“My sexual journey” and “sexual fluidity” always mean gay conversion

I’ve never seen a genuine straight guy use that language. They simply say that they decided to come out of the closet after living a lie by pretending to be straight all of their life. That they’re really gay.

So there’s this gay guy in the District of Columbia — hereinafter referred to as the District or DC — the official name of the capital City of the US and my former home City, who’s trying to “go straight.” Yes, another one. As a Queer blogger in New York City asked some time ago in frustration, “What has happened to my fellow Queers?” Yes, exactly! Pretty sad isn’t it? After decades of hard work and after gay marriage became legal throughout the non-United States, then it’s back in the closet. Insanity. Upon reflection, our now-dead Gay Rights Movement accomplished so much [sarcasm intended] apparently when you see guys like this gay guy in the District. Well, he’s part of the Porn Industrial Complex, and I suppose most people know that porn is not real, other than some homemade porn. As a gay guy, when he first started out he did gay porn. But then all of a sudden he’s fucking chicks, and I’ve not seen him with a guy since. What happened? Gay shame returned? Internalised homophobia returned? Are other gay guys in the District now fucking chicks? Is this some silly new fad to “turn straight” and go back in the closet out of gay shame? Gay conversion? (roll eyes, ugh).

Someone might be asking: Why do you care who he has sex with? That’s not at all the point I’m making. Pay attention.

The guy in DC is full of the Porn Industrial Complex’s bull shit and marketing tactics, like all of these porn actors are. When interviewed briefly about his sexual orientation and he was asked about it, all he would say is, “I like pretty things.” Excuse me while I compose myself from laughter. Well what the fuck is that supposed to mean that you like “pretty things?” I like pretty things too but I don’t change my sexuality because of it. I’m as confused about you as I was. Can’t you speak in clear, plain English, amigo? Stop the fucking word games! Pretty things = girls? Boys are not “pretty things?” Is that how “pretty things” translates, mi amor? He continued, “I’m attracted to a lot of people regardless of gender.” Oh here we go with that porn industry marketing spew. But you weren’t before when you were doing gay porn. Then he added, “I can’t explain it.” (roll eyes) Well I think I can. Let’s be honest and frank here. And when I saw him in his interview I said to myself: Dude, who the fuck do you think you’re fooling? You are obviously a gay guy by your speaking voice, mannerisms and behaviour. So to see you having sex with females, there’s this mind-fuck clash for me. Because you look like you’re with the wrong fucking gender, dude. He’s sort of (what I call) a “Nelly Pooh.” Because I’ve seen this over and over with (mostly Millennials, which is what he is) former gay porn actors. What is with Millennials? I’ve pretty much concluded that they are among the most fucked up generation we have today. Many of them seem to be so fucked up in the head when it comes to sexuality. And from my experience in San Francisco with the techie trash Millennials, they’re quite homophobic, which is a bit odd since they “grew up” during the Gay Rights Movement. Their parents must have heavily brainwashed them with some intense anti-gay bull shit is all I can think.

When I lived in the District — many years ago — Dupont Circle was the gay area of DC and I didn’t know nor did I meet any gay guy who was fucking chicks or who “converted” to straight. Most of us were dealing with just coming out and did so. After we came out, none of us thought about going back in the closet and fucking chicks to pretend to be straight again — we were not into fish — and trying to come up with some vague drivel and or philosophical language (such as “I like pretty things”) to describe going back in the closet and fucking pussy. But then we weren’t trying to make money off of sex like the guy in DC is.

So again, these gay guys — the guy in the District is just one of them; there are many who come to mind — used to do gay porn and mostly abandoned that to join the straight herd and fuck pussy. I think I’ve only seen one former gay porn actor who eats pussy. They’re not into that. The industry doesn’t pay enough to eat smelly and slimy pussy?

Another guy comes to mind: He’s a gay guy who markets himself as bi, and I’ve never seen him eat pussy either — in fact he looks like he wants his nose and mouth no where near pussy; all he will do is fuck her then looks at his dick to check the slime on it as if he’s turned off by it when he pulls out of her and looks afraid to touch his dick because he doesn’t want pussy mucus/slime on his hand — although the other gay guy in the video with him does eat pussy. The other gay guy in that video with this bi guy calls himself “pansexual” too. Isn’t that good to know?

“My Sexual Journey” and “Sexual Fluidity” are both right out of the gay conversion script.

These back-in-the-closet gay guys say all of this bull shit about “my sexual journey” (roll eyes) and “sexual fluidity” and whatever excuse some nut dreams up for “going straight” (if that were even possible). Is this because of the very heteronormative Porn Industrial Complex and their homophobia which apparently is well-known? Homophobic producers and directors? Is it the homophobic studio strongly suggesting that these gay guys abandon “faggot porn” and only fuck girls to be “normal?”


I don’t remember seeing any guys who started in straight porn and switched to gay or bi porn talk about “my sexual journey” and “sexual fluidity” and other nonsense. No, it’s just gay guys that use that shit to justify what they’re doing, which is essentially going back in the closet or pretending to be bi. Is “pansexual” the new marketing term for bi trying to make bi even more vague and nebulous? For some reason, when I hear or see the term “pansexual” I think of a frying pan. Maybe that’s the meaning. Anything that’s in the frying pan, they’ll fuck. (Pansexual means that a person is sexually attracted or open to all people regardless of their gender or sexual orientation). Doesn’t matter what it is or what it looks like, and I’ve seen “pansexual” videos like that. I thought to myself: You find HER attractive? Or are you paid more for a “scene” with her? She must be close to 300 pounds and with all that blubber I can’t imagine the fish smell down there that you’re eating out like a box of chocolates.

During the Gay Rights Movement, I didn’t hear anything about “sexual fluidity” or “my sexual journey” or gay conversion. And unlike today where lying about who you are and trying to deceive people — into thinking you’re straight when you’re gay — to make a dollar is the norm. We really have gone backwards in many ways.

As a friend of mine says, “Pussy is just another hole.” So why is it important to the industry to have gay guys “converting” to bi or straight to add to the pussy pile? Isn’t the industry saturated with genuine straight guys fucking pussy? I think so. Or is the unspoken thrill to see a guy that obviously is gay and looks gay fucking a chick. Although many people can’t seem to tell that he’s gay. Only on occasion does someone write a comment such as “That guy is gay” and “he has the gayest face in the industry” when he’s fucking a chick. Most people seem to possess no gaydar at all.

There are some strictly gay porn studios and I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the other studios which are heterosexually-based. Since one’s sexuality is unchangeable and based in one’s DNA, other than for money, what else could explain this fucked up situation?

“Sexuality is fluid” implies that one’s sexual orientation can change, even though sexuality is cemented in one’s DNA. “Sexuality is fluid” also implies that one can change or choose one’s sexuality. The far-right will love hearing that since they’ve long said that “gays choose to be gay.” So I’m waiting for a representative from the far-right to get on the tube and urge all gay people to “choose to be straight and normal since gays themselves admit/say that sexuality is fluid or changeable.”

Does no one see this “sexuality is fluid” rubbish backfiring? What nut dreamed up this “sexuality is fluid” rubbish to begin with? I suspect it was the small gay conversion cult.

Again, a porn actor started out doing gay porn. Then he begins talking in philosophical drivel about “my sexual journey” and “sexuality is fluid” and all of a sudden he’s fucking chicks only. Even though from my research gay porn pays more, so why are gay guys downgrading their pay to fuck chicks? That doesn’t make sense nor is it intelligent from a financial standpoint. Or again, it is because they don’t want to be known as “gay” — there’s that dreaded word again which presumably is now a “bad” word — and these gay guys only occasionally will do “a scene” with a guy?

So how do these gay guys “keep it up” with a female and smelly pussy? Is that why it takes these porn actors forever and a day to cum? He fucks and fucks and fucks and fucks in every imaginable position to the point where you think his dick must be raw by now and he still hasn’t come. It’s as these guys come just before they start filming and have to really work to shoot another (small) load, rather than not having cum for a week so that he’s able to cum rather quickly and shoots a big load. I’ve seen this over and over too.

Well, with the help of v*agra, anything is possible I suppose — you can even make pussy look good with v*agra!

But the point being, how can a (gay) guy fuck pussy for 45 minutes nonstop without cumming if he’s not on some chemical substance? — and some sort of fantasy as Mr Straight Bro.

Then there are the gay guys who are now fucking a trans guy (female to male) so they’re now fucking pussy too.

Are there any gay guys left anymore who are not fucking pussy? So this is the outcome of the Gay Rights Movement: gay guys fucking pussy, which they could have done from Day One and said “Who needs a movement when we already have one? It’s called the Straight Movement. The Straight Agenda.” Insanity.

Even though this information here is dated 2003, I don’t think much if anything has changed since then with the Porn Industrial Complex.

Grow a beard to “look straight.”

It just depresses me to see a guy who my reliable gaydar tells me is obviously gay — in appearance and the way he speaks — banging chicks. What’s his homophobic head trip? Did his studio tell him to change his appearance to “butch it up” to “look more straight?” With a beard he looks more straight to me. But clean shaven, he’s back to looking like a gay guy fucking a girl.

Now it’s called “pansexual.” Is that the “P” in this ludicrous and revisionist history spew: LGBTQQICAPF2K+ (How many more fucking letters)? More insanity.

And how many more fucking labels/terms are these nuts going to come up with? Bottom line: A pansexual is a person who will have sex with pretty much anything (human of course, at least for now until some nut can dream up some legal way in porn to fuck something non-human). Although upon reflection, I think they’re already doing that. Related: here.

And some of these fake-straight and fake-bi guys make it obvious — without knowing it — that they hate eating pussy. (I should point out that there are genuine bi guys out there and I’m not talking about them here). These fake-straight and fake-bi guys take the tip of their tongue and rub it up and down her pussy as if he’s scared of the thing. “It’s like eating a rotting fish” is how mi amigo/my friend describes it from his experience with females before he came out. He was repulsed by pussy. He says, “It’s the last thing you want to do, especially when the thing has fumes coming out of it, and it all smells. And that it might ooze out some rank slime or white looking cheese substance,” which is very likely by the way. So to avoid that, these gay guys don’t open the lips up at all or use their fingers going in any deeper.

But with this gay guy from the District, the chick was riding his dick (no condom) with him sitting on the couch and his dick and nuts got coated in a white cheese looking substance that came out of her pussy while he was fucking her. It looked disgusting. (On Leave It to Beaver, “Wally threw up last night!” Beaver said. I can see why.) But back to the gay guy in the District, in the next scene, his dick was clean so presumably the producers must have told him to clean up because it was a turn-off.

What about Condoms?

Most guys don’t wear condoms when fucking females in the videos I watch. I guess they naïvely trust the girl. You’re asking for problems dudes, as in a commitment of 18+ years and or child support. I hope that fuck was worth it! From my research, there is no sperm in precum. BUT the guy has to be very careful that he pulls out of her pussy early enough because as a gynecologist that I read said: “It only takes one swimmer (sperm) to get her pregnant.” Some guys don’t pull out soon enough and she’ll get pregnant. And I guess these guys are not aware that some females will use pregnancy to trap a guy, one of “the oldest tricks in the book” regardless of the “arrangement” she has with him. Although I would think that would be covered in the contract. But some of these videos are homemade and not professional. I’m not sure how a contract would legally hold up with a homemade porn arrangement. In one of his “straight” videos where he fucked a chick, the gay guy from the District was fucking her, then he pulled out and picked up a syringe-looking thing and squirted — what I assume was — Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) into her pussy. I thought: What is he doing? Then he put his dick back in her pussy and started pounding her. The N-9 is intended to prevent her getting pregnancy. Was she perhaps ovulating? It did break the mood because I’d never see a guy do that before. He later wrote that “she’s so much fun to be with.”

Sex is worth getting sick or dying from?

In the era of the COVID pandemic, I’m seeing recently-uploaded videos from these gay conversion guys with chicks — unless they’re uploading old videos that they never put on which I tend to doubt — so they’re violating the COVID health guidelines to get together with someone outside their immediate household (a chick to fuck), and they start out with the perfunctory and required kissing session (no face mask of course). Clearly, these gay guys don’t care about their health either because they’re “willing to take the chance” of getting COVID. Well, these are mostly Millennial age guys and from my experience with Millennials, that age group thinks they’re invisible, self-entitled and special, with few exceptions to that. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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