People keep eating it

El 14 de noviembre de 2013. Hola. People keep eating the bull shit from their favourite corporatist politicians and their “team.” They seem to never tire of it. They unquestionably believe one lie after the other when the lie is excreted from their beloved political parasitic party. I wrote an article recently about some pathetic Dembots already gushing over that Hillary muchacha for presidente de 2016. We haven’t even made it through the first year of their messiah’s second term but they’re already genuflecting to and gushing over Hillary. Loco.

Then I was on a noticias/news website the other day and the article was about that Elizabeth Warren. She’s in the US Senate (part of the US congress…House and Senate). She’s mal noticias/bad news. She fawns over messiah and his imperalism and she’s pro Israel, just like him. She would be more of the same. Some on that noticias site were already gushing over her with the usual chant, “Warren in 2016.” The sheeple are so predictable and pathetic that all a politician has to do is make some speech with lofty words and the sheeple start chanting for that person to be the presidential nominee for the next corporate election in The Cesspool/US. Then there were a few others on that same site who said (paraphrasing): All of you gushing over Warren, do you not remember that you were saying the same things in 2008 over your messiah and we see how that turned out, don’t we? You’re “disappointed” with him. The Warrenbots didn’t want to hear that.

Some of the Warrenbots lashed out and got quite angry with someone who was telling the truth and telling it like it is, which they didn’t want to hear. I’ve seen this repeated every election with partisans. The Warrenbots wanted to remain living in their Denial as they did in order to elect their messiah in 2008 and 2012. They don’t like to hear the reality and how they have already fallen for the same thing all over again, whether it’s Hillary or Elizabeth. It doesn’t matter who is. Partisans will get in lockstep behind whomever this useless, parasitic and imperialistic corporatist party nominates as their corporatist and imperialistic candidate.

“what is is” of the pink barrio has a video below you might find interesting and he talks about this caca/shit. I can’t talk about it much because it makes me ill (literally). I can’t stand stupid-assed people who refuse to see something right in front of them because they have been so goddamned brainwashed with this D and R charade. Dembots are pathetic and predictable. Their behavior is the same every election. It’s all about getting in lockstep for and with “the team.” And that’s all that matters, no matter what “the team” does. Blind allegiance. Chau.—rosa barrio