Millennial Basura

Update: (26 February 2022). It happened again. Mi amigo/My friend likes to take photography of flowers in nature. This morning he was telling me that the Irises are now blooming in San Francisco and he knew exactly where a group of them were. So he went to that area and sat up his camera. As usual and as expected, whenever he sets up his camera it seems that the sheeple walk to it like it’s a magnet for them. He had his camera focused on the Irises and this Millennial female with the required dog saw his camera and she proceeded to sit in the middle of the Irises, destroying them. Then she laughed about it and thought it hysterical and said to him, “Oh sorry.” She wasn’t sorry at all. She destroyed the flowers on purpose because whoever raised this piece of trash hadn’t taught her that you don’t sit in flowers and you don’t destroy them because they are there for everyone to enjoy. Mi amigo was furious but said nothing. He just picked up his camera and left. I would have asked her had I been there: So there’s no brain in that empty head of yours to tell you that you don’t sit in flowers? You’ve never learned that by anyone? But he has seen this over and over. As he has observed, many/most? Millennials have no respect for anything. They come with this self-entitled and self-absorbed thinking that they are entitled to do what they want. Such as destroying flowers and anything else that they wish to destroy. Who raised these trash? End of update.

In the United States of North America, people have no respect for anything anymore. A society in collapse? That’s what comes to mind.

Well I suppose I should say Millenneals have no respect for anything. Who raised these trash? Apparently no one, and that’s the problem.

Over the years, I’ve read that most Millenneals think they are very special and entitled people, very deserving of whatever they want — self-entitled and self-absorbed — and they have been brainwashed with this mentality from their parents. I’ve read from credible sources that their parents go to University professors demanding their Millennial son or daughter be given a higher grade — that they didn’t earn — because they deserve it because they are a Millennial! What rubbish.

Of course I already knew that these Millenneals are scum — having experienced them for years in the Tech Capital of San Francisco with the techie trash; they think they own The City — and the following is what I would expect mi amigo to tell me:

I learned years ago that if one sees something pretty on Twin Peaks in San Francisco or anywhere in The City really, don’t expect to see it twice because some inconsiderate asshole will have destroyed it, as was the case in this situation.

Mi amigo/My friend went up to Twin Peaks on the day before Valentine’s Day. Up there one can see a panoramic view of part of the Bay Area (The City, or what I call Manhattan along with the South Bay, East Bay and North Bay). Twin Peaks was packed with obnoxious Millenneals sitting in and on the fresh blooming wild flowers. They were destroying them because they felt entitled to or were completely oblivious and too dense — despite their illusions of having a high intelligence level; these people act damn stupid much of the time) — to realise that’s what they were doing. The wild flowers only bloom once a year, except for the California Poppies, the State flower. Mi amigo had wanted to take pictures of the wild flowers. The flowers were beautiful days before. But these flowers had been sat in, torn up, thrown at other Millenneals as if they had a “flower fight” as some cheap game and also made-out in. He was disgusted. Rightly so. Valentine’s Day is murder on beautiful flowers in nature. And too often flowers are given for some purely ceremonial gesture, “because it’s Valentine’s Day I’m required to give flowers even though I don’t want to, but I’ll never hear the end of it if I don’t!” is the reaction.

My parents taught me that the flowers are there for everyone to enjoy and you don’t pick them or damage them in any way. You also don’t pick flowers from someone’s yard. (Who would do that?) That’s no longer being taught apparently. Everyone can’t enjoy them when you have trashy Millenneals who have the mindset that the flowers are for them alone to destroy or to do whatever they want to with them, and that’s what they did. The wildflowers bloomed earlier this week and now they’re dead. They’re gone. Most having been torn up.

He went back up there the next day and it looked even worse. All the flowers had been destroyed because it seems that every female in San Francisco thought the flowers were for her Valentine gift. Needy and self-entitled females. Even some of the flowers in people’s yards had been picked because they belong to these Millennial trash as well, they thought. These people are scum. But we already knew that since the techie Millenneals have barged into San Francisco as if they think they own the place. They’re very unfriendly, snooty, snobby and wear a permanent snarl on their face. They don’t know any pleasantries nor do they have basis social skills. The only word in their vocabulary is the word “like,” and their dress code 365 days a year is drab and conservative all black or mortuary black and grey. Yes, they look like they’re going to a funeral every day of the year. The Millennial “hip” fad is to wear all-black every day of the year. They call it, “The Uniform.” They seem to be terrified of beautiful colours, other than their bold and loud black. Black is a very loud colour. They even wear all-black during a heat wave. Conformity is more important to these trash than their comfort. Even the interior of their condos or apartments is drab white, black and grey. Who raised these scum, is what we keep asking?

Being of the mentality that they are the centre of the universe, they also love to make out with people around. (I’ve never done that; that would make me feel very uncomfortable. Making out with another person is something I do in private.) Not these people! They’re quite the exhibitionists, and they’re always deliberately in someone’s way when making out, either that or that fucking oblivious. Who are they cheating on? If they’re not cheating, why don’t they just make out at home like everyone else does, in private? It’s not just a peck that they do for “making out.” No, they put on a full-blown matinée with wet kissing and slurping noises for everyone to hear. What’s next, selling tickets? Why don’t they just make sex videos if they’re that fucking desperate for attention? Nothing is private with these scum. It’s as if they want people to know that they’re making out. But who cares when nobody knows these trash? Nor would anyone care to know them! And why would they pick a heavily-trafficked spot where people have to walk around them and out into the street to get around whilst they make out there? Well I guess I’ve already answered that. It’s for attention that these shallow trash crave. We can’t stand them! But I guess I’ve already made that clear, haven’t I? Chau.—el barrio rosa