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Orange LED Wash Lighting on Fabric

Orange LED Wash Lighting on Fabric

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05.29.12 Hola. There have been many changes at Univisión lately and I’ll write more about them in another article.

If you watch Noticero Univisión (the network newscast), what do you think about their new LED set they began using earlier this year? I think it’s beautiful. One of the major changes at the network in the last year has been with their sets. Many of their sets are now LED-based and when they revealed their new set for the Noticiero Univisión, I thought it was the best noticias/news set I’ve ever seen.

Their new sets are extensively LED based. One can get a similar effect to what they do at the network by using Chauvet LED Wash Lights. I have two of those and enjoy them very much.

Colours used on the Noticiero Univisión set.  (Image Colours: Chauvet Colorstrip).

Colours used on the Noticiero Univisión LED set. (Image Colours: Chauvet Colorstrip).

The Noticiero Univisión set looks very futuristic. Someone else commented about it on a message forum. They wrote, “The new set, in my opinion blows every single national evening newscast out of the water. Props to them.” I agree. They also use the same set but change some of the colours of it for the show Aquí y Ahora (Here and Now).

A flower growing near the pink barrio

A flower growing near the pink barrio

Recently, the network hired Enrique Acevedo. As of this writing, he is co-anchor for Noticiero Univisión Edición Nocturna with Ilia Calderón. I like them both. Enrique started around the beginning of May as memory serves. Ilia has been doing the job of solo anchor of the 11.35pm noticero/newscast for the past year. They also hired Lourdes Ramos (the hermana/sister of Jorge Ramos – he’s one of the anchors for the 6.30pm Noticiero Univisión Lunes a Viernes/M to F). Lourdes is co-anchor with Felix De Bedout for the Noticiero Univision Fin de Semana (weekend edition) at 6.30pm.

Below are videos of their new Noticero set and brief interviews with the new anchors. (Just so you know, there are short ads at the beginning of some of the videos. I have no control over that.)

Univisión’s affiliate stations are upgrading their sets too. At Noticias Univisión 14 in San Francisco, they also recently installed a new LED Noticias set. Chau.—rosa barrio

Noticias Univisión, más modernas y dinámicas

Noticiero Univisión Edición Nocturna with Ilia Calderón:

Lourdes Ramos: conoce la nueva cara del Noticiero Univisión fin de semana (know the new face of Noticiero Univisión weekend).

Primer Impacto : Bienvenido Enrique Acevedo al equipo de Noticiero (Welcome Enrique Acevedo News team):

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