Obama commutes the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning

Hola a todos. I’ve not agreed with messiah Obama on much of anything he has done over the past 8 years, since he’s mostly expanded the despicable right-wing neocon agenda of the illegitimate George W Bush/Dick Cheney regime while most people living under the illusion that el hombre/the man is a “liberal” or “progressive.” Ha! Most of Obama’s policies have been to the right of that of George W Bush and no one ever called Bush a “liberal” or “progressive.” It just shows how these words have become meaningless.

However I agree with Obama commuting the sentence of Ms Manning. She should have never been convicted in the first place. There’s also the obvious hypocrisy here: “Mr Constitutional Scholar” Obama verbally declared Chelsea Manning guilty even before she had been put on trial. And because of that, the Obama bootlickers of the corporatist, cookie-cutter and heteronormative Brand LGBTTM — which should be GLBTQ community — essentially quickly abandoned Chelsea and they have called her “traitor” and other pejorative descriptors since, so as to be in lockstep agreement with their savior Obama. So it will be interesting to see how GLBTQs uncomfortably squirm and backtrack on their previous behaviour to justify their Obama’s actions and watch them flip-flop in support of Chelsea. Or will they ignore this altogether so as not to expose their own hypocrisy? I talked with a fake-liberal the other night who said “who cares?” (disgusting thinking) to most of what Obama has done, such as Mr Nobel Peace Prize leaving office with 8 wars. This self-described liberal Democrat had even fallen for the lie that Obama was bombing countries to “fight Islamic radicals” (whom the US was the manufacturer of in the first place through the bombing and destruction of Iraq and other Islamic countries). Has this person never heard of the neocon PNAC agenda? In reality, this fake-liberal I spoke with was no different than the neocon Republicans. Obama (also known as The Deporter in Chief) has also deported more immigrants than all other presidents combined, including illegitimate white house resident George W Bush.

Question: Can the far-right’s new-found Führer Trump cancel out Obama’s actions regarding Chelsea? I wouldn’t put it past him. I’ve found that the far-right are in many ways just like the conservatives of the pro-corporatist GLBTQ community — and the sorry and pathetic pieces of work many (most?) of them have become — in their hate for Chelsea Manning and making pejorative comments about her being transgender. Many in the GLBTQ community are hateful towards transgender individuals. The GLBTQ community has become quite a fucked up “community” (even though there’s really no sense of community anymore with most people being phone robots) since the death of the Gay Rights’ Movement which happened roughly around the time that same-gender/gay marriage became legal here in The Cesspool/The US.

Mi amigo/My friend said: I’m wondering if Obama was feeling some guilt over Chelsea’s prison sentence? I said: Guilt? Guilt? Someone who can kill thousands of innocent people in his many wars, including wedding parties and including GLBTQ people in other parts of the world (as he pretends to love gay people and pretends to be pro-GLBTQ) has no feelings at all. Lobotomised. The living/walking dead. Despite his fake-tears on cue on occasion before corporate network television cameras. Even though I can’t stand to look at him because I see Bush II, but when I’ve had the misfortune of seeing his face on television I see no indication that he has any trouble sleeping at night. None whatsoever. So guilt? No, what drugs are you on to think that? Mi amigo said: Yeah you’re right. Good point. What was I thinking? (Related: Obama and the Transgender Activist).

I wish Chelsea well and hopefully people will leave her alone and let her enjoy the rest of her life since she did nothing wrong to be begin with. She’s to be released from prison on el 17 de mayo/the 17th of May 2017. She is a hero of the US for exposing the war crimes of The US Oligarchy, but many in the US are too stupid to realise that, such as the Trumpbots and conservatives GLBTQs. End of Update. Chau.—el barrio rosa