Many people seem to think that COVID-19 is over.

In our opinion, California Governor Newsom is opening up things way too soon when one uses the information from Johns Hopkins University Medical Centre and their sources. Mi amigo/My friend has this to say about it: He’s been watching the protests as a result of George Floyd’s unfortunate murder by the police. “People think COVID-19 is over” mi amigo says, “or they think it was not real to begin with. Motor vehicle traffic has increased. Air pollution has increased. People are not wearing masks as much and they are certainly not social-distancing. Especially in Wyoming where all stores are open, no masks, no social-distancing. Things are ‘back to normal.'” This Fall (2020), people will learn if coronavirus mutates into an even more serious virus. I read that in Paris, they said that if there is a second infection, they will not shut down again. I guess they prefer to have mass infections and deaths. As they are preparing to open in Russia, they had nearly 10,000 new infections in one day. And I think the same is true for India. Sounds like an ideal time to reopen to me, don’t you think? [sarcasm intended] And you may have heard just recently that in Africa, Ebola has broken out again and has killed 4 people in less than one day. COVID-19 is in its infancy. We’re not at the end of it at all. I think people’s attentions spans are too short, they’re too self-centered, self-absorbed and selfish, and or they think, “This won’t/can’t happen to me.” Or like a relative of mine who thinks she’s above it all. (Groan). Or like my neighbour. She gives me the impression that she devoutly follows the health ordinance rules given by the City and County of San Francisco and the State of California. That is, until those rules get in her way and the way of her fun. Then she violates them by going to spend days with her friend in another county in the East Bay, thinking that I won’t know. We are all supposed to be sheltering-in-place indefinitely. She’s another one of those who is above that. And as loudly as she talks on the phone, I suspect the whole neighbourhood heard about her plans to stay days in the East Bay. Then I heard/saw her leaving with her suitcase. Chau.—el barrio rosa