No protest in San Francisco

No protest in The City historically known for protests and activism.

El 13 de diciembre de 2012. Hola. Last week on Noticero Telemundo, I saw that well-known sheriff with the initials J.A. from Arizona (Estados Unidos/U.S.) who hates los migrantes indocumentados (undocumented/unregistered migrants) in the Estados Unidos/U.S. He’s well known for his hate of los indocumentados, although he and his supporters would deny that. It’s similar to a racist denying being a racist. This sheriff is quite a piece of work. Every time I’ve had the misfortune of seeing that man he’s wearing his gun tie clip. Ugh.

I thought to myself: Why are they showing that man on Telemundo? They were giving him time because he was in San Francisco. I asked: What’s he doing here? Then seconds later I thought: Well considering the direction this City is going in you’ll fit in nicely. He was invited here for some Alarm
Association Convention and one wouldn’t want to miss that.

Historically, San Francisco has been well known for protests and activism, but both have mostly died here due to: 1) gentrification 2) the corportization of the City/residents, and 3) because Obama is in office, and because he has a purely symbolic D next to his name the issues and policies that people in San Francisco protested under George W. Bush they are now silent on under Obama. (Oh, the hypocrisy!) And consequently (because Obama is in office) the “anti-war movement” is dead. I don’t want to get into politics—that can easily cause gastritis—but that’s part of the reason protests/activism is nearly dead here in San Francisco these days. And there’s currently a conservative power grab taking place in The City which is turning The City to the right, with the vigilant assistance of a gay conservative politician with an unquestionable and transparent agenda.

So did San Franciscans turn out by the thousands to protest this hateful sheriff from Arizona? NO. Nada. This man had no protests against him in The City and he said he was disappointed by that because he said that no matter where he goes there are protests. Not here! I guess no one updated him that San Francisco is no longer the City that we have had a reputation for being. This says a lot about San Francisco these days. Because it wasn’t that long ago that The City was known internationally for protests and activism. These days I would say it’s accurate to say that most corporatized people/sheep in San Francisco can’t be bothered whatsoever and even frown/sneer on protesters. That’s how much The City has changed. This is also due, in part, to the brainwashing of the sheep by the corporate media. For example, one of the major news publications and websites based in San Francisco has for years made it a regular practice of using hate to sell newspapers and for generating website hits by writing stories negative of protests, despising the homeless and street people, despising bicyclists, despising those who challenge the Establishment Status Quo, and the list of people and groups that they (this publication) hate-on and despise in rabid style seems rather endless. It’s a very hateful website and the comments on there—one wonders where that crowd comes from, phew the hate and ignorance!—have been described as “a backwater cesspool” by a former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Yes, The City has changed considerably as I’ve talked about in other articles. (Related: San Francisco’s Fading Gay Mecca , Naked Muchachos in San Francisco and San Francisco wants to delete the homeless).

One might ask: Did anyone in San Francisco know this sheriff was coming to The City in order to plan a major protest? Sí. Yes. Yes, some people did know he was coming. That well-known group of gay male nuns in San Francisco knew he was coming and even made a reservation at the same restaurant for the event. I watched the video of their interaction with this sheriff and became immediately disgusted. The video showed them (about four of them) shaking hands with this hateful man. Why are you shaking the hand of hate? was my question. I refuse to shake hands with hate and a person for whom I have zero respect for because of knowing them as a hateful person. Since they knew he was coming to San Francisco, the same group of well-known gay male nuns could have organized a major demonstration or protest, but no. (And it should also be pointed out that this same group of gay male nuns has been engaged in some snuggling up to that conservative, polarizing and divisive gay politician who “represents” the Castro district…the same politician who campaigned on and supports criminalizing homelessness/street people and dreamed up the idea of banning nudity city-wide in San Francisco in order to pacify his conservative/right-wing constituency). As for this sheriff’s visit to The City, one of the schools in the Noe Valley barrio knew he was coming to San Francisco because he was scheduled to go to their school to speak with the students who oppose him. They wrote letters to him en español about how his hate/despicable policies have been and are tearing Hispano/Latino/Méxicano families apart, among other things. But the school wisely cancelled his visit with the students. I say wisely because that man’s mind was not going to be changed by anything the students had to say to him no matter what language they used. So, yes, people knew he was coming—including that alarm convention—and no one bothered to organize any major protest against this piece of hate. Rather incredible when you think about it.

When I do see an occasional protest in San Francisco these days, it’s often the Hispanos, Latinos, Méxicanos protesting something (right-on!), similar to the protests en España and América Latina countries as one can see on Noticero Telemundo or Noticero Univisión.

As I’ve written in other articles recently, these days in San Francisco, people are more into their texting addiction, crossing the streets without looking in either direction (see link at the bottom of this article), their ubiquitous sports bar with wall of televisions, their Valspeak/Valleyspeak (“like totally like awesome like”) and their “like partying like,” and when is the next party like so I can get like totally drunk like. It will like be totally frickin’ awesome like.

Most people in San Francisco couldn’t be bothered with protesting these days, which is why this hateful sheriff from AZ had no demonstrators protesting against him. Ten years ago however, I would have expected to see thousands protesting him, but San Francisco was a very different City then. Today: Nada. Chau.—rosa barrio

Third of road crossers distracted by mobiles
(I see this all the time in San Francisco and is has required The City to yellow paint this sign:
<-- LOOK --> on the asphalt at curb crossing (no, I’m not making this up). Weren’t most people taught as a child to look before crossing the street? There must be something in the water.

From Dean Johnson Fine Art designs: