You can’t fix stupid.

People are willing to die for a holiday or party

Update (venting) 30 November 2020: I talked with my neighbour today at a distance. She had just returned from a 1.5 weeks’ trip she took to the US East Coast, even though people were asked not to travel for Thanksgiving this year. She did so anyway. Talking with her, I wore a face covering. She did not. She’d travelled all over the place for Thanksgiving — get-togethers with people and she didn’t say that she wore a mask during these gatherings — and then she told me about her holiday plans in December where she’s going to another country south of the US border. It’s the same country I read yesterday that USians are being urged to not travel to because of their surging COVID infection rate. Apparently she couldn’t care less! Yes, that’s where she’s going and as she said, “I’ll be meeting another group of people there.” She said, “I know it’s not good” (translation: I’m making an excuse for my absolutely inexcusable behaviour and I know I’m violating the health guidelines, but I don’t care. I’m not about to let anything get in the way of my fun). Then she made this insane statement about how good she’d been feeling lately implying that somehow is a way of preventing her of becoming COVID-19 infected. With me, she has stopped pretending to care about COVID as of today. She also said, “I’m pretty good about wearing my mask on planes. I put it on when I get up.” Why is the face mask off, other than for eating or drinking? Don’t airlines require the mask to be on all other times during the flight? But it’s good to know that she’s “pretty good” about that, isn’t it?! (roll eyes). She’s yet another person who does not take COVID seriously and she’s not about to let it get in the way of her fun. Whereas for me, I was already on high alert about COVID to begin with based on what the credible medical doctors who have been treating COVID patients have written about their experience. Then, I got my flu shot and had a 24-hour reaction to that which scared me. I questioned whether I was going to die. The reaction symptoms were mild — but I don’t react well to feeling sick — and I woke up with chills in the middle of the night about 12 hours after the shot and felt sickish and weak for about a total of 24 hours. Then the reaction stopped. During the reaction, I questioned whether I had contracted COVID. But that reaction reaffirmed in my mind: You do not want COVID. So I’m now on even higher alert to COVID and following the guidelines as I’ve been doing from the beginning. As for my insane and irresponsible neighbour, I try to keep in mind that “you can’t fix stupid.” And knowing her as I do — and I’ve known her for years — she goes out of her way to bring drama and any and all problems into her life. She thrives on it and dysfunction. When I think of her, I say there’s got to be something in the water causing this mass insanity, because there are countless people just like her. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Hola a todos. Humans certainly have created a lot of silly traditions along the way, some of which make absolutely no sense. I didn’t know that one of them where people gather around a table to eat a dead animal (turkey) and get bloated for about 2-3 hours (Thanksgiving) was so critically important to the sheeple that they would risk their health and lives over it. But it is that important to them. I mean, who the fuck cares about Thanksgiving? (The sheeple do, which is most people). Is Thanksgiving worth dying over? (Yes, apparently it is based on the number of people who are acting like this year is just like any other year). Thanksgiving is nothing but a bloat-fest. With Thanksgiving, there are two crowds of people: One crowd sits down and starts eating right away before “grace”/a prayer of thanks is said. To them it’s just about a feast, eating as much as possible and feeling bloated afterwards. The other crowd says “grace” — which can be as short as “dear god, we thank you for this food. amen. Now let’s eat!” But they’re the fake-Christians because they never say “grace” any other time of year and they don’t go to church and are not religious except when it serves their interests to be. With both crowds, the bloat-fest is followed by football on the telly. What a strange holiday.

I’m not a holiday person and haven’t been as an adult. I enjoyed the holidays as a child, but I gradually grew out of them — because I came to see them for what they are; rank commercialism and in some cases the required getting together with some people you’d rather not be with but because of “tradition” there they are — and I assumed others outgrew the holidays as well as they move through adulthood and mature.

Even if I were devoutly into Thanksgiving and Navidad, I’d consider both cancelled for 2020 since I care very much about my health. I’m not into “taking chances.” That’s just welcoming problems, and the people I know who are “taking chances” are the people who enjoy drama. My neighbour is one of them. In fact, if my neighbour doesn’t have multiple dramas in her life 24/7, she creates drama.

Nearly all holiday$ that I can think of have completely lost their meaning. Most holidays are just a day off for most people, for those who are working to some degree during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanksgiving is 2 business days off. The second day (Friday) is brainwashed into the herd to “buy, buy, buy, spend, spend, spend.” It’s technically called Black Friday. Is the term “Black Friday” intended to get retailer into the “black” financially with stupid people spending money that they don’t have in many cases? Raking up more credit card debt?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I keep hearing people say — in previous occasions where they’ve gathered in groups or in large numbers — I’ve heard them say: “We took the chance.” Insanity. The fact is: Most people don’t give a fuck about their health or their lives and whether they take other’s lives. Or, it’s a case of “it can’t happen to me.”

Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone — family or otherwise — who will be following the COVID health guidelines this holiday season (starting with Thanksgiving in the non-United States). A member of my family (she’s in her 90s) had a gathering last week of over 85 people from all over the place. Only about half were wearing masks, if that. I suspect none were wearing masks. The source that told me that half were wearing masks tells me what she thinks I want to hear and she doesn’t believe in COVID. She thinks it’s a hoax because “a friend of mine told me it’s a hoax.” I’m just waiting to get a call from some of them saying, “So and so is sick and in hospital.” And my relative in her 90s will be doing the same thing for Navidad/Christmas and her birthday. Large gatherings where most of the people consider COVID a “hoax.” Most of the people I know pretend/act as if they diligently follow the guidelines when they see me, such as my neighbour. She’s a fraud. How many people has she had in her apartment during COVID? Too many to count. I stay clear of her. She doesn’t shelter-in-place and goes wherever she wants. But she puts on this act until she thinks no one is watching her behaviour. Then off she goes, violating shelter-in-place, going here, going there, having people over, going to friends places. When I politely called her on it awhile back when she had a visitor from Florida stay with her — how was her guest able to fly here at that time? — for about 6 weeks, she said, “We decided to take the chance.” I see. Yes, you take a lot of chances because you don’t care about your health or the health of others. With someone like that, their life is really not that important to them, otherwise she wouldn’t “take the chance.” She’s willing to get sick or die to have fun. She follows the health guidelines until they get in her way of having fun. And nearly everyone I’ve seen and know is just like her. I can’t stand people like that. They’re just fakes, frauds and liars.

At this rate, COVID will be with us for a long time, especially since a lot of people have no interest in a vaccine that is connected to the tr*mp regime? Does anyone trust a vaccine that is rushed out during the orange loser’s regime? I certainly wouldn’t. I will only trust a vaccine when the superb, highly-regarded and esteemed UCSF Medical Center near me says “the vaccine” — and they specify which one — is needed for patients to return for their health care.

I knew that tradition was critically important to many people, but I hadn’t thought that they would be willing to get sick or risk their lives for some silly tradition. This reminds me that the French government refuse to close churches in France — from my understanding they closed them earlier in the pandemic until the government was sued by religious nuts — because the churches are seen as “essential.” Food and water are essentials. Not some silly belief in a Floating Cloud Being. But you can’t tell them that! I was surprised to see one packed church in Paris (it’s where Notre-Dame is now holding their Liturgies). I saw no social-distancing and many people — including some priests in procession — not wearing face coverings right next to each other. The choristers were close together without face coverings as well. Insanity. Have any of them become COVID-19 infected? If Liturgy is “essential” has it not occurred to these stupid Roman Catholics — most of whom have no respect for the music of the Liturgy; they’re only concerned about “The Spoken Word” — that they can get their Liturgy online? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of RC and Anglican Liturgies online from the past where one can get one’s “essential” Liturgy. Go to KTO-TV’s U-toob channel and find the correct Sunday in the Liturgical Year from 2019 or before and get your “essential” Liturgy there. Why does it have to be a current Liturgy from 2020 when nearly all Mass settings follow the same protocol/format each Sunday. The only thing that changes is some of the music and the Homily (and sometimes that’s a repeat from the past just like the music).

But in France, idiots are indeed willing to get sick and die — I guess they think they’ll get to that nonexistent Heaven before they had thought they would — just to go to church and worship some mythological, non-existent Floating Cloud Being because they consider it “essential.” And they wonder why the COVID cases are spiking. But upon reflection, many of the Roman Catholics consider COVID a “liberal academic hoax.” They don’t believe in it. Meanwhile, the equally insane Emmanuel Macron talks about easing the COVID restrictions for Navidad/Christmas. Similar to in the UK where their idiot PM is “easing the restrictions during Christmas” so that people can get together, gather and possibly get infected.

Clearly, the economy, money and tradition are more important to these corrupt politicians than people’s lives. We are really living in insane times. Chau.—el barrio rosa