Politicians are the real cowards.

Hola a todos. Someone asked in a comment on another website:

What has happened to democracy? The land of freedom the USA is now a country where terrorism is condoned. It is awful.

I thought I’d respond to that:

‘The land of freedom the USA” has always been a myth. It’s “freedom” only for certain people. Usually, white wealthy males. Certainly not those who are poor, Black, Latinos, Hispanos, Chicanos et al. Looking at history, the non-United States was founded on “terrorism (violence).” A war. “Terrorism” is the most recent marketing label for state-approved violence. The violent acts that one sees today in countries has existed as long as humans have existed. There’s nothing new about terrorism/violence. It’s just that now there’s this slick new marketing name for it — called “terrorism;” started under the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime following the Inside Job called 911 — and it’s often used for US imperialism and aggression around the world, whether legal or not by international law. If they can steal another nation’s resources or install a US-favored puppet dictatorial regime, the US doesn’t care how many people around the world they terrorize/kill to accomplish that goal, while they hypocritically accuse others of “terrorism.” All politicians today mindlessly copy each other’s rhetoric and call “terrorism a very cowardly act.” Whether it’s a (mass) shooting or a knife stabbing, there’s nothing at all cowardly about it. Such an act usually is based in legitimate anger and involves lots of planning and takes courage to pull off. There’s nothing cowardly about it at all. Such an act of violence can also be based in insanity.

The real cowards are the politicians of the nations who give the orders to others to engage in “terrorism”/violence through their international policies around the world against other sovereign nations in the phony name of “terror.” Those barbaric acts of violence often occur when the cowardly politician is asleep in bed. After some act of violence, the cowardly politicians, on cue, come out with their tough-guy,, belligerent, tough-talk, Mr/Ms Bully stance about “how we will concede nothing” and “this was a repulsive act” and other chest-beating to give the impression they give a fuck about the violence, oh excuse me, I mean “terrorism.” Oh there’s that marketing buzz word again! Their violence is okay, but the violence of others is not. Their hypocrisy is noted. They never consider their own barbaric terrorist policies elsewhere in the world that led to the blow-back violence. No, looking inward is not something that most politicians have the ability to do. Most have only been brainwashed to point fingers at others. The non-United States has the illusion of democracy, and that’s about all it is. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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