“Misleads?” “False claims?” “Falsehoods?

They refuse to call lies what they are: Lies. And it’s infuriating.

The Washington Post and other corporate media sources refer to the current White House occupant with this language:

Tr*mp misleads.
Tr*mp’s false claims
Tr*mp “torrent of falsehoods.”

Why are they trying to protect him with that mealy-mouthed language?

I don’t want that insane-deranged man-child’s name contaminating my site so that’s why I wrote it “Tr*mp.”

Why sanitise LIES. Call them lies. Stop this Orwellian newspeak of “misleads,” “false claims,” and “falsehoods.” Why do the corporate media cater to this demented, mindless flag-waving, fake-patriotic, nationalistic, piece of fake-Christian “it’s all about me” trash by referring to his lies as “misleads, false claims and falsehoods.” Why are they so afraid of him? He’s a chronic liar and the same for the other trash in this heinous regime. These people are the scum of the Earth. So say so.

Upon reflection, we as a society have gone back farther than the 1950s. Back in that era on Perry Mason they called lies, lies. They didn’t call them “falsehoods.” So Perry Mason was more truthful than we are today.

But I see TWP’s Orwellian newspeak is not limited to the current White House resident. They also wrote this:

“Hong Kong police resort to falsehoods in new propaganda drive”

Seems like they’re trying to protect the Hong Kong police. Speaking of propaganda, isn’t “falsehoods” a type of propaganda? Yes it is. Used heavily by TWP — do they not see their own hypocrisy? — and the government of the non-United States and its corrupt D and R politicians. They refuse to use the word LIES for anyone.

They couldn’t bring themselves to use the word LIES, but they don’t mind showing us the backdrop of — by my count — a minimum of 25 US flags (a wall of flags) behind this overweight, bloated, orange Mob Boss, but they don’t have the integrity to be genuine journalists and call his lies what they are: Lies. Who are they afraid of at TWP and other corporate media sources?

Update: Well FINALLY, TWP Editorial Board wrote about the Republican National Convention as “a convention of lies.” Oh, so they finally found the word, did they? A simple four-letter word. They prefer to type out “falsehoods” which is ten letters! Are they paid by how many letters they type? More insanity.

They finally, temporarily, found some integrity to call lies what they are: Lies. But one should not expect this to become a trend. It was probably a slip-up/mistake. And someone may have already been reprimanded for using the word “lies” and for the Editor not catching it. Chau.—el barrio rosa