Messiah’s Legacy

Messiah’s Legacy
(also known as Obama’s Legacy)

El 28 de enero de 2014. Hola. This evening, messiah (Obama) will deliver his fifth State of the Union address (which I won’t be watching or listening to I can guarantee that), an annual political tradition of bull shit, propaganda and lies that over the years has become nothing but a hollow ritual with lots of partisan perfunctory jack-in-the-box style standing ovations provided on cue, although it’s probably the most exercise any of these D and R corporatist parasites get during the year by the looks of them. “The Land of the Walking Dead” comes to mind. This “speech” will have little or no resemblance between messiah’s empty and lofty words and the actual state of US society. This year will be no different. Just more BS/PR/Lies/Orwellian newspeak. A waste of time.

Here are some of the major actions that will determine how the messiah regime is seen historically:
1. It ordered the assassination of a US citizen without due process.
2. It vastly expanded the global police state spying apparatus.
3. It criminalized those who reveal government crimes.
4. It waged war without limit.
5. It oversaw the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in world history.
6. It gave a free pass to Wall Street criminals.
7. It carried out a social counterrevolution, beginning with the decimation of health care for workers under Obamacare.

Source: Obama’s Legacy

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