Observing the insanity following The Queen’s death

To begin with, the COVID pandemic continues and I didn’t see one face mask in sight from the time she died until when she was “buried” — huge crowds inside and outside, no distancing and no face masks — including the Royal Family. King Charles III has already had COVID once. More on the COVID pandemic at the bottom. I have “buried in quotes above because The Queen wasn’t really buried. Her coffin was lowered into the Royal Vault below the Quire area of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

People all over the world are sheeple as The Queen’s death has shown us.  They just react to things. They’re so easily manipulated by the (corporate) media and by others.  Why would one stand in a queue for 30 hours in the cold and rain to see what one can see on one’s telly, and even get a better view of it on telly?  I heard the sheeple say, “Oh but this is a historic moment.” Well, The Queen’s Jubilee — another COVID super-spreader event — and other celebrations and ceremonies were historic moments too, but you weren’t all hot for them.  How many of these sheeple were anti-royalists, anti-monarchists before The Queen died?  And miraculously, overnight became monarchists the moment that Charles became King Charles III?  How many of these people who now have The Queen as their new messiah relegating her to sainthood status stood and mumbled the words to the national anthem in the past — which is all about the Queen or King — “God Save Our Gracious Queen” or didn’t sing the national anthem at all when she was alive?  Or they didn’t know (all) the words?  But I thought she was your messiah figure since in her death she’s been given sainthood status? And now these sheeple are standing forthright and singing, “God Save Our Gracious King?”  One idiot celebrity interviewed talked about how “Her Majesty led us…”  What Rubbish! A ceremonial role does not lead anyone. The Queen didn’t lead anyone.  She was purely ceremonial.  She didn’t even lead her own government which is called Her Majesty’s Government (before her death) and now His Majesty’s Government.  One did not see her often, so how was that leading? She allowed Her Majesty’s Government to do anything no matter how corrupt and despicable the Prime Minister was. Most recently, she didn’t “suggest” that Boris Johnson resign. “Oh but she’s not supposed to be political.” Well then why is it called Her Majesty’s Government? How can one have their own government and not be political? Ever considered that?! “You’re not supposed to ask such controversial question!” Even the PM doesn’t “lead.”  He/She is only the “Leader” of his/her party (the Tories, the majority party, in this case).  They set policy but that’s not “leading.” The Queen didn’t lead anything, other than guests into the dining room to see her table. She got together with some scum politicians whilst pretending to be apolitical. They never talked politics? They only talked about how pretty her table setting was or how good the smoked salmon was?

“Oh but I want to get a glimpse of her coffin.”  But you can’t see her coffin, sheeple, because there’s a flag over it, and you can get multiple better views of the box on your telly.

Then there were the piles of flowers left outside Buckingham Palace for the rubbish people to haul away to the dump.  Why would people leave bouquets of flowers for someone whose family is not about to take the flowers inside?  They’re just going to pile up, wilt and die at the gate, as they have done. I guess they’ll come in with a bulldozer and remove them. What a waste. People do some stupid things as a way of “honouring ” the dead.

But this is what the sheeple do consistently with celebrities because that’s what they’re brainwashed to do because the media tell them to do that along with other sheeple because, “Everybody is doing it.” Some of the sheeple said that on camera. Even people who opposed The Queen during her reign have this new-found affection for her. Insanity.

Deutsche Welle-TV in Berlin did the best job of covering her funeral. They respected the Liturgy by not talking over any of it, including the music. Danke.

A friend of mine watched France 24’s coverage. He said they did the worst job as usual when it comes to covering ceremonies. They have no respect for music, except for that of the pop culture. They won’t talk over a pop culture musician, but think nothing of talking over well-trained choristers. Whenever the superb Choirs of Westminster Abbey and His Majesty’s Chapel Royal performed, France rudely talked over them as if the choral music was background music not worthy of one’s attention and not part of the funeral. Wouldn’t one want to hear the superb Choirs of Westminster Abbey and His Majesty’s Chapel Royal perform instead of hearing talking heads in studio? They didn’t talk over the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Prime Minster when she read one of the Lessons or any other speaker. Just the music. Weren’t France 24’s viewers there for the music? France 24 seems to think that their viewers are stupid and have to be “entertained” and there can be no dead air (there was appropriate silence during the funeral), and have to be taken by the hand and guided like children by the so-called “experts” in the studio through whatever they’re viewing. The Anglican Funeral Liturgy was very straight forward and all one needed to do was to watch it to understand what was taking place. It required no narration. France 24’s insipid camera crew was obsessed with the ceiling and walls and windows of the Abbey. DW-TV was focused on what the people in the Abbey were focused on: the Liturgy in its entirety, including the choristers. DW-TV did an excellent job. Danke.

From my experience, Anglicans treat funerals or memorials as a celebration of the person’s life, not as a dirge or funeral in the traditional way as it was for The Queen. As drab, dull and quiet as the Abby Organist played the Abby’s organ, one might have thought he was playing a Casio keyboard. Grand and glorious his playing was not. Drab, dull and quiet is what Southern Baptists do for funerals. I know from having played for many Southern Baptist funerals (not by choice). I’m beginning to think that the very Low Church CoE (Church of England) is really more like the Southern Baptists than they are the rest of the Anglican Communion. My respect for the CofE is now at rock bottom based on what I’ve observed in Liturgies at Westminster Abbey and at St Paul’s Cathedral.

I hadn’t expected any descants on the hymns because they would likely say, “No descants, not for a funeral. We don’t want it grand and glorious.” Well fortunately, all the hymns did have descants but they were not grand and glorious. I was sorry to see that the Choirmaster of Westminster Abbey felt the need to change one of the descants to apparently “tone it down” a bit. It was the descant for (Tune: Blaenwern) which is “Love Divine, All Love Excelling” that William and Kate used for their wedding. I know that descant well so I waited for the descant verse. The trebles (boys) sang that descant but didn’t go up to the High B (I think it’s a B) to soar their voices throughout the Abbey. instead Mr Choirmaster changed/lowered the notes at that place in the descant so not to be “grand and glorious.” So a High B would be considered “too grand and glorious” for a funeral? Sigh. Maybe he should consider being a Southern Baptist too? That hymn also had brass on the descant verse. I guess adding brass wasn’t considered too “grand and glorious” or High Church?

Descants are best written when the notes are written high(er) on the scale so that the trebles’s voices soar above the voices of the congregation’s melody line. When the descant is written lower on the scale, it is harder to hear the trebles because their voices blend in more with the congregational singing. In that case, what’s the point of doing a descant when you can’t hear it because the notes of the descant are too low? And that’s what my ears were dealing with at times during the descants of this Liturgy. I could sort of hear the boys, but not that well at times, because again, the notes were (re)written for the descants were too low.

I was also surprised there were descants for the hymns because The Queen couldn’t care less about music based on the many facial expressions I saw her give when glorious music was being performed. She had an utterly bored look on her face, similar to that of Camilla, Charles’s wife (Queen Consort). In past Liturgies, William and Kate got into the music, but The Queen had a “Not interested” look on her face even after hearing the most glorious descants sung by The Cathedral Choir of St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral or after hearing Sir David Willcock’s glorious arrangement of “God Save The Queen” which he wrote for Charles and Diane’s wedding. The Willcocks’s is the best arrangement yet, in my opinion, but it’s rarely performed. In that performance, The Queen looked absolutely bored and even had a frown on her face.

Again, after observing this funeral and observing the extremely Low Church behaviour of the CoE and the Royal Family, they could easily be mistaken for Southern Baptists. One wonders why they’re even still Anglicans when they don’t practise the Anglican protocols taught in Confirmation Classes: Such as bowing to the processional crosses, blessing oneself, genuflecting to the Reserved Sacrament before and leaving the pew, bowing for the text, “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” in the Liturgy, and other things that Anglicans do, which is part of what makes them Anglicans. It’s interesting because when The Queen was alive, I saw guys bowing and females curtsying to The Queen when she passed by, yet the same people didn’t bow to the processional cross(es). It showed that they had more respect for The Queen than they did The Holy Trinity and the Liturgy, Anglican protocol.

To me, The Queen remains in my mind what she always was. I haven’t engaged in revisionist history with her. She’s not a new messiah figure for me or a rock star which the masses have since attributed to her.

By next week this time, will the sheeple have all mostly forgotten about her when this insanity is over? And also, how many people will be sick with COVID in about two weeks?

Just because one wants to believe that the pandemic is over — “because I’m tired of it” — doesn’t make it over. People are “tired” of cancer and other diseases but those diseases continue despite the public’s “fatigue” with them. For the pandemic being supposedly over, I read these headlines whilst writing this article:

1. COVID will be a leading cause of death indefinitely in the US.

2. 400-500 people are still dying each day in the US ahead of the Fall.

3. Is the COVID pandemic really ‘over’ like Biden says? Experts say no.

4. Experts say the U.S. is still recording hundreds of COVID deaths every day.

5. “The pandemic is emphatically not over,” Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, told ABC News. “I would highlight the first [reason] is number of deaths per year.”

6. Biden faces flak over ‘COVID-19 is over’ remark as US still recording
400 deaths per day.”

Our society’s approach to death is interesting. Can you imagine if there were a “terrorist attack” on US soil that killed 400-500 people in one day in the US, how that would be treated? This is what you would read: “The nation is in now in mourning with flags at half-staff. The world is now mourning with the US. Biden to address the nation.”

But with 400-500 people dying per day with COVID in the US? “Oh it’s just 400 people dead from COVID-related illness, no big deal. We’re over it.” Does one’s denial serve one well?

It’s interesting how some deaths are deemed important and hyped to their fullest, whilst other deaths are minimised and dismissed in our insane society.