More Insanity: “Washington, Douglass Commonwealth? WTF?”

Continue to call the US nation’s capital the District of Columbia should it ever become a state.

The District of Columbia was established as an independent Federal District separate from any state in the US. The US states of Maryland and Virginia gave land to help form the District. It’s the capital city of the US. The District was never intended to be a state but rather a Federal District and the seat of the (corrupt) US government.

We already have one state in the US that’s officially called The State of Washington. Why have two states with the same name? Since all that most people know is “Washington.” I don’t think most people know what the letters DC stand for.

And as I’ve written umpteen times, there is no Washington in DC. They mean the same thing and the official name of the nation’s capital is District of Columbia. The official name is not Washington DC. That’s what the sheeple, some politicians, former progressives, former liberals and the corporate media call it.

I support statehood rights for the residents of the District but I don’t at all support this ridiculous new name of “Washington, Douglass Commonwealth.” The word Commonwealth is so outdated. The word Commonwealth is one of the world’s oldest political associations of states. Its roots go back to the British Empire, when countries around the world were ruled by Britain. Why would they want to promote language from the British Empire for the name of the US capital? The US was founded on rebelling against the Monarchy, remember? Has everyone gone insane?

And when they do the traffic reports, instead of saying as they do now, “Coming into the District there’s a problem on the 14th Street Bridge” (as an example). Instead, they’ll have to say “Coming into Douglass Commonwealth…” The District takes less time to say than Douglass Commonwealth. What a mouthful.

And with DC statehood, I read that parts of the District — federal buildings and some federal land — will remain a Federal District.

Well then, since that’s the case, why change the name to some guy’s surname from the 1800s? Frederick Douglass who happened to live there. He was born in Maryland but died in the District.

Continue to call the new state District of Columbia and give District residents the same rights that people in the 50 States have, including full representation in the US Congress.

Hopefully the US Senate will reject this idea of statehood solely based on this ludicrous new name for the nation’s capital. What nut came up with that name? I remember when it was going to be called New Columbia. (roll eyes) Anything that is named “new” is only new for a short time before it becomes old.

Most people don’t know what DC stands for as it is now. They don’t know that DC stands for District of Columbia and they don’t know that the capital city is a Federal District. So how the fuck will they learn Douglass Commonwealth? That will be even more confusing for the ignorant among us.

When I lived in the District, my friends who already lived there gave me a friendly lecture on what and what not to call our new city. They told me, “It’s called the District, DC or District of Columbia or Washington. It’s not called Washington DC because that’s redundant and only the ignorant tourists say that. That’s like saying “San Francisco, San Francisco.” You can spot a tourist a mile away because they will be going on about “Washington DC” as they stand on the Capital Mall.” Well I knew all of that already from watching newscasts from DC, but I didn’t mind the lecture. They were very good natured about it. So when someone tells you “you’re splitting hairs, it doesn’t matter what you call it,” I suggest one not say that to a District resident or a San Francisco resident who doesn’t want to hear San Francisco referred to as “Frisco.” Ugh. During the BLM protests in the District I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that said “The District” on it. So obviously it’s important to him, as it is to me. And I suspect that the reader has certain language that’s important to them and I wouldn’t be rude and tell the reader “You’re splitting hairs; your language concerns don’t matter.” What’s important to one person may not be important to another.

If the District is ever given statehood status, again, continue to call it the District of Columbia.

But Douglass Commonwealth? (roll eyes) I swear, there’s more and more insanity every day. Chau.