporate interests. These politicians also should not receive any salary from the city. Their salary should be entirely from the corporations they work for and benefit (techie companies and their Gentrification and Eviction shuttles, i.e. their “Luxury Coaches” Dahling). Under our Corporatocracy/Oligarchy, San Francisco City Hall is a wasted space and an outdated concept. For example, when these greedy corporatist politicians are working for their venture techie capitalists, they should work in the offices of the venture capitalists and not in City Hall pretending to be working for “we, the people.” Or when Politician Cocks1 is working for the Real Estate Industrial Complex, as one example, he should work from the offices of their Corrupt and Greedy Liars or from the techie offices when he works for the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex. We suggest it’s time to tear down City Hall since it has become completely irrelevant to democracy and replace it with Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling). Then “Mr Vibrant” (also known as Politician Cocks; he’s the self-appointed omnipotent authority on all matters) can really gush over how “vibrant” and “exciting” things are on the street. I’m not sure how arrogant “Mr Vibrant” could possibly know that since whenever I have the misfortune of seeing his face I never see him looking at anything but rather bent over oblivious to his surroundings squinting at his smartphone. One would think he would look up and look around frequently so he could genuflect to the various techie shuttles when they pass by, since their companies have given him campaign contributions for his 2014 re-election. Ugh. Another 4 years of that conservative piece of work?! (jesus fucking christ!)

So in the current San Francisco City Hall location, we strongly suggest a 100-story, 30,000 glass-stacked condo building. That should delight greedy developer$ and their para$itic corporati$t politician$ who work for them. Today, in The New San Francisco it’s all about density, and not the quality of life. Greedy developer$ don’t give a fuck about the quality of life; they just want to build, build, build, build, build (similar to in China – see bottom of the page and the videos). The Oligarchy of San Francisco is doing its utmost to divorce and erase this city from its radically-proud, rich, ethnically and culturally-diverse history to become a conservative, sterile, bland, boring and culture-less city of mainly young “straight” Caucasians.

Don’t be surprised when some useless, greedy and corrupt developer wants to rip down Davies Symphony Hall and build more Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) on that lot. Under the Oligarchy/Corporatocracy, culture in San Francisco has been replaced with a macho “jock” obsession over Bay Area corporate sports team (how suburban! and very convenient with San Francisco now a bedroom community suburb of Silicon Valley). Haven’t you noticed all of the “straight” young white couples walking around holding hands and he’s wearing his required “jock” baseball cap to show he’s a “real man?” He’s not wearing a sweatshirt that reads, “San Francisco Symphony” I can tell you that! I’ve never seen that shirt on any of these new “straight” young white couples who are moving into the city. That “jock” baseball cap seems to be a requirement of many “straight” young white couples. For the Davies Symphony Hall lot, we can see it now: a proposal for a 1,000-story stacked-glass building with 300,000 glass condos. Of course it would be approved by the city. There doesn’t seem to be any standards at all now. It’s all about dinero, immense greed and corruption. I was talking with mi amiga about this Davies Symphony Hall idea and she asked: Would frequently drunk smartphone-addicted techies have any interest at all in the San Francisco Symphony and Symphony Chorus? I told her: I wouldn’t think so, other than to maybe hear the Symphony play one round of Pachelbel’s extremely overplayed Canon in D. That’s about the only piece the sheeple seem to be able to name, recognise or hum. When The Oligarchy agree to this anti-culture scheme, we do strongly suggest removing the beautiful Fratelli Rufatti Pipe Organ in Davies Symphony Hall and selling it to Trinity Wall Street (they could easily afford it and that church is in dire need of a high-quality pipe organ, although the Rufatti is likely much too large for Trinity, but I should think they could use part of it working with a skilled organ technician). For those who don’t know, the Rufatti in Davies Symphony Hall is the second largest concert hall organ in North America. But the reality is that these corporatist political parasites have no interest in music, culture or the arts. Oh they might pretend to for matters of “keeping up appearances” and their bourgeois-elite pretentiousness and being seen with certain people (they’re very shallow and superficial!), but they are not fooling anyone; they’re very transparent.

It’s all about outrageously expensive Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) for the techies and the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex and one cannot have too many of them, even if most or all of them remain empty. We’ll be told by the corporate media and parasitic developer$ how they’re all “snapped up” even though these buildings are mostly dark at night, as if nobody lives in them (which is the case in the new condo buildings near me with the lowest price being $1,000 per sq. ft….what idiot would pay $1,000 per square foot?)2 It’s as if they were mostly bought by investors/people who don’t live anywhere near here, perhaps in China or Russia. It doesn’t matter if our infrastructure in San Francisco is crumbing and there are too many people here and Muni metro cannot possibly handle the demand. None of that matters to the Oligarchy/Corporatocracy. This is all about being “vibrant” and “exciting” (according to The Second Coming, a.k.a. “Mr Vibrant”/Politician Cocks). In the name of “budget cuts,” expect the Oligarchy of San Francisco to take money away from Muni and other programmes for the people as well as the homeless/street people that these scum-of-the-Earth, big-headed, arrogant, elitist, and not-very-bright corporatist parasites despise.

We have a suggestion for even more Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling): Tear down/gut the corporate baseball park named after that predatory US multinational telecommunications corporation that’s parked over there on liquefaction landfill near the Bay and replace that with a 4,000-story (because it will have Bay views) all-glass Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) building. Fill that entire space with endless glass-box Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling). That should delight greedy developers and the political scum who work for them. Chau.—rosa barrio

1A footnote about Politician Cocks: His devout cult/believers see him as The Second Coming/The Holy Trinity. He’s also known as “Mr Vibrant” since that’s his favourite hype word to describe life and business activity around here as he serves as a salesperson for the barrio. His rabid conservative red-neck believers constantly spew the rhetoric that “he listens to his constituents.” The reality is that he listens to his rabid, conservative base and those who agree with him, and ignores all others who are also “his constituents.” I also read that a local bar (it’s named after a bird) is opening up another wine/beer bar—apparently you can’t have too much booze for the drunks and alcoholics around here—a few blocks away in the Duboce Triangle area, even though they keeping erroneously calling it “The Castro.” At this rate, “The Castro” will be extended all the way to the Bay! In one announcement online they call the new bar a gay bar but on the sign for the business announcing a so-called “community input meeting” (likely a PR/BS session to tell people what they want to hear), the word gay is suspiciously omitted (is that because they don’t want to offend the “straights” who will want to go there?). Interesting. The bar owners “worked with” (wink, wink) The Holy Trinity in overriding laws so they could do with their new bar what they want to, regardless of laws). You see, laws only apply to certain people (people without dinero/$$$$). People with dinero feel this sense of entitlement that they are indeed above the law as long as it benefits them and/or their business. I’m sure that their $400 contribution to The Holy Trinity’s re-election campaign had absolutely nothing to do with him helping override laws to benefit them, aren’t you? I feel assured of that. As mi amiga wrote to me as I was writing this article, she said: It’s ironic that a supposed gay politician (Politician Cocks) and his agenda are helping to make the Castro more and more ‘straight.’ It sounds like to me somebody has some issues.” Oh?

2El 27 de mayo de 2014: A footnote about the $1,000 per square foot condos I referred to in the article: When I wrote this article, I checked on the website for that Luxury Designer Condo (Dahling) building and they had one condo unsold at $1,000 per square foot. The building has 22 condos in it. The building opened for sale in October 2013. Some damned fool bought the last remaining condo ($1,000 per sq ft) in the last week. An investor? We’ve (San Franciscans) been told by The Oligarchy and Scum-of-the-Earth Greedy developers how desperate people are to move to San Francisco and that we have a housing shortage/crisis, with the word “affordable” missing as I pointed out in this article. If the wealthy were so desperate to move to San Francisco, why did it take 7 (seven) months to sell 22 condos at a minimum of $1,000 per square foot? Why weren’t they all “snapped up” immediately or even before the building was built, as we’ve been told some are? I went on another website that has the floor plans for this building. Here’s a sample of the comments: What a joke. The floor plans are terrible. Some of the closets are less than 12″ deep. A balcony that is only 18″ wide? Do you have to sidestep to move about on that last balcony? Also, where does the bed go in the second bedroom? That 12″ closet is interesting. [End of comments] I just find it interesting that it took 7 months to sell 22 condos when we’ve been led to believe that people—reality: the wealthy bourgeois elite and/or the 1% are the only people who can afford what’s being built here—are so absolutely desperate to move here. I just don’t see that being the case at all. It’s more hyped bull shit from corporatist and corporate special interests, including the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt and Sleazy Liars and the corrupt political parasites who work for them. Do they ever tell the truth about anything?


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——– COMMENTS ——– (Manually posted from e-mails)

05.24.04 What’s your opinion of the [name removed. It’s one of the major GLBTQ publications in San Francisco]. Do you agree with me that it’s just an irrelevant rag now? Thanks.—Tony
My response: When I got your e-mail I thought you were going to say that you liked that publication and I started to feel ill. I agree with you; it is just an irrelevant rag and that’s being polite. That GLBTQ publication is nothing but a shill and hack for the corporate Establishment and its politicians. In fact, the publisher of that rag has been on trips to Europe with the alcalde/mayor and his billionaire venture capitalist owner. They’re all very close and the publisher “works” for The Corporate Establishment through his useless publication and endorsements. I don’t know how many people know that but that’s true. He tries to be covert about it but he’s very transparent. That conservative Establishment publication endorsed conservative Politician Cocks and the nudity ban and anti-homeless sit-lie. They are corporate scum, and that’s putting down scum. I lost respect for that useless rag years ago. Can’t stand them. That publication usually endorses any and all gay candidates (it doesn’t matter what the candidate’s politics are, it’s all about their sexual orientation). But they’ve made an exception to that “rule” for this upcoming election it seems: Mi amiga e-mailed me and told me they have endorsed the conservative “straight” candidate for the state assembly over the Queer candidate. That “straight” candidate is why we have the city-wide nudity ban today because he was the deciding vote. Why did they endorse the “straight” candidate? As she said: that’s because the “straight” candidate is an ally of the alcalde—just like the publisher is an ally of the alcalde—but of course that’s unspoken. Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—rosa barrio