More Insanity: The Land of the Walking Dead

The All-Black Cult

People have to be noticing it by now. It’s severe.

It’s as if everyone in San Francisco was ordered to wear all-black clothes. Or black and grey. Occasionally white is acceptable as long as you’re wearing black and or grey.

Maybe it’s the same where you live.

It’s unexplainable. I don’t understand this. Watching The Castro cams in San Francisco, with few exceptions, “everyone” is wearing all-black or black and grey clothing. These people don’t all live here. So I can’t figure out how this conservative silly fad began where it looks like nearly everyone bought all new black clothes to wear 365 days a year.

Black clothing looks very conservative and black is a very bold colour. Stereotypically, black clothing is the colour worn by thugs, gangs, criminals and people up to no good, as they say. So why would “everyone” be wearing that? Insanity.

An occasional piece of black clothing is fine, but what I’m talking about is black jeans, a black shirt, a black jacket and black shoes. Some with black-frame glasses. Everything must be all-black, including a black face mask. They’re just absolutely obsessed and or brainwashed with black.

I am seeing more Queers and Queer couples in The Castro than I used to, some holding hands. Maybe the breeders are moving out of The Breeder Mecca? No, there are still breeders but there seem to be fewer of them. Are they slowly moving away during the pandemic? I wish!

Of course I’ve seen some media people wear all-black, which looks very corporatist and conservative. Mi amigo/My friend tells me that Rachel Maddow wears the same drab black shirt/jacket every show. Hope she washes it occasionally. Amy Goodman is nearly always in drab, funeral-acceptable black, grey or dark purple.

It seems that most people these days are terrified of pretty colours. I don’t understand that. When did colour become so off-putting to the sheeple? And we are talking about the sheeple here who fall for the latest silly brainwashed fad and want to “fit in” with the herd, as if they think they will be left alone? I don’t think wearing all-black will protect anyone from a mugger or anyone else. If anything, that bold colour will draw attention to you.

And how on Earth will people — such as motorists and cyclists — see you at night in all-black? Or do people not mind being hit by a car at night because the motorist can’t you in all-black? Or do you think the reflection from your phone addiction shining on your face will help them see you as you cross the street without looking up or looking in any direction? Insanity.

Even joggers at night are wearing all-black so they can be easily seen — sarcasm intended — and not run the risk of being hit by a motor vehicle or cyclist. More Insanity. When I’ve ridden my bike at night — and I’m as cautious and safe as anyone and follow “all the rules of the road” — I’ve had a couple of close calls with joggers and pedestrians in all-black because I couldn’t see them. And then they lash out at me for nearly hitting them! Fucking idiots. (roll eyes) As a child, I was taught to wear something bright and or a colourful clothing item at night so that I could be easily seen, especially by people who have eye problems, such as cataracts or glaucoma. I guess something that basis is not being taught to most children anymore based on the stupid Millenneals we see around here jogging in all-black clothing at night. Is there any operative brain in that big head of yours, Mr/Ms Millennial? I swear, what is with that generation?

But I’m just struck at the over-saturation of black clothing in The Castro. It’s as if someone with a can of black paint is stopping everyone at each end of Castro Street spraying them down head to toe with black paint and then saying, “There you go, you’re now ready to walk down Castro saturated in all-black. The Land of the Walking Dead.”

Clearly, most people — including most Queers — have long ago abandoned the colours of the Rainbow Flags which saturate The Castro, entirely for tourist and historical purposes of course. Chau.—el barrio rosa