“PrEP in time for Pride.” (roll eyes)

I hadn’t planned to say a word about this “Pride” shit this year because I’m completely disgusted, disinterested and turned off by what has become corporate “Pride,” and 2021 certainly has served as the “last straw” for me.

I got an email — from a men-seeking-men sex hookup site — titled “PrEP in time for Pride.” Oh, so “Pride” is all about sex now. Sigh. It was more corporatism in trying to exploit and make money off of “Pride.” My first thought was: So “Pride” has been reduced to nothing but sex and in this case bareback sex. That’s the bottom line. That’s what guys take PrEP for, so they can bareback and in some cases become bareback cum dumps to see how many loads they can take up their ass — then later shit out so what’s the point?! — and keep score of their load tally. (roll eyes) Most guys have long ago abandoned the idea of pretending to use condoms along with PrEP. They don’t care how many STI/STD’s they get in the process and pass on to other guys. I should also point out that there have been approximately 20 documented cases of guys getting pozzed/HIV while on PrEP, so that 1% chance of getting HIV while on PrEP didn’t work out too well for them. So, when you hear someone ask, “Are you ready for Pride?” that means “Are you ready to be a cum dump to see how many loads — poz and neg — you can take up your ass from as many guys as possible and pass on any STIs you already have to the tops who fuck you. That’s their problem.” That’s “community” is it? That’s a pretty sick idea of “community” as in the gay so-called “community.” Uncaring Assholes. I personally know a couple of guys who pretend to care about their health but who serve as PrEP cum dumps in order to pay their rent. Intelligent people would not rent apartments they can’t afford. One of them, by my count, had approximately 11 guys fuck him recently, and if each guy gave him 2 loads, that’s 22 loads he took. The number of loads is the goal with bareback cum dumps. And he insists, “It must be bareback.” Basura. And physically speaking, he’s looks like he’s losing his good health with a hammered looking face and he’s losing weight. One of the side effects of PrEP is weight loss. How many STIs does he have up his ass by now?

What used to be known as “Gay Freedom Day” was about arts, culture, dancing and the many varied cultural and arts aspects that Queers were involved in. Then the corporate assholes and lesbians took it upon themselves to change the name to “Pride” as in have “pride” in one’s sexuality or in the person that one has sex with? WTF? There’s not a “pride” for people born with a certain hair colour, so why is there a “pride” for one’s sexual orientation? Loco.

But these days, “Pride” is about sex and drugs (beer — yes beer is a drug — meth, and pharmaceutical drugs). That’s what “Pride” has been reduced to. That’s really something to be proud of? What happened to the Queer so-called “community?” It was hijacked by lesbians and corporations and this is the result. Pathetic. Disgusting. Why anyone has anything to do with it at this point is beyond me. It has completely lost its meaning and purpose. Chau.—el barrio rosa