Newsom’s recall shows how much San Francisco has drastically changed

There was no celebration at Harvey Milk Plaza as would have been the case in the Old City.

(Updated 16 September 2021) Hola a todos. Fortunately, California Governor Gavin Newsom will remain in office as Governor following a recall election to remove him from office. Overall, I think he’s done a good job particularly during the COVID pandemic. So I was delighted to hear the news that the recall efforts had failed. (I’m non-partisan). The person challenging him was a clone of the former White House occupant, who shall remain nameless.

But what was very telling was to observe the behaviour — or lack there of — in San Francisco’s Castro district the night of the Newsom victory.

If this were the Old City — the City that San Francisco had a reputation for being for decades — and if Newsom had prevailed and remained in office, The Castro, the former Gay Mecca, would have been packed with thousands of people celebrating his remaining in office. But not now. Not in the New City. I looked at the cams following the announcing of the election results and there was not one person in Harvey Milk Plaza. No political clubs were there, no political clubs had organised a celebration, no one was there. No one cared was the message that was being sent. This shows you how much San Francisco has changed. The City is really nothing like it was since the Tech Industrial Complex barged in and filled the City with seemingly lobotomised Millenneals void of any social skills or the ability to smile or use any pleasantries whilst they wear The Uniform 365 days a year. What’s The Uniform? The Uniform consists of wearing all conservative bold black or bold black and grey clothing. Is that required for techies? To look like you’re always going to a funeral? That’s all I see them wear. They look like cult or gang members or again, as if they have a funeral to go to daily.

The Conservative Castro: Awash in Closet Cases posing as straight couples: “Him and Her” holding hands.

They’ve got to be closet cases, because what genuine heterosexual couple would deliberately move to or hang out in an area saturated with rainbow flags — which are there for historical purposes — everywhere you look, and where the real estate prices are higher? Rather than move to and hang out in a traditionally heterosexual area of San Francisco such as The Marina, North Beach, Pacific Heights, Union Street, Russian Hill, you-name-it. No, they’re in The Castro. Why? They pose as “him and her” straight couples holding hands and have taken over the historically gay bar at the corner of 17th Street and Castro. They insist on going there even though all of the straight bars in the City remain open. I’ve seen some of them come stumbling drunk out of the bar and walk over to the nearby Jane Warner Plaza where one or both of them can barely stand up. Usually they’re in a dysfunction. Lovely people. The supposed “straight couples” who do not appear to live in The Castro cross from the north side of Market Street and start flowing in on Wednesday night to go to this bar. It’s “him and her” closet cases headed towards the bar that has historically been a gay bar.

Someone might ask: Are you sure they’re not “straight allies” of the gay so-called “community?” Oh give it a rest! Stop being so damn gullible. Yes I’m positive they not “allies” because an ally does not take over something and make it their own like what has happened with The Castro. Instead, that’s what people with an Agenda do when they take over something and make it their own. These people are no fucking “allies.”

As a guy, if I had a girlfriend or wife, I would not be hanging out in The Castro and holding hands with my girl and making out under rainbow flags — WTF is that about? — that’s for damn sure. My girlfriend would likely ask me: “Are you sure you’re straight? What are we doing over here?” Yes, exactly. It would feel like we’re trying to shove our heterosexuality in their Queer faces. Genuine heterosexuals have the rest of the world to do that in. They don’t need to shove their hetero sexuality in Queer faces in this little fading Gay Mecca enclave. And we suspect that most residents of The Marina, for example, wouldn’t be so hot on the idea of two gay guys making out in public on the streets of The Marina. We suspect the gay guys would be screamed at, “Stop that, take that back over to The Castro. Get out of here with that vulgarity!” Yet the gay guys in The Castro are expected to put up with this hetero behaviour being shoved in their faces without saying a word.

Yet time and time again, I see “him” deliberately taking “her” hand to cross Castro Street — as if non-feminist “her” is a child and can’t cross a street without “daddy’s hand” — and as if the guy is saying, “We must hold hands here in The Castro so no one thinks I’m gay.” Oh good heavens! No one would ever accuse you of being that dreaded word “gay,” dude. What does he think? That one of the few gay guys still living here is going to rush over to him and pull his pants down and give him a blow job right there on the street? (roll eyes) Even if you wish for that subconsciously dude, I can assure you that is not about to happen in today’s conservative Castro. Unfortunately, The Castro of today is nothing like it used to be. It’s an empty shell of its former self. It’s been heavily sanitised and Disney-fied (including using imported palm trees) with the support from a certain conservative gay politician, from the conservative homeowners, conservative merchants and conservative Queer so-called “community.” Today, The Castro is like The Marina (a traditionally heterosexual area of San Francisco) over-saturated with rainbow flags. But I’d like to ask these guys who insist on holding the girl’s hand? WTF are you doing over here since you’re that terribly insecure with your own sexuality? If you were secure with your sexuality, you wouldn’t need to hold anyone’s hand as “cover” because you wouldn’t care what anyone thought about you or your sexuality. Do we understand each other? And who over here even knows you to care about your sexuality? So you don’t need to make a point of coming over here with a chick, even if you’re cheating on somebody and you think that the person you’re cheating on would never think of looking for you over in The Castro.

It should be pointed out that gay guys have not taken over any straight bars in The City, but perceived-straights have taken over gay bars. Other gay bars have been taken over by people posing as heterosexuals, such as one gay bar in Pacific Heights. That bar, the Lion’s Pub, finally closed.

No, it’s just the closet cases pretending to be a “straight” couples who insist on hanging out in what is still a fading, minimally Queer area. A straight friend of mine says he finds this “extremely disrespectful” of the few Queers still living here. Is the girl Mr Closet Case is with supposed to be his “cover” whilst he looks at guys out of the corner of his eye when she’s not looking? Or is Ms Closet Case looking at other girls when the guy (either a genuine hetero guy or a closet case) that she’s holding hands with is not looking?

There are a few Queer couples and Queer guys still here these days, but they’re in the minority. And most of the Queer couples don’t insist on holding hands — they are more secure in their relationships — unlike the supposed (fake) straight couples where holding hands is ab-so-lute-ly required. Has the girl never asked herself: I wondered why he’s so insistent on hanging out and living in The Castro?

Is the conservative gay rag writing about this? Probably not. They probably don’t even know it’s happening. One reason I stopped reading that conservative shill rag — posing as “moderate” — was because they were writing from a position of ignorance. As if none of their writers ever came over here and to them things were unchanged over here. Also, they would not want to offend the fake-straight couples because the conservative merchants want any money they can get, even from closet cases. They exploited Queers for decades so now it’s time to exploit the fake-straight couples known as closet cases.

When those conservative busy-bodies who run those useless neighbourhood associations — those elitist busy-body trash who think they know what’s best for everybody of their same income bracket of course — are interviewed they consistently say, “the neighbourhood is changing.” (Make that “has CHANGED.” Past tense). But they never say HOW. Why? Because they don’t want to offend the supposed straights/the closet cases and their monied interests. So they speak in the vaguest of terms, “The neighbourhood is changing.”

I talked with a gay guy I know about this awhile back. He told me he avoids The Castro because “there are too many girls there now.” Yes, you can’t help but notice that on the cams. It’s as if every female in the world has moved here. It’s odd really since tech has a reputation for being male-dominated and sexist with less females among their employees. And with San Francisco being the most expensive city in the United States of North America, how can these ditzy, anorexic-looking, immature females in their 20s or 30s — where the only words in their vocabulary are the words, “I’m like, he’s like, she’s like, it’s like, if you go like, like, like, like” — possibly afford to live here? And who would hire someone who speaks in that illiterate, stupid-sounding, unprofessional manner? Or is mommy and daddy paying their way here to get them out of the house? Or are they living with other people with 8-10 people piled up in one apartment. I’ve heard of that.

It’s just rather rich and ironic that closet cases have moved to or hang out in what was once known as an “out and proud” Gay Mecca area. It’s like going backwards in time. There’s nothing “out and proud” about these fake “straight” couples. Again, genuine straight couples have the entire world and the rest of this City to live and play in, yet these people deliberately come over here to The Castro, which makes one think: These people are not straight at all. They just pretend to be. They’re more closet cases. I don’t think the finest script writer could come up with such a scenario. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update: The Castro Theatre was open the evening of 17 September 2021. The majority of people in line to get into the theatre were — can you guess? — “him and her” couples. I only saw a few “him and him” couples in the line. At this rate, you might as well be in The Heterosexual Marina or North Beach. When are they going to take all of these rainbow flags down since they no longer apply to the area? Does anyone still notice them? And as expected, with at least one of the “him and her” couples, the chick had to leash herself onto the guy’s left arm. His hand was in his left pocket. I guess Ms Needy/Ms Insecure wanted her hand held but the guy wasn’t doing that. So instead, she put her right arm around his left arm as if on a submissive leash to him, walking submissively behind him. If I had a girl, I would not want her to leash herself to my arms. To begin with, I think that would feel uncomfortable to my arms. We can hold hands on occasion, but we will not be holding hands or making out in any gay area for respect of the few Queers still there. Do we understand each other?

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