My problems with him and her

It’s not that I don’t like straight people, or straight guys.

My problem is what him and her insist on doing to and in Queer areas (or historically Queer areas), particularly in San Francisco’s Castro. But this has happened in all other cities — Seattle’s Capital Hill, West Hollywood in Los Ángeles, Chicago’s Boystown, Dupont Circle in the District of Columbia, and other cities — from what I’ve heard, such as Chelsea in Manhattan. Related: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes.

Him and her can be homophobic and invade the little Queer enclave (gay mecca) with the intent of changing the area to the way they want it to be: Heterosexual. The straights own the entire world. Which begs the question: Why do they want this small little Queer enclave too? Can’t we Queers have this little small enclave to ourselves where we can feel safe and feel comfortable being ourselves and where we can meet other Queers, and not feel as if we have to be back in the closet in our own little area? NO is the answer to those question. The breeders want it all. The breeders want our bars too. They seem to never be satisfied with their territory. They want it all.

So if I see a hot guy that I’d like to approach, how do I safely do that in a gay bar when straight guys are now coming into our bars (pre-COVID). Mr Straight Guy gets offended when a Queer guy approaches him, not knowing that he’s straight. After all he’s sitting in a gay bar. WTF is a straight guys doing in a gay bar? Insanity. I’ve not heard that all the straight bars have closed. That situation where the gay guy approach Mr Straight Guy — thinking that he’s Queer — can get very ugly. It is not safe. And historically, there have been many valid reasons why Queers and straights had separate bars. The situation I described above did not happen when only Queers went to Queer bars. Of course, the breeders/straights could live anywhere they want on the planet — whereas Queers cannot do so safely — the straights have the entire world yet they deliberately come to and move to a Queer area. Queers can’t even live anywhere in the fucking unhealthy closet, contrary to what the conservatives will tell you, even conservative Queers. They’ve never liked Queer areas of cities to begin with. Conservative Queers are usually in the closet.

2020 was a record year for violence against Queers even with a pandemic raging.

Him and her are rarely the same height. WTF is that about? They have this him-tall/her-short head trip. Queer couples are usually the same height. We don’t have a height-requirement head trip. With the straights, he’s the dominant and she’s the little submissive. Feminism doesn’t exist with these people and the female more than welcomes this sexist mindset. The guy often has to wear a baseball cap to look like Mr Macho Straight Jock Bro. Him and her feel the need to hold hands and make out in Queer areas. Very disrespectful. Are they putting on this make-out scene to try to convert Queers to straight, if that were possible? Why else would straights do that? Why do they deliberately shove their breeder sexuality in our faces? Some of my straight friends have told me that if the guy doesn’t hold her hand in public that she won’t give him any pussy. I’d do without. So holding her hand is mandatory — to let everyone know that she’s taken (as if anyone cares!) — and it’s seen as entrance rights into that smelly, slimy and rank pussy, which some straight guys describe as, “it smells like sewage, especially with the overweight chicks.” With him and her, like a little girl, she requires that “daddy” hold her hand when crossing the street.” Is that to protect little dainty, submissive her? Adult women walk across the street without the assistance of any guy. They don’t demand that their hand be held. They’ve matured way past that chauvinistic nonsense. And the straights seem to go out of their way to make out under a Rainbow Flag — especially the giant Rainbow Flag at Harvey Milk Plaza of all places — which is even more disrespectful, as if they’re trying to hijack the flag as well as “mark their (new) territory.” I’m not easily surprised or stunned by much, but I remember the first time I saw a breeder couple make-out scene in Harvey Milk Plaza. It was then that I knew The Castro was in the midst of changing. They make out in restaurants too — or did, pre-COVID — as they shove their straight sexuality in people’s faces. They seem unable to control themselves and their hormones. Of course they seem clueless to their behaviour when this is pointed out to them.

But to some of us Queers, clearly him and her have an agenda when they barge into Queer areas as if they own the place. They don’t hesitate to force their breeder sexuality in Queer faces, the same thing that they complained about Queers doing some years ago. The breeders have to make out on street corners waiting for the light to change. People standing all around them and they put on a matinée for everybody. The female must have her hand held — “needy assed bitch” as one of my straight friends said — and the straights have been overheard making comments about “there are too many gay people here.” Well, no one forced you to come here. One Queer person would be “too many” for him and her, and why did they deliberately come to or move to The Castro if they didn’t want to see any Queer people (of the few remaining)? Dunce.

As a Queer guy, I wouldn’t go with another guy to a traditionally straight area of San Francisco or anywhere and engage in the same behaviour him and her engage in. Well to begin with, I would be concerned for my well-being and safety. I would expect to hear some bigot scream, “Take that back over to The Castro, faggots.” At which point I would have to scream back: I would, but I can’t do this in The Castro now. It’s been taking over by your kind. His shirt read: “Fuck you, Homo.” (San Francisco’s Castro).

I’ve asked many times, why do the breeders insist on coming to The Castro. The Castro is over-saturated with Rainbow Flags for tourist and historical purposes. Don’t the (homophobic?) breeders feel a bit uncomfortable hanging out and living in an area saturated with Rainbow Flags? If I were straight, I’d feel as though I’m intruding in a small Queer enclave and out of respect for that, I wouldn’t shove my breeder sexuality in their Queer faces. I’d find that extremely disrespectful. That’s why to some of us it’s as if him and her have an agenda.

Historically, Queers have come in and fixed up areas that were rundown. When they became nice areas again, then the breeders decided they want the area that the Queers refurbished. This has happened in many cities. Many of the breeders are homophobic and now want this nice new area for themselves. They want any sex shops sanitised so that their toddler doesn’t see the image of a dick or pussy in a store front window, not that the toddler would be looking in any store front windows, or not that he would notice or know what he’s looking at to begin with. This sanitising of store front windows and other things is always done in the name of “What about the children?” Well, why didn’t you think about your children before you moved here, idiots? When in reality, it has nothing to do with the children. It’s about the prudish conservative parents and what they themselves can’t bare to see — images of a dick or pussy — and their fucked up thinking. They’re basura.

A Queer acquaintance of mine sold his home and moved away about a year ago. He was from the Old City, the Gay Mecca. Before he moved, I would see him and he would say to me, “Welcome to the heterosexual Castro” and a parade of him and her couples holding hands (of course) would parade by us heading down Castro Street. He was fed up with all the him and her couples too. He often said, “It’s nothing like it used to be.” That’s true. Today, The Castro is an empty shell of its former Queer self having been ruined by the same trash that ruined Chelsea in Manhattan.

So this is why I have a problem with him and her.

Mi amigo/My friend wanted to add this: Then there’s society’s double-standard between the genders: In classical music performances, the females are allowed to wear lingerie, be half-naked from the waist up with cleavage and boobs show. Whereas the guys have to be all covered up like a monk. Chau.—el barrio rosa