My lesbian neighbour: “Gay marriage ruined everything”

The order to “assimilate” (blend in) with the straights — the night that gay marriage became legal — ruined everything. Most Queers interpreted “assimilate” to: go back in the closet — to blend in with the straights — and in many cases marry the opposite gender, something they could have done from the beginning. They didn’t need gay marriage to marry the opposite gender! Insanity.

Hola a todos. I saw my neighbour the other day. We talked briefly, each wearing our mask and distanced. I don’t remember how it came up but she said, “gay marriage ruined everything. San Francisco used to be such a fun place, but today….” She went on to say she’s thinking of moving to another country. She can’t stand the US any longer.

Yes, San Francisco used to be a very fun City, but then came the conservative’s “War on Fun” as it was called which cancelled one event after the other. The conservatives despised the Old City, meaning the “proudly radical and liberal San Francisco” fun City. That City is long gone. Then came the sanitising of The Castro (the former Gay Mecca) to make it “Family-Friendly” (ugh) to welcome the invading straights, their black baby strollers and screaming babies. It was around that time that The Castro became very conservative with the help of the conservative merchants, conservative homeowners and now-conservative Queers. And the election for two terms of a conservative (charading as “moderate”) prudish gay politician.

I’ve only heard a couple of people say that gay marriage ruined everything, and I didn’t expect to hear that from her. So I was surprised.

Before gay marriage, some of us Queers said we didn’t want marriage. We wanted something better than that, not having the highest regard for traditional marriage based on the divorce rate for straights in the States (1 in 4 straight marriages end in divorce in the first year of marriage, the last time I checked). We didn’t want to be “carbon copies” of the breeders/straights. We wanted the same rights as the breeders — as we should have — but we were opposed to the heteronormative, conservative, Establishment Institution of Marriage, which is often based in organised religious dogma.

Then there was gay adoption where some Queers rushed to adopt kids to be all heteronormative and to be as much like the breeders as possible, some trying to prove how they’re “just like the (dysfunctional) straights” and their fucked up “parenting skills.” I saw Queers putting the straights on a pedestal to be modeled after. WTF? Insanity. We never put the straights on any pedestal during the Gay Rights Movement. Quite the opposite.

One of the major Bay Area publications did a cover story on gay adoption and because of that, many Queers — like a bunch of sheeple — rushed out to adopt kids to live a life similar to the breeders. I never knew that many Queers wanted to be exact replicas of the breeder. No one I knew did. More insanity. I knew one Queer couple who went through adopting two boys and the process was a mess for them. Only one of the guys in the couple wanted kids. The other did not. That’s not the best arrangement for having kids. So that factor was going on.

And again, who knew that (some) Queers wanted to be exact replicas of the fucking breeders? I never knew that was one of the goals of our now-dead Movement.

Lily Tomlin said she wished Queers could have come up with something better than the notion of marriage. Indeed. But they didn’t try very hard. Probably because the corporatists who hijacked our Movement wanted the exact same heteronormative thing as the straights to be just like them. (roll eyes). Insanity.

Then the conformist conservative Queers (sponsored by corporate beer companies) — who do indeed want to be “carbon copies” of the breeders — hijacked our Movement and rammed their conservative idea of gay marriage through with the help of the US Supreme Court. The Court must have said, “(Sigh, jesus fucking christ) Let’s give these people — the gays — the right to marry and then maybe they will shut the fuck up and go away.” Well it worked. That’s exactly what happened. Gay marriage was the end, the death of the Queer Rights Movement. Fin. The End. Gay marriage killed our Movement. It’s been dead ever since. I don’t know why those (corporate) Queer organisations at the state and federal level are still open. They don’t do anything, other than continue to promote that “LGBT(Q)” alphabet shit, take in donations from suckers and have expensive dinners for Queer suckers with money. What are they doing for homeless Queers? Nothing that I’ve seen.

What we’ve seen in San Francisco (and elsewhere) since then has been Queers going back in the closet in droves.

Queers were told by the conservatives — who never liked gay areas of major cities to begin with — that “there’s no longer a need for gay meccas; gays can live anywhere now.” What rubbish! FACT: Queers can’t live anywhere even in the fucking closet if one looks or acts a certain way and any damn fool should know that, you conservative trash.

In 2020 we saw a record number of violent incidents against Queers, especially trans. But many Queers fell for that, “Queers can live anywhere” bull shit rhetoric. What happened to Queer’s reliable bull shit detectors? It seems they went back in the closet with everything else. Other Queers were forced out/evicted by the conservatives and the lowest of lows chronic liars of the Real Estate Industrial Complex. (Do they ever tell the truth about anything to sell a property?)

To serve as an enabler of this closet case mentality, the conservative major gay rag publication in San Francisco — pretending to be “liberal” or “moderate?” — irresponsibly published a Letter to the Editor from a closet case reader saying that it was not the right time to be out of the closet and encouraged readers to go back in the closet. That publication essentially served as an enabler to the “go back in the closet” thinking. You know, with the conservative trash, it’s never the right time for human rights. Fuck them.

And accordingly, as they were going back in the closet, gay guys sanitised themselves of any gay symbols and gay culture on their person, they removed their Rainbow Flags from their backpacks and elsewhere, they en masse removed their bling earrings practically overnight (because straight guys don’t typically wear earrings), they began trying to “act straight,” they began getting into corporate sports teams to be like Mr Straight Macho Jock Bros, they bought baseball caps to wear to make them look like Mr Jock. Some of them were heard laughing with the straights making “faggot” jokes and talking about getting pussy and hitting up on chicks. They became all rah-rah for the US Military Industrial Complex, for US flag waving and ugly US nationalism.

As one gay blogger from New York City asked on his site: What has happened to my fellow Queers? He was seeing the same thing in New York as I/we were seeing in San Francisco.

Mi amigo/My friend told me about the many gay guys from his gym — the gym was known as the gay gym in The Castro — now pretending to be straight. Some of these guys from the gay gym were talking about their girlfriend or wife and “we’re trying to get pregnant.” They started acting like hard-assed jocks. That’s quite ironic really when you consider that historically speaking it has been the jocks who have bullied and made fun of gay guys and still do so in sports locker rooms and on sports field. Rather insane that gay guys would want to emulate the jock personae.

Around the same time, I read an article about gay guys marrying females in droves. Mass insanity seems to be the outcome of gay marriage. Gay marriage has backfired. Why were/are gay guys marrying females in droves? To “blend in”/”assimilate” with the straights to be like them and one of them. The same with some lesbians who started trying to look and act like straight women (known as Lipstick lesbians). Gone was the “bull dyke” look. They began marrying men for the same fucked up reason that some gay guys were/are marrying females, and gay guys began running from the word gay and calling themselves “bi” even though they were not bi. In their mind, bi means you’re closer to being straight and “normal,” and a “real man” because you fuck and eat pussy. That seems to be the thinking.

To be clear: There are some genuine bi guys out there but I’m not talking about them here. I’m talking about the fake-bi guys, the liars who are gay but lying about being bi — they have no interest in females, pussy and tits whatsoever — and they’re living with gay shame and internalised homophobia.

During our Movement, among all the gay guys I knew and had contact with, I only knew of one guy who pretended to be bi. My gay friends joked about him behind his back and said, “Yeah he’s about as bi as we are.” None of us were bi. Where is he today? The guy is living in San Diego with his gay partner. He finally came out of the closet and stopped that heteronormative bi act of his.

During our Movement, I also never knew any gay guys that had any interest in having kids. The same for lesbians. No interests in kids.

It’s astounding what has happened. With Queers, things have become the opposite of what they used to be.

As I’ve asked before, why do we have corporate Pride in June, when most Queers are back in the fucking, unhealthy closet? I don’t see any “pride” these days anywhere. What I see are a bunch of gay closet cases, many with the opposite gender, especially on AdTube (that’s what I call U-toob). And it seems that the deeper a guy is in the closet, the more kids he feels he must pump out to “prove how straight he is.” Sorry Mr Closet Case, your “straight” act is very transparent to those of us with extremely reliable gaydar. We see right through you, Mr Queer boy. You’re not fooling anyone.

Fact: Any gay guy can fuck the hole called pussy while he’s fantasising/thinking about a guy that he saw earlier in the day. It happens all the time.

A study from Deutschland:

“We identified a group that recognises its homosexuality, but do not live it, and instead lead and have led a purely heterosexual life – often with a wife and children,” she said.” [Source]

Yes, they’re technically called closet cases.

I was surprised to hear my neighbour say that gay marriage ruined everything. We’d never talked about it, in part, because I assume that nobody agrees with me on anything, so I never bring up anything controversial or what can be perceived as such. I keep my views to myself except on here for the most part because I find it a grand waste of time to argue with people. It accomplishes nothing.

And with my neighbour, you never know what person you’re going to get. Like many, if not most, females, it’s as if she has at least two different personalities within her. For example: She will tell mi amigo/my friend one thing and tell me the opposite on the same day. Mi amigo says, “She’s your typical hypocritical female from my experience dating females before I came out of the closet. That’s why the female gender turns me off.” She told him that she didn’t like seeing straight couples making out in The Castro. Then on the same day when I saw her I brought it up — not mentioning she had talked with mi amigo — and she told me, “You know, I don’t mind it so much as long as they don’t shove it in our faces.” WTF? That’s exactly what they were doing: Shoving their breeder sexuality in our Queer faces. I was standing there thinking: WTF is wrong with her? That’s not what you told mi amigo just 2 hours ago. Ugh. Females!

Gay marriage certainly ruined San Francisco along with the Tech Industrial Complex. Today, San Francisco’s Castro is an empty shell of its former Queer self.

The same thing I say about most progressives these days. They’ve become so watered-down, more conservative, more pro-establishment and really closer to the far right.

I saw this headline about “LGBT Identification.” (roll eyes) Ugh. A sense of disgust came over me as it usually does when I see that “LGBT” rubbish. I no longer click on such headlines. Because Why identify? They couldn’t write, “These people say they’re gay?” No, it has to be this whole string of fucking letters and “I identify as LGBTQRSTUVWXYZX+++++++” By the way, the official alphabet soup is this ludicrous mess. They can’t say “I’m gay?” Why is that so fucking difficult? “I’m gay.” No need to say “I identify as gay.” Why all that “identify” stuff? Well how the fuck will you “identify” next week, as straight or bi? Mr/Ms Identify? Fuck off! What corporatist trash started this “identify” nonsense? “Identify” makes it sound like one can change their sexuality — oriented in one’s DNA — as quickly as the next weather system coming through.

Mi amigo/My friend scanned that article I mentioned and told me that it said that most Queers now say they’re bi. (roll eyes). Yes, I’m sure. Well of course that would be the case as they run away from that dreaded word “gay” and it’s negative connotations, such as when people say, “That is soooooooooo gay.”

Bi is closer to being straight, and since most Queers have gone back in the fucking closet by all indications since gay marriage became legal, that makes sense that they would pretend to be bi. One is born with one’s sexual orientation. It’s in one’s DNA, it’s not something that can be changed based on the latest silly “bi” fad of the day. And we all know that human sexuality works that way where thousands of people can change their sexuality en masse practically overnight. Yeah right. Yeah sure they do, liars. If “bi” is the newest silly fad, you’re supposed to say you’re bi even though you’re not, seems to be the thinking. Yes I’m sure most gay guys are now into females and pussy. Sounds like that small gay conversion cult has struck again.

I remember when the gay sex personals on Craigslist suddenly were all reading “discreet bi.” That means closeted bi. It was as if the entire gay populace — even in the Bay Area and The Castro — had miraculously become bi overnight. Does anyone believe that? That’s not how human sexuality works. I responded to some of the guys. None of them that I responded to had any interests in females. They were not bi. They were saying they were bi to:

1) copy each other’s ads to conform and fit in, to appear “masculine” and macho, and or

2) to sound more “straight and normal” and to run away from the word gay since they had “assimilated” as ordered by the dictate following gay marriage becoming legal. These gay guys were trying to be more like straight guys.

If only people had the courage, integrity and honesty to be themselves.

I do agree with my lesbian neighbour: Gay marriage killed our Movement and it’s been dead ever since. I won’t have it!

Although upon reflection, it’s surprising that people are claiming to be bi. Many people have a very negative impression of bi guys in particular. Bi females seem to be more acceptable because “that’s what girls do…they play with each other.” But when guys play with each other or even kiss, they’re called “faggots.” Many straight women want nothing to do with bi guys because they don’t like that bi guys also have sex with other guys. Many gay guys are turned off by bi guys because they supposedly have sex with females. “Bi guys will fuck anything that has a hole” I’ve heard said.

So what are those useless, corporatist Queer organisations doing these days at the state and national level, anything? Other than holding $500+ per plate lavish dinners for Queers of their same income bracket, and honouring tech billionaires, for example! Clearly our now-dead Movement lost its way.

It’s tempting to write what I’ve written here on various sites and their comment sections, but I don’t do so. I know better. I don’t care to get into this in a comment section. To begin with, this topic is too complicated to talk about in a comment section. I know from some experience that nothing would be accomplished by my writing my views on any other site. That’s why I do so here. In part, because the heteronormative Queer corporatists and conformist would do nothing but troll me on a corporatist site. They will adamantly support the status quo and the death of our Movement, although not calling it that.

They also adamantly support that revisionist history alphabet soup mess. And how many more fucking letters are they going to add to that nonsense?

I thought most Queers wanted to be identical copies of the straights? Well, the straights don’t have any letters. They have no acronym. The straights have one word: Straight. (Or breeders as I also call them, since they do breed). Therefore, why can’t Queers have one word: Queer? Is that so fucking difficult? Rather than this long train of letters where they’re having to now repeat letters. Are they going to go through the entire alphabet twice or three times? Fucking Insanity. Fuck the corporatists and the trash who destroyed our Movement. I can’t stand them.

Unfortunately, I get the impression that most people — including most Queers — couldn’t care less about any of this. They’re quite content with the status quo.

And when one fails to realise that, “The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance” — rather than stagnating in the current status quo — one is doomed to repeat history at some point. I suspect the Queer Rights Movement will have to start all over at some point in time. Hopefully, it won’t be started up by the same heteronormative corporate trash that destroyed our first Movement. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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