More Insanity: Today’s lesbians deep down wish they were straight?

San Francisco has gone from being The Gay Mecca to The Closet Case Mecca. (Never thought I’d say that).

Hola a todos. I was talking with an older lesbian acquaintance of mine who is very unhappy with the state of things today and particularly about what has happened to lesbians since gay marriage became legal in recent years. Hearing her talk, it felt cathartic for me. Clearly she’s been paying attention, unlike many (if not most) Queers who seem to be just fine with the closeted status quo and the death of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. My lesbian acquaintance said the same thing that I’ve said many times: It’s as if we’re back right where we started in the big scheme of things. What did gay marriage accomplish when it seems like most Queers today are now back in the closet with many living with females in breeder/”straight” relationships and with kids? I’ve not talked with anyone who has anything positive to say about the state of the Queer so-called “community” since gay marriage became legal. Listening to her vent, I very much related to her. She asked: “Do these LipStick lesbians want to be, straight women? Is that what is going on in their fucked up heads?” I said: I’ve asked the same thing about gay guys. She said: I know you have. It’s insane what has happened. Yet most Queers seem oblivious to it or rush to defend the status quo, or frankly they don’t care anymore about anything, other than their precious phone. And as I’ve pointed out before, what we’re talking about happened after gay marriage became legal. It’s as if the passage of gay marriage caused the majority of Queers to flip out/go insane. At that time, Queers were told to “assimilate with the straight.” What a stupid thing for the corporatists to say. I was “assimilated” with the breeders as I cared to be since I don’t put the fucking breeders up on any damn pedestal as a group to be modeled after or as the superior sexuality. That group of corporatist trash who gave that dictate for Queers to “assimilate with the straights” should all lose their jobs. What useless and thoughtless, irresponsible people. I can’t stand them! Don’t they think anything through to their logical conclusion? Consequently, they are directly responsible for the death of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Nothing is going on today. It’s completely dead, other than occasional useless mouth service where some elitist corporatist Queer organisations issues some mealy-mouthed complaint about the international bully/Mob Boss/Orange thug in the white house. The Queer organisations could try to help the many poor and homeless Queers, but the corporatists only care about Queers of their same income bracket and the Queers that attend their lavish gala $500.00-plus/per plate dinners, Dahling.

I’ve often referred to these days that we’re living in as the Century of Insanity — especially since the arrival of the current, insane and deranged white house occupant’s residency in that building — and things get more insane with every passing day. I’ve written — what seems like — umpteen articles about how most Queers today worldwide are living in the closet often with females pretending to be “straight” and breeding to pump out babies. The sad and infuriating thing is that some of these gay guys who are now living with women in breeder relationships were once “out and proud” gay guys. But after gay marriage became legal in the non-United States and Queers were ordered to “assimilate with the straights,” (I’d like to smack the idiots who came up with that rubbish and I’m a non-violent person) it seems that most Queers interpreted that to mean: Go back in the closet and “blend in” with the breeders. In other words: Try to “act straight” — gay guys should be with females and lesbians should be with guys — and “look straight” in order to fit in with the breeders. Many of these closet cases — having tired of hearing mommy and daddy constantly nag them with “When are you going to get married (to a female of course) and start a family?” start having kids after finding “a nice girl.” Because breeding confirms that you’re straight, right? Ah, no it doesn’t at all. Thinking people know that breeding doesn’t confirm that at all. It means that a guy was able to cum in that smelly, rank hole called pussy even if he were thinking about fucking another guy while doing so, and or wishing he were fucking a guy whose ass is much tighter than a pussy which can feel like one is fucking a bag. Or a jelly fish. And who wants to eat mucousy pussy? If someone hacked up some sinus mucus for you, would you want to eat that too? If not, why not? Since the pussy is just a giant mucus factory with all that smelly tangy mucus and lots of runny slime and yeast infection stench. And blood also comes out of the thing. Wanna eat that? I got this description of pussy from a straight guy I know who is repulsed by eating pussy. He told me he wish he were Queer.

So, how many of these now-closeted gay guys who were once “out and proud” during the (now dead) Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement — and then after gay marriage became legal and in order to “assimilate” with the breeders — told mommy and daddy that “Gay was just a phase. I’m now straight.” (Yeah sure you are, Mr Closet Case!) Mommy and daddy respond, “Oh thank god. Bless you, my son! Now you can make us grandparents. I always knew deep down that you weren’t a faggot [pause] oh I’m sorry, I mean gay.” Yeah sure he’s straight, you gullible and naïve bigoted fools. Only the most gullible would believe that. Then Mr Closet Case responds by saying, “No homo! I’m into chicks and pussy and tits now.”

But back to lesbians, I never knew any lesbians during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement who ever spoke about or had any interests in living a “heterosexual life” or talked about or gushed over other people’s kids, or told breeder couples, “What a beautiful family you have and the name of your child is just perfect.” (roll eyes). I never had any contact with any lesbians who did that. But I do today, unfortunately. Lesbians had no interest in breeders, or kids or heterosexuality. Nor did they refer to heterosexual relationships as “beautiful” as if straights are living the preferred and utopian sexuality. But that’s the impression one gets from these insane, off-the-latch lesbians today. I cannot relate to them. And that’s what I’m seeing these days from the newer (what I call) LipStick Lesbians who try to look like straight females. More insanity.

Take my dysfunctional lesbian neighbour for example. She’s a piece of work. She thrives on dysfunction. If there’s no dysfunction in her life, she’ll create it. She’s another emotional train wreck female who operates solely on emotions. She can be fine one minute and in tears the next. An emotional wreck. I avoid her. About 10 years ago she decided to stick her busy-body nose in the business of a straight couple in her family and their newborn daughter, as if she wanted to be the mother of the child or thought she had some guardian rights to the child. At the time she asked me what I thought about it. I remember telling her quite bluntly: It’s none of your business. It’s between the parents of the child and the child and or their attorney, should they have one. Well, she didn’t like what she heard from me so she ignored that advice. At the time, I remember asking: Why are you so interested in this particular child? Well, guess who arrived in my neighbours one-bedroom apartment recently? That child who is now probably close to being a teenager. Oddly, somehow, the child flew from one of the most COVID-19 infected states on the US East Coast to San Francisco presumably unaccompanied by an adult, because the child goes outside each day and talks loudly to her parents in separate phone calls as if her parents are divorced. What parents would allow a little girl to fly these days presumably accompanied from one coast to the other to stay with my neighbour? My neighbour is acting like she’s the child’s mother. I started this article weeks ago and as of this writing, this girl has been staying with my neighbour going on nearly a month. Is she going to leave? I won’t be at all surprised to see the mother of the girl show up at my neighbour’s door and demand she give this child back to her, and my neighbour saying, “NO! I’m now her mother. I have always wanted a child and I was able to get this girl “my daughter” away from you and she’s now mine!” Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see that scenario happen knowing her as I do. Does my neighbour deep down wish she had a child and were a mother, but being a lesbian she has always rejected the idea of hooking up with a guy and living a heterosexual life when mi amigo/my friend suggested that to her. Another reason I could see that scenario playing out is because most recently my neighbour has been gushing over the breeder couple in our building and their baby and she told them “his name is perfect. What a beautiful child. I can’t wait to hold him.” (roll eyes). I’d never seen any lesbians act like this. This is new behaviour. Insanity. Then another lesbian in the building was doing the same thing. All the lesbians I know today are gushing over heterosexuals and their kids and how “perfect” they are and “what a beautiful family you are” and “I love his name.” The only thing they haven’t said (yet) is, “I wish I were straight too so I could be just like you.” They’ve stopped short of saying that. From these lesbians, one gets the impression that babies are rarely born and straight couples are rare in our society. Insanity.

Then out on my walk last night, I heard the sound of a Queer boy in a nearby home. The next voice I heard was that of a female. I thought to myself: But of course. “Him and her.” Even when “him” is a closet case. I thought only Queer boys lived in that house from what I’ve seen there. I’m sure it was something completely innocent, such as maybe his sister, correct? Yeah right. During the Gay Mecca days of San Francisco, all I heard (fortunately) was voices of usually quiet and respectful Queer boys. These days it’s the opposite. I mostly hear the voices of loud and obnoxious, attention-seeking females — where every other word they speak is the word “like” — as if in the past 20 or 30 years only female children have been born. If not that, the voices I hear are that of “him and her” as if females have taken over and they’re either with straight guys or with closet cases. And they don’t know that the guy they’re with is really Queer? Are they that fucking dense? Or is it a case of denial? He was the only guy that would give Ms Needy/Ms High-Maintenance the attention she demands, so she decided to take him so she could finally hook up with a guy and tell mommy and daddy “I finally hooked a man.” That’s why I say that San Francisco has gone from being a Gay Mecca to the Closet Case Mecca.

There are still a few “out” Queer boys around in San Francisco, but they could all fit in a small grocery store with narrow aisles or a couple of small bars, if bars were open in this COVID-19 era. I kept asking: Where did all of these loud and obnoxious females come from? They seem to be in the majority. Consideration for others is not part of their training. They must have flown here by the plane loads and why? Isn’t the Tech Industrial Complex still a sexist, mostly white, male-dominated industry? That’s the reputation it has.

Because of all of this, it’s why I get the impression today that much of the Queer so-called “community” wish they were straight. Or they are back to being ashamed of being gay and are back in the closet and quite conservative. (The Queer so-called “community” has become very conservative since the gay marriage ruling). I didn’t notice any of this phenomenon at all before gay marriage became legal. But because gay marriage was handled so poorly by those self-appointed know-it-all at those well-known corporatist Queer organisations who think they know what’s best for Queers — or rather Queers of their same income bracket — this is the result or consequence of gay marriage backfiring as some of us see it. Things have been fucked up ever since. Insanity. What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movements?

I saw an example of this while completing this article. I was in San Francisco’s Castro — the former Gay Mecca — and I saw the typical Millennial straight couple that one sees thousands of these days. Him tall, her short. She’s blond (that’s required, even when out of a bottle). They were both in the required Millennial black and grey uniform: Him wearing black shorts, grey shirt. She was in a tight all-black body suit pushing an all-black baby stroller (that must be really cool for the baby on a hot day!) “Him and her” looked right out of a corporate factory mold because there are thousands of Millennial couples that look just like them in their all-black or black and grey “uniform.” He was wearing the Mr Straight Jock Bro baseball cap. That’s all you have to do to be a “straight” jock is to put on a baseball cap, even when you’re really Queer. Yeah, that baseball cap with really change your sexuality. With Millennials, the baby has to be in a black stroller. The seemingly lobotomised Millennials don’t seem to believe in bonding with their baby by wearing their baby facing inward on their chest. I noticed that Ms Blond Millennial was pregnant once again. Was that by choice, or did she get pregnant by accident right after she delivered the first baby? That can happen but few people seem to know that. I know a nurse that got pregnant right after giving birth, and with her medical training one would think that she would have known that, but apparently that’s not taught. You’re not supposed to have intercourse sex for — I think — at least 6-8 weeks after giving birth unless you want to get pregnant again. That can happen. So this female has another baby “in the oven.” I said to myself when I saw this blond, pregnant Millennial: She’s another baby factory. Is her purpose in life to breed? And she’s told mommy and daddy that she’s pregnant again and they’re just “overjoyed.” Mosquitoes can breed. But we’ve seen this over and over. These people moved to San Francisco — the most expensive City in the non-United States — to breed and then when their children get to a certain age, they move elsewhere. Why didn’t they move to where they were going to eventually live to begin with? But back to her: She looked like a lesbian to me, which brought to mind the Lipstick Lesbians who want to live a straight life and get fucked by a straight guy and to finally “be a real woman” (as they call it, having been fucked by dick) and squeeze out babies to be “straight” and “normal.” (roll eyes) Is that what’s going on with this female that I saw today? Is she another lesbian desperate to be straight and will go to any length to make it appear that she is straight even though deep down she knows she’s a lesbian? Another closet case? She looked more like a bull dyke than a Lipstick Lesbian. The Lipstick Lesbians are usually anorexic-looking with the long, flowing blond (fake?) hair. In this case, her “blond” hair was up in a short pony-tail. He had her pushing the baby stroller. Is he already sick of the society-brainwashed Family Script and parenting? Or maybe he’s already sick of Ms Bitch and her perpetual whinging, moaning and complaining, and having to get up at all hours to change diapers and feed “the baby.” Well, that’s the life you chose, bro, per society’s heteronormative brainwashing. I hope those two fuck sessions were worth it because you’re now in wedLOCK — and you’re definitely locked in — for at least the next 18 years, either that or divorce and child support payments. And perhaps you’re a closet case too. You could have avoided all of this by coming out of that unhealthy closet and not living a lie to yourself and others. Living the life that you want to live rather than following the pathetic, heteronormative and society-brainwashed Family Script (find the girl, get married and pump out babies) as if your (homophobic and bigoted?) parents life and wishes are more important to you than your own life and desires. Tell your parents to fuck off and mind their own business. You’re an adult. You are your own person now. Chau.—el barrio rosa