More people in the US are “identifying” as GLBTQ ? WTF ?

Reversed Roles: Straights are gay and gays are straight. The roles have reversed.

Hola. I read this loco/crazy headline — which I’ve made part of the title of this article — (it’s now the middle of enero/January 2017) saying that more US’ans are identifying as GLBTQs than ever before. That must be a joke article. Or, it’s an example of “fake news” that we’re hearing so much about these days. The site the article was on I’d never heard of. My reaction to the headline was that of frustration, being annoyed followed by rolled eyes with a sigh. I did not click on the article to read it, in part, because I and none of mis amigos/my friends or the people I’ve talked with believe that more US’ans are “identifying” (whatever that’s supposed to mean, as opposed to saying) they are gay or lesbian/GLBTQ regardless of what some poll found. Polls have to be viewed very skeptically these days because there are so many shady factors about them, including who funded the poll to get the results they wanted to serve their agenda. But apparently this poll didn’t read the thousands and thousands of closeted men-for-men sex ads I’ve read on the site I call ClosetList. The article title about the poll also used that goddamned annoying, cookie-cutter, heteronormative and corporatist Brand “LGBT” identifier which annoys me every time I see it because it’s the hijacking of the original GLBTQ Movement by lesbians as explained in that article.

To the contrary, as el mundo/the world is becoming increasingly loco here at the beginning of 2017, mis amigos and I have noticed that more and more supposedly “straight” guys (closet cases) are slowly crawling out of the closet (well really looking for gay sex), but most gay guys who post sex ads on the site I dub “ClosetList” have already gone back in the closet, some even pretending to be “straight.” Loco. With the gay guys, being “out and proud” (as in the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement) has been replaced with “back in the closet and ashamed of one’s gay sexual orientation” and where many (if not most) gay guys are running from the word “gay” as if it’s now a “bad word.”

So what exactly was accomplished during the decades of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement? At this point it doesn’t appear that much was accomplished overall, considering the state of things today.

With the “straight” guys, in their ads they often refer to some (fictitious?) girlfriend they supposedly have. That’s to give the impression that the guy is heteronormative and more “macho.” But the supposed girlfriend is always out of town (LOL…yes, girl friends are always out of town in sex ads…where do they all go?) and these “straight” guys are looking to get it on discreetly (meaning closeted) with another closeted dude. But they only want to get it on with another “straight” or bi dude. They have this thing against gay guys and gay dick, even though they’re gay themselves or bi in some cases. Can someone tell me how gay dick is any different than “straight” or bi dick? Or is this just some heteronormative head trip fantasy thing that these gay closet cases are on with no intention of getting together with anyone? These supposed “straight” guys affectionally and warmly (sarcasm intended) refer to this female they pretend to have as “The Girlfriend” (instead of “my girlfriend”) and that she is away. Yes of course she is away. They’re always away. Somewhere. But why even mention a girlfriend? What does that have to do with the ad? The reason they stick that in there is to appear “manly, masculine, jock” and heteronormative. And this lying guy says in his ad that he has to take full advantage of the time to himself. Now assuming there is a girlfriend, this arrangement that he has with her always sounds like an unhappy, forced-arrangement relationship where the guy followed the “family script”/societal pressure to be “straight” and to have “a girl” and to get married. But when he has sex with her — assuming she even exists — he’s thinking about a guy I suspect. Yet many stupid people think that just because a (gay) guy gets a female pregnant that this automatically means that the guy is “straight” which of course is ludicrous.

Then you have the increasing number of gay guys who usually lie about themselves and claim they’re bi. Mi amigo/My friend has had some experience with them and when he brings up pussy, they abruptly change the subject having no interest in talking about females or pussy. So why do these gay guys pretend to be bi? To appear more masculine since it implies they fuck pussy which makes them sound more “manly” in their mind. They also say that they’re discreet (that means closeted).

With the guys who say they’re bi, they’re specifically looking for bi or “straight” dick. I don’t recall ever seeing an ad where the guy said he was bi and was looking for gay dick. That just doesn’t happen these days that I’ve seen. That’s more of that heteronormative “gay is bad” mentality where the supposed bi guy is trying to come off as more “straight.” The reality is that any (masculine) gay guy can say he’s bi when responding to such an ad, and there’s no way that this supposed bi guy will know that the gay guy is not bi. There really does seem to be this obsession with “straight” dick in what remains of the gay community. I often see, “looking to suck straight dick…..Super down low here and married is cool. (Meaning married to a female). It’s our secret. Just between you and me.”

I always have to say this as a disclaimer in articles such as this: I know there are some bisexual guys — guys with an interest in both guys and females — out there but this article is not about them, unless they’re one of the bi guys who shuns gay dick. This article is about the fake bi guys, the closet cases who pretend to have an interest in females due to societal pressure so as to appear “macho” and for other heteronormative head-trip reasons.

I monitor the espanol-language networks for their content — their content is getting more and more stupid and childish since “stupid is in” — and I can confirm that being closeted is most assuredly in when it comes to gay guys. These corporate networks constantly pair off obvious-looking Queer boys with females to give the impression and illusion to the viewer that the guy we’re seeing that’s holding her hand, rubbing her face, and holding her chin (that really looks odd and staged) and giving her besos/kisses is “straight.” But he’s a Queerboy and he looks like a Queerboy making out with a female. It looks strange. Mi amigo/My friend says the same according to his very reliable gaydar. Who do these corporate networks think they’re fooling by casting Queerboys (some with effeminate mannerisms) with females and trying to pass him off as a “straight” guy. They couldn’t find a hetero guy equally talented for that role? I would hope that the viewing audience is not that stupid. But I see this constantly. Queerboys with females in an affectionate relationship or that’s the impression they’re trying to give. And I see gay guys on these networks doing their best to come off as “Mr Straight” and very heteronormative. It’s really annoying to see this because it looks fake. When these corporate networks talk about, report on or show a Queer couple it’s always Ricky Martín and his partner. He seems to be the poster chico when these corporate networks need to show a gay couple. They are the only Queer couple that’s out of the closet in all of the large Latino/Hispano community. I can’t think of any others. This is one example of what I meant earlier when I said that despite the decades of work during the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement, it seems like little was accomplished in the big scheme of things. It’s sad that all other Latino/Hispano Queer boys are living a lie and living in that unhealthy closet. And it’s getting worse in this regard as we’re going backwards. Even the Queerboy-looking dancers on these shows (such as on TV Azteca) are always paired off with a female to give the audience the impression that the guy is “straight.” That seems to be very important to the heteronormative/anti-gay(?) producers of these programmes.

Someone asked on a message forum recently: Why is it important that we know the sexual orientation of celebrities when it should be a private matter? Well I can answer that: When one automatically assumes that the celebrity is “straight” that no longer makes their sexuality a “private matter.” And was that question asked by someone who does not want to know who is gay because that information might pop their bubble when one of the celebrities they worship is gay, and they wouldn’t want to know that because they want their celebrities to be “straight” (because “gay is bad” in their mind)? Assuming celebrities are “straight” is making erroneous assumption about the celebrity in some cases. Again, for the thick people: It is important to know the gay sexual orientation of celebrities and others because we live in a very heteronormative society where people are assumed to be “straight” until a celebrity comes out of the closet. I wish everyone would stop living a lie and come out of the closet. Would el mundo/the world explode if everyone did that? I suspect not. And you can’t tell me that there are only two Latinos/Hispanos in all el mundo/the world who are Queer: Ricky Martín and Christian Chávez. But they are the only two Queer boys that I know of who are out of the closet. Because of public speculation, some Latinos/Hispanos/Mexicanos have been asked about their sexual orientation but of course they just laugh it off and deny being gay. Typical and predictable. And in response to that, some of the public have said: “Still in the closet.” Then there are the idiots who say, “He’s not gay. He has a wife and kids.” Oh good lord idiot, are you really that damn stupid and naïve? Having a wife and kids means nothing in this context. Are you not aware that there are thousands and thousands of closeted gay guys married to females and they have children. Some of them eventually come out of the closet. In some cases, his wife has suspected he’s gay and/or chosen to live in Denial about his sexual orientation. Then comes his request for divorce followed by child support payments from him. In some cases, all this time he’s been having sex with guys on the “down low”/closeted and behind her back. While others stay in the closet living a lie. Yet many Latino actors and singers remain in the closet — and they’re not fooling some of their fans based on the online comments I’ve read — and these corporate networks consistently pair these closet cases up with females to (again) give the illusion they are “straight.” They all remain in the closet because they think that coming out will hurt their career. Coming out doesn’t seem to have hurt the career of Ricky Martín and Christian Chávez. But the overall closeted mentality of the Latino/Hispano celebrity community tells me that these closet cases do not at all believe the big lie that “gay is now mainstream” and that “gay people can live anywhere” (and get beat up doing so) that corporatist “Brand LGBTTM” likes to go on about.

Also, one learns very quickly that being gay is most definitely not mainstream or accepted when one reads the hateful, vile and rabid comments from the Trumpbots (the low-information, know-nothing, immature children in adult bodies who support Trump). I’ve spent some time recently on a political website where they dominate the comment section. The place is a cesspool. Many of these Trumpbots are proud Nazis. As a put-down of other commenters, they sometimes write either covert or overt anti-gay comments. I’ve not seen one pro-gay comment from any supporter of president-elect Trump. They are filled with hate 24 hours a day. Typically, it’s closet cases who write anti-gay comments to hide/try to disguise their own gay feelings to make people think they’re “straight” but some of us know what they’re doing. These basura need to come out of the closet and stop being a fraud.

What is the real gay population?

Well, I think the number of gay guys is much, much larger than we’re lead to believe. Perhaps at least half of the population. But there are so many, many closet cases out there. Despite polls to the contrary, from what I and mis amigos and people I’ve talked with are seeing there are far more closet cases out there now than there were 10+ years ago unfortunately or during the height of the gay mecca days in major cities, and that’s because we are going backwards.

Talking with a couple of local San Francisco residents while writing this, I got the following reactions: One person said, “Oh you hear about some singer or an actor coming out, but it’s rare. It’s not often and I think at the same time that probably one or more gay guys go back in the closet at the same time, so that cancels that one out.” Another person said, “reading sex ads, guys here in The Castro are describing themselves as “discreet and down low” and some are “closeted.” That speaks to a very different Castro than the gay village we had here during the Gay Mecca Days where gay guys were out and proud. They weren’t discreet and closeted. It’s a really different time now, like you say as if they’re going back in the closet. It’s the opposite of the way it was. I asked both of these people how often they hear the word “gay” spoken in The Castro today. Neither could remember the last time they heard the word “gay” spoken around here. That’s my experience too. Since The Castro has become The Straight Mecca, The Castro has done a “180.” It’s nothing like it used to be.

Here in 2017, hate is in. From what I and others are seeing more and more closet doors are re-opening and gay guys are returning to the closet to be — as they write in their personal sex ads — “down low, discreet” and some writing “closeted.” I saw a sex ad written by a guy in the West Village recently. He described himself as a “closeted jock.” Why would a gay guy in Manhattan need to be in the closet? Who in Manhattan gives a fuck that this guy has sex with guys? He acts like he thinks he lives in some small hick town. During the Gay Rights’ Movement, gay guys moved from oppressive and bigoted small hick towns to large US cities to come out of the closet, not stay in or go back in the way it’s happening these days. This is loco/crazy. But unfortunately there are many guys just like him. Such as this ad that I saw while writing this article:

“Seeking discreet and masc jock to give head to. Prefer a scene where little is spoken and I kneel upon meeting to slowly start sucking. I’m not experienced but open to being face fucked when you get close to releasing. Must be discreet, dd free and chill. Not seeking someone aggressive, rather someone chill, easy going and wants to get off discreetly.
5’10 inches tall, 174 lbs, white, smooth and in shape. Next door type.”

Discreet, discreet, discreet. Oh by the way, how does one “get off discreetly?” Does that mean quietly/with little noise?

And since the male-female divorce rate in the US is over 50%, that also speaks to the number of closeted gay guys who made the mistake of marrying a female and later asking, “Why did I do this; what a stupid thing I’ve done.” That was followed by divorce and if children were involved — him thinking about having sex with a guy while having sex with her — then comes child support payments. This scenario has played itself out countless times over the generations.

I read a credible study recently that said that most guys are horniest in the morning but females are horniest in the evening before bed. Well that right there tells me that the genders are paired off wrong. People should be gay or lesbian so that their “sexual clocks” match. As it is now with “straight” couples, she wants sex in the evening when he’s crashing and wants to go to sleep — which causes yet another dysfunction/argument with needy her — and he’s tired and doesn’t feel like the hours of attention and affection needy-her demands in order for him to finally get entrance rights to that rank and smelly pussy (as my “straight” neighbour refers to it). Then when the guy is horny in the morning, she’s less interested or not interested at all and in some cases she’s pissed off about the night before where he fell asleep next to her. This could also speak to the over 50% divorce rate with these “straight” couples. So logic tells me that he should be with a guy and she should be with a female so their “sexual clocks” are in sync.

But I expect all of this to only get worse as we continue to go backwards and more gay guys return to the closet, which is what we — I, mis amigos/my friends and some people we’ve talked with — see happening. But most GLBTQs don’t seem to care, so that’s why I rarely waste my time writing about this topic anymore, because why bother? I can’t do anything about it. Chau.—el barrio rosa